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Getting The Straight Poop on Eco-Friendly Poop Bags

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Getting The Straight Poop on Eco-Friendly Poop Bags


Getting The Straight Poop on Eco-Friendly Poop Bags | Innovet Pet


A poop bag is only as good as the strength of the bag itself. If you have a large dog, like a Bulldog or a Great Dane, you know that a bag absolutely has to be leakproof and strong enough to hold some pretty massive poops.

Having a bag that won’t split or leak is like finding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow for pet owners who have struggled with this. Being dog owners, we knew that a better bag was necessary. In fact, all of our products are made with pets in mind, believing firmly that pets are family.

Being lovers of the environment, we also knew how important it was to have a poop bag that would break down and biodegrade. Did you know that landfills are inundated with plastic bags and plastic waste that won’t breakdown? This is an enormous problem that impacts us all, whether you have a pet or not. The environment is ours to take care of and we took that seriously. That’s why we got set to create the most eco-friendly poop bag on the market, one that could still handle piles of poop the size of a bowling ball.

What Are InnovetPet Eco-Friendly Biodegradable Poop Bags?

Innovet believes that these are the best poop bags on the market. In fact, until someone invents a bag that picks the poop up for you, they are the best that you can find.

Here are the reasons that we know they are the best:

Getting The Straight Poop on Eco-Friendly Poop Bags | Innovet Pet
  • They are heavy-duty - strong enough to pick up a bowling ball-sized pile of poop.
  • They are made of cornstarch and vegetable polymers, ensuring that they break-down easily and are environmentally friendly - something other bags claim to do but really do not when tested.
  • Our bags come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

We know that if you try our bags, you’ll be impressed with the way that they work and if you put them to the test, you’ll see that they do what they claim. In just a couple of weeks, our bags will begin to decompose into a biodegraded form that can be composted right into your garden if you like. It’s that safe. You won’t kill your roses and you won’t contaminate your soil with plastic, we promise. They are really made of vegetable matter!.

That’s right, these bags are so safe because they are made of all-natural ingredients which we’ll explain in detail in the following section. Rest assured that your dog won’t get sick if he eats one. Some puppies will eat anything that they find and if your dog were to eat a normal plastic bag, it’s highly likely that a veterinarian will need to get involved.

A plastic bag can wrap around things internally, get stuck and cause bowel obstructions and make your dog deathly ill. In fact, it could kill your dog. Our bags will do no such thing so you can rest easy. We do not advocate that you feed your dog plastic poop bags, however, and they will get a tummy ache, so keep those bags somewhere safe!

Getting The Straight Poop on Eco-Friendly Poop Bags | Innovet Pet

A poop bag in the poop will decompose though, should it come out the other end of your dog and there are no toxic ingredients in the bag to cause any other issues either. If Little Joe eats the bag, it won’t unduly harm him. He may have an upset tummy but you won’t have to worry that he is going to die from ingesting part of one of our bags.

Also, our bags will make your life easier if you have more than one dog and you are picking up after them both because the bag will work for larger amounts of poop than cheaper bags do, saving you bags in the long run as well. They were designed to fit in the majority of marketed leash attached bag holders too.

You also shouldn’t have to worry that your bag will split open as you continue your walk either. We know how horrifyingly embarrassing an incident like that can be. If you stop and toss the mess into a trash can at the park, people will stare at you. In public places, you’ll possibly encounter scowls. It smells bad. It attracts flies.

If you get it on your hands because the bag has broken, where will you wash your hands with a dog with you? Are you going to have dog poop on your hands for the rest of the walk? Attempt wiping your hands on the grass to get poop off? Now you’ve just got poop and dirt on your hands. Disgusting!

With our bags, you will never have to worry about such an incident. You can go on a long walk with your big dog and trust your bag to last the rest of the walk and make it back home, where you are free to compost it outside in a compost bin or toss it in the garbage to be picked up.

You can choose to compost the bags at home so that they are not contributing to the trash going to landfills. If you choose to do this, the bags will begin breaking down within weeks and in a month, will be part of a biodegraded mixture, suitable for adding to the base of trees, bushes, or just tossed out on the ground or in flower beds.

A Side Note on Composting for Gardens

If you wish to compost dog feces as part of garden compost, our bags will break down within weeks but it is very necessary to maintain your compost for several months, at temperatures over 150 degrees, internally, in order to kill micro-organisms and sterilize it into a harmless soil mixture. It’s advisable that you have a proper composting bin for such jobs and that you monitor the temperature to ensure that your compost pile is heating well enough.

What Makes Our Bags Work So Well?

Getting The Straight Poop on Eco-Friendly Poop Bags | Innovet Pet

As our box says, “Your number 2 is our number 1” and we mean it. In fact, even our box is made of recycled materials. Inside our box, you find 8 rolls of 15 bags per roll inside. The bags are 9x13 inch bags, which are really big! They can handle really big jobs and this will be apparent at a glance.

Even though they are big, they were designed to be folded and rolled in such a way that they will fit into standard-sized leash-connected bag holders. It was important to us that these be convenient because that was truthfully the entire purpose of designing these bags -- they are supposed to be better than all other bags.

Our bags are unscented. This was done for a couple of reasons. Firstly, we don’t want them to smell good enough for your pooch to decide to give them a taste. While they aren’t toxic for him, it may still give him a tummy ache which wouldn’t be fun for him at all. The other reason is that adding a scent might mean needed to add ingredients that were not based on natural additives, so it was best to simply leave that out.

We also offer quantities of 120 bags or 480 bags. This is enough to last most dogs for 6 months to a year unless you have a dog nicknamed Sir Poops-A-Lot, which I leave you to ponder how I know the name. . .

Our bags have a 100-gauge thickness. This equates to .25 mm and is more than tough enough to handle a poodle poop or a Saint Bernard’s land mine. It won’t begin breaking down the bag right away, don’t worry! The process will take a week or two to happen. You’ve got plenty of time to get home or to a trash can.

What makes them break down?

This is a great question and really very simple. Plant polymers are what we use to hold the bag together. Plant fibers bind together to form the bag and cornstarch acts like the glue that holds it all together. These are natural ingredients and don’t have any chemicals added to them so our bags are totally non-toxic and safe to the planet as well as your dog.

When we say they are eco-friendly, we mean it. We will stack our bags up against any other bag on the market currently. We know that ours are the best because, as pet owners ourselves, we’ve tried the other bags. We know that they don’t work as well or deliver on the promise of being biodegradable because they are the reason we decided to create our own bags. Matt and Dave also knew that with big dogs, like bulldogs, those tiny bags just weren’t easy to use.

To use the bags, just pull one off the roll, stick your hand inside the bag and use it to pick the poop pile up and pull it back through, inside out, so the poop is now in the bag and you can tie it in a knot. If your dog is like ours, you might wait to see if they go twice. You can use your bag to pick up the second pile because we made them plenty big enough to do so. This saves you money in the long run because you’ll use fewer bags.

This ensures that you’re saving money and saving the planet all at the same time. If you care about the environment, then our bags are the very best that you can find to do that. If you care about your dog and your pocketbook, our bags are also the best that you can find.

At $12.99 for 480 bags, currently, that makes our bags less than 3 cents each! We know that this makes them ideal for a slew of reasons. Once you’ve used them, you won’t want to use any other bag and we’re sure of that. So sure, that we’ll give you a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Why Should Poop Bags Be BioDegradable?

Plastic is a big problem here on earth. Ever since it was made, it has become more and more popular as it became more useful. Little regard was given to how we’d destroy these plastics since they are not biodegradable. In fact, most plastic products will remain intact for several hundred years. We’re not sure if some of them will ever break down. Man-made molecules tend to remain intact.

Organic molecules go through natural change. Molecules will break apart, join with other molecules, creating new things in nature, and then those will also change. Life, you see, is ever-changing and evolving. This is not the case with man-made molecules. They are not living things and they will not decompose.

Right now, 200,000 plastic bags are being dumped per hour into landfills. These bags are not biodegrading and that means that they continue to pile-up, taking space that will forever be filled with plastic. Eventually, at that rate, in another 100 years, there will be no space to use as landfills. We must begin composting and using biodegradable materials at all times. Many companies, like our own, have begun using products that are made from natural ingredients and are biodegradable.

One of the major issues with biodegradable products, especially plastic bags claiming to be such, is that there is no governing body that is ensuring that these products actually are biodegradable. If a bag breaks down in 50 years, it can be called biodegradable.

Some bags only break down when the sun, the stars, and the moon are all in perfect alignment. Okay, that’s a bit dramatic but what we mean is that oxygen and sunlight are necessary for the biodegradation to take place. If the bags are buried in a landfill, this can’t happen and they won’t ever biodegrade. That’s misleading to the consumer and it upsets us, as it should also upset you.

Many people don’t realize that plastics are a by-product of fossil fuels. They are made possible by the oil and gas industry. Through lobbying, these companies have ensured that their products are everywhere and in constant use. Single-use plastics have fill landfills, blown across the countrysides, found their way into your yard, into the landscape, and also into our oceans.

Americans, alone, are using one-hundred-billion plastic bags per year! It takes 12 million barrels of oil to produce those bags. Can you imagine how different our planet would be today if we had used hemp to make a paper bag alternative instead of plastic bags? Or how different would things be right now if we had chosen to move to wind and solar power, electric cars and truly biodegradable products 30 years ago?

This winter will be one of the coldest that we’ve very experienced. Venice, Italy has had its highest high tide ever, which was not just slightly higher - it was 50 feet higher than ever! Climate change is upon us and the way we treat the earth plays an important role.

Each day, on social media, we are bombarded with images of sea creatures who are dying with stomachs full of plastic, straws lodged in their noses, and animals being strangled and maimed from plastic soda can six-pack rings caught around their bodies and limbs.

We see animals being rescued from plastic nets, fishing lines, and bags. Recent images of divers finding plastic bags on the ocean floor have surfaced on social media. These bags, even if biodegradable by most company’s standards will not ever break down because sunlight and oxygen are both absent. These are man-made tragedies and we can avoid them completely if only we choose to take a stand.

Eco Friendly Dog Poop Bags | Innovet Pet

We feel that taking ownership of the problem is the first thing that businesses need to do. Consumers can, and should, make their statements with the products that they choose. Spend your money on products that really are eco-friendly and more companies will be forced to make sure that they are following stricter standards. In this way, you have the power to enforce regulations if no governing body exists. Hopefully, someday, there will be an agency that enforces these things. We all have the power to make a change.

For now, InnovetPet will let our ethics and our morals be our guide. We’ve created a bag that actually does what it says it will do. We’ve also made it so affordable that you don’t have to use cost as a reason to not choose them. We wanted all of our natural products to be available to everyone, regardless of your socio-economic position.

All pets, everywhere, deserve access to natural products that are made from premium ingredients. We will stand by that product and we hope that, as consumers, you will recognize the value in this and realize that we really do care about your pet and about all animals, We care about the planet and feel good about the things we’ve developed and made accessible to people from all walks of life.

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