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PurBreath Oral Care Gel is the Alternative to a Doggy Toothbrush

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PurBreath Oral Care Gel is the Alternative to a Doggy Toothbrush
Using purBreath on dogs teeth | Innovet Pet

If you've ever tried to brush your dog's teeth, you know they're more interested in trying to lick the yummy treat off the brush and not so keen about having their choppers brushed! It's usually a struggle and the dog is usually the one who comes out on top! Don't get us wrong -- we agree that dogs need dental care to ensure they have healthy teeth for life, but we knew there had to be a better way.

That's why we created PurBreath Oral Care Gel as a safe, easy effective way to care for your dog's teeth without waging the Battle of the Brush! It removes cavity-causing plaque and tartar from your dog's (or cat's) teeth leaving them clearly and white, and when mixed with his saliva, will kill harmful bacteria, to freshen breath. It's 100% natural and safe for both dogs and cats, and comes in peppermint and salmon flavors to please even the most discerning pet's palate!

PurBreath No Brush. Pet Oral Care Gel | Innovet Pet


Made with all-natural ingredients including purified water, grain alcohol, grape seed extract, xanthan gum, sodium bicarbonate, peppermint oil, and our own proprietary blend of botanical oils, you can feel good about giving your pet a product that's not loaded with unpronounceable chemicals and additives.

Try PurBreath Oral Care Gel, and see if you don't agree, it's the easiest, most effective way to attend to your pet's oral health. Try out other great, all-natural products too, like ear cleaner, flea treatment, eco-friendly "poop" bags and much more. And feel free to contact us if you have questions about any of Innovet's products.

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