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Little Sausage Dog Is So Overjoyed His Family is Home He Sprained His Tail From Wagging So Much

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Little Sausage Dog Is So Overjoyed His Family is Home He Sprained His Tail From Wagging So Much

It’s not every day that you hear about a sausage wagging so much it gives itself a strain, but that’s exactly what our story is about. Now, you can take your head out of the gutter because this story is rated G. With many now working and self-isolating at home due to the Coronavirus, the internet has lit up with funny stories featuring our pets having to share so much time with us. There are the videos of the cats plotting their owners' murder because they’ve lost the house to themselves. Then there is Rolo, an adorable pint-size Dachshund or sausage dog as his owner likes to call him. Rolo’s comical story, as you're about to hear, gives us a silver-lining in these darker times. Meet Emma Smith - from Essex, England. On March 20th, she took to twitter to share the comical misadventures of her pup Rolo. Emma and her family have all been home due to the quarantine, and Rolo for one couldn’t be happier. He’s been constantly running and playing around. Just wagging his tail away for days on end. Then something odd happened, Rolo stopped wagging his tail. After noticing, Emma was quick to take Rolo to the vet, where she found out the most peculiar thing. Rolo had strained his tail due to excessively wagging it. How downright adorable! Soon after Emma and Rolo’s post, the tweet went viral, gaining over a million likes and hundreds of thousands of retweets.

But we needed to know more. Was Rolo OK?! Would he be able to wag his gosh darn cute little sausage tail again? It’s safe to say the Twitterverse had the same concerns with one user tweeting: “Omg! I’m so glad he is okay! My Labrador had this injury too, she’s so excitable and her tail goes round and round like a helicopter, we had to spend weeks trying to keep her as calm as possible because literally every time she sees someone she’s just like OMG! HUMAN! HI!” That’s right! Rolo isn’t the first dog to sprain their tail out of excitement. Fortunately, Emma didn’t leave us hanging and quickly updated us on Rolo’s health the next day. Even more delightful, Emma shared with us a video of our little hero Rolo. In the video, Emma says: “Didn’t expect this happen. For those asking, he is currently on pain relief and the vet said he should be healed within a week, this is him on the 2nd day. He is super happy and there is now movement from side to side but he is struggling to lift it up in the air.”Our hearts have certainly been overfilled with joy after hearing Rolo’s story, and we hope yours has been too. We know many of you are feeling uncertain and struggling right now. One thing we can look forward to is the happiness we’re giving our pets by being home so much with them.
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