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PurBreath Oral Care - Why Your Dog Needs It

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PurBreath Oral Care - Why Your Dog Needs It

Posted by Michael Jones on
Updated at: February 19, 2021

Owners, Matt and Dave, created this oral product for their dog, a Labrador retriever named Maximus. When Maximus was around the age of twelve, his breath started to take on a really funky odor. This sometimes happens with older dogs.

Cleaning his teeth was pretty much impossible because Maximus hated it. He had to be sedated at the veterinary clinic to just have his teeth cleaned. That’s a lot of stress and it is also not without risks. Any time a dog is put under anesthesia, there is a risk associated with it. Older dogs are even more at risk.

Because of these issues, Matt and Dave learned a lot about dental health for pets. They learned that poor dental health can result in health issues for dogs, even at an early age. It could lead to heart issues and even untimely death. Dental problems can also be very painful for your dog and he doesn’t have a way to tell you that he hurts. You’ve got to learn to watch him for signs, which we’ll also outline below.

PurBreath Oral Care - Why Your Dog Needs It | Innovet Pet

All of this drove  Matt and Dave to create an all-natural product made from essential oils that can not only help bad breath for dogs, but it will also kill plaque slowly, creating better dental hygiene over long term use. What could be easier? No brushing! That was exactly what Maximus needed and they suspected that other dogs did too.

This solved the issues for Maximus and they wanted it to benefit everyone else too. Now you can get PurBreath Oral Care for your dog, so let’s talk about how it works, what it is, and who needs it.

What Is PurBreath Oral Care?

PurBreath Oral Care - Why Your Dog Needs It | Innovet Pet

PurBreath was designed and developed to solve the issue of poor pet dental hygiene that leads to bad breath. Let’s face it, dog kisses are very sweet but no one wants kisses and cuddles from a dog that has breath that smells like rotten fish. Sometimes, the poor dog is shunned and ignored just because he has bad breath and humans aren’t realizing that this is the first symptom of big problems.

As dogs grow older, this problem can become even worse because they are less interested in chewing on bones or hard toys that help to scrub tartar from their teeth. That tartar is responsible for bad breath in most cases.

Sometimes bad breath can be a symptom of a much worse health condition, so if bad breath persists after you’ve cleaned their teeth or been using PurBreath Oral Care, then you should seek assistance from your veterinarian in determining what else could be the issue.

So, who thinks they can wrestle their dog down and scrub the tartar off with a toothbrush? Right. We didn’t think so. Most dogs are not that docile as to readily allow you to brush their teeth. It feels weird to them and they won’t understand what is going on. That was an issue with Maximus! He didn’t like the sensation of having his teeth scrubbed at all.

What is the solution? A cleaner that works by introducing natural products into their mouth that will begin cleaning that tartar, with no scrubbing necessary. Now you’re talking about PurBreath Oral Care

PurBreath is made from 100% all-natural ingredients. In fact, the list of ingredients is easy to pronounce and it won’t leave you wondering if you need a chemistry degree in order to understand what is in it. It’s made right here, in the USA too.

Ingredients: Purified Water, Grain Alcohol, Grape Seed Extract, Xanthan Gum, Sodium Bicarbonate, Grape Fruit Extract, Peppermint Oil, Proprietary blend of botanical oils

As we said before, you don’t need a toothbrush, just get some in their mouth. It’s safe for cats and dogs both, and there is a 30-day, money-back guarantee that provides you with a sense of safety in trying it.

What can go wrong? It’s all-natural and they are willing to offer your money back if you aren’t pleased with it. They know you’ll be pleased with it though because it worked for Maximus when nothing else did. He became a much happier dog when he didn’t have to go get his teeth cleaned or have a toothbrush shoved in his mouth.

Simply follow the directions on the bottle and once this solution is in their mouth, it goes right to work. It will slowly work on breaking down the bacteria in the mouth that cause plaque and bad breath. Remember that the bad breath is symptomatic of other problems that are starting to happen. Tartar build-up can lead to tooth decay, cavities, gum disease, and infections that can spread to the rest of the body.

A very bad infection can create a condition called sepsis to occur in the body. This is essentially the term used when infection has spread to other internal organs and is flowing throughout the body. Once sepsis happens, it can be life-threatening. Veterinary intervention is necessary and could even require surgery.

When teeth get bad enough, they also need to be removed or they can become excruciatingly painful. Your dog may find it difficult to eat if their mouth is painful, due to bad teeth. Therefore, poor oral health can not just be bad for their health, it can be devastating to your wallet too.

PurBreath No Brush. Pet Oral Care Gel | Innovet Pet Products

Dave and Matt have always wanted to give people safe, affordable, and natural options that can help prevent unnecessary trips to the vet. They understand that many people don’t have the money to keep traipsing to the veterinarian and by keeping pet care affordable and easier, more people are able to adopt pets from their local shelters and keep them in good health.In other words, if taking care of pets was easier and more affordable, they feel that more people would do it. The guys feel strongly about adopting pets from shelters and reducing pet overpopulation problems too. PurBreath Oral Care was a product formulated with affordability in mind, making it more likely that the average family can give their pet better quality care without draining their wallets.

How Does PurBreath Oral Care Work?

PurBreath Oral Care - Why Your Dog Needs It | Innovet Pet

First of all, there is no brush necessary. The product is in a spray bottle and all that you need to do is spray it directly in their mouth. If your dog is not overjoyed at being sprayed in the mouth, you can also spray it onto your finger and rub it right on their teeth and gums yourself.

The essential oils go right to work, killing bacteria on contact. That bacteria is the problem and when you apply PurBreath Oral Care, it begins dying. In fact, most pet owners report that they notice a dramatic difference in the breath of their pets immediately.

When dogs have really bad breath, this is truly a breakthrough for families. No more do you push your dog away when he comes seeking affection, you can give him the hugs and kisses he deserves and not gag while doing so.

Being able to apply the product at home helps you to avoid vet visits to have your pet’s teeth cleaned. This will include sedation and cleaning just like your dentist does when you go to the dentist.

This is often extremely expensive and very stressful for pets. It involves loading them into the car, leaving them several hours, being sedated, and going through an invasive procedure that you cannot explain to them. It may be terrifying to some animals.

Some animals are highly at risk when sedated, depending on their breed, age, size, and weight. It may be a risk you don’t want to take, but if they have infected teeth, they need to be pulled out. PurBreath merely needs to be introduced to the mouth, at home, where it is safe and calm. Many dogs actually like the flavor and it is not difficult to use the spray applicator for them.

Worst case scenario, you sit on the floor with your dog and put some on your finger and then rub it right onto their gums, which may feel good if they’ve had some tooth pain. It will begin to break down the bacteria that causes tartar. This will reflect in better breath and teeth that are noticeable cleaner after just a few treatments.

Is It Safe?

This product is absolutely safe. Remember that it was developed for Maximus, the personal pet of Matt and Dave. Everything was developed for safety and comfort. Maximus had to always be sedated to have his teeth cleaned and they specifically wanted a safer and easier option.

It’s easy to use so it is low stress. There are only natural ingredients in it that are perfectly safe. Botanical blends of essential oils, such as peppermint, work to kill bacteria because they are natural astringents that kill bacteria on contact. They clean the mouth and deodorize without chemicals and without burning.

What Happens If Oral Care Is Not Done?

Sadly, oral care is often completely forgotten for our pets. The mouth is extremely susceptible to bacterial growth because it is a warm, moist environment that bacteria find to be a perfect breeding ground.

What is Bacteria?

Bacteria are a type of cell that can be round, spiral or cylindrical in shape. Bacteria are believed to have been one of the very first life-forms on our planet. Bacteria are present everywhere and living within us and other living creatures.

There are good bacteria and bad bacteria, therefore they can be said to have both symbiotic and parasitic relationships with other species, including mankind.

Bacteria builds to form a film on the teeth called plaque. It can spread to the kidneys, liver, and heart which can lead to death.

This can also lead to several dental problems which include but are not limited to:

  • Bleeding and pus around teeth and at the gumline
  • Gingivitis
  • A periodontal disease which will structurally damage teeth and gum tissue, including bone.
  • Caries, which is when we see crumbling of teeth and cavities.
  • Abscesses which can lead to other problems in the body such as stomach upset, irritable bowel, infections that move around the body, and ...
  • Compromised immune system.

Bacteria in the mouth can be especially problematic in older dogs, as was the case with Maximus. An older dog can be more at risk for immune system problems and compromised health. Problems with their teeth and resulting infections can not just cause them much discomfort, they can kill.

Are There Dentists For Dogs and Cats?

Dental diseases, specifically periodontal disease, is the most common for dogs and cats. There are some veterinarians who specialize in dental care for dogs and cats, as well as other small animals. You’ll likely only find these specialized clinics in larger cities and metropolitan areas. For most people, their veterinary clinic will also be taking care of their pet’s dental issues.

This means that when you take your pet for yearly exams, they may take a look at their teeth and try to talk to you about dental care. Many people don’t really pay much attention to this because they view dental care as purely cosmetic. This is simply not true and we’ve spent a great deal of time today explaining to you why it is far more important. In reality, dental care can be the most important thing in keeping your pet alive and healthy for far longer.

Don’t ignore their dental health and trust your veterinarian. He or she has been trained in how to clean your pet’s teeth, how to remove teeth, and do examinations of the teeth and gums. Unfortunately, this is going to require sedation in most cases. That’s why it is so important for you to take care of your pet’s teeth at home, where there are fewer costs and far less stress.

If you have children, then you know that preventative care is part of keeping cavities at bay. This means brushing teeth at least two times each day and preferably after each meal. Your pet’s dental care is actually easier so there is no excuse to ignore it now that you know.

In fact, PurBreath Oral Care, by design, is very affordable no matter what your budget is. Let the issues Maximus had to be the catalyst that leads you to an easier way to care for your dog’s teeth and you won’t ever have to worry that he’s in pain. Nor will you ever push him away from your face for smelling bad again.

Will Poor Dental Health Rob Your Dog Of Years?

Without trying to sound super glum, the answer to that question is unfortunately yes. Not taking care of bacteria in the mouth can lead to kidney disease and liver disease because the bacteria can spread to those places. Sickness and infection will spread through the entire body and that can lead to infections in internal organs and sepsis.

Sepsis is critical. It will cause death. It may happen quickly or it may be a very slow-moving train. It’s far easier to take care of dental health early on, at the first signs of bad breath, than to allow it to become out of control, completely unfettered. This will allow it to spread and become very difficult to regain control of. By the time it is back under control, the damage is already done to internal organs that may not be reversible.

Don’t let cost or lack of knowledge cause you to lose your dog far sooner than necessary. Take this knowledge that you’ve been given and use it to your advantage. Make a small step, at minimal cost, to ensure that your dog or cat live a long, healthy life without mouth pain.

How Can You Know Your Dog Has Mouth Pain?

Animals with mouth pain may display several different behaviors. The first thing you’ll notice is that they are not eating as rapidly as they used to. Sometimes, they stop eating kibble at all because it is painful to chew.

Aside from this big clue, what else might they do?

PurBreath Oral Care - Why Your Dog Needs It | Innovet Pet
  • Nasal discharge and/or sneezing frequently
  • Constant drooling or more than usual
  • Visible changes, such as red gums that bleed easily
  • Behavioral changes
  • Lethargy
  • Stomach upset
  • Shyness, seeking a quiet corner to be in rather than their usual outgoing self

If you notice any of these issues with your dog, visit your veterinarian because they may be in pain. If you notice the bad breath first, as most people do, start them on PurBreath Oral Care right away and monitor them for changes in how they feel. Are the symptoms subsiding? There is a good chance that they will if you’ve caught it in time.

It’s important that if you see signs of serious infection, or suspect that, you should seek the guidance of your veterinary staff. You don’t want an infection to get completely out of control. We’ve stressed this point many times. It can’t be overstated, infections are dangerous and they can have the potential to kill. Take them very seriously and do all you can to prevent them from happening to start with.


Allitijesu A. E - February 02, 2020

Great product and write-up I must admit.

Understanding the physical anatomy of your pets as against the human being, can help understand the need to take some crucial decisions in nurturing our pets.

For instance, when a human being has dental issues, for the most part it remains in that part of the body (the mouth). On the other hand, it is quite different for pets such as dogs and cats as given their peculiarities, it could degenerate into more health challenges like cancer among others if not promptly addressed.

Addressing their health challenges on time also saves money on the long run, as you spend less time at the vet’s and help your pet live happy everyday.

You also need to take into serious consideration the breed of pet you have, as they have varying anatomy structures, character attributes, and health peculiarities. For example, some breeds of Pitbull have stronger immune system than others and would be treated in that regards

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