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Michigan Man Buys Comically Big Teeth To Cheer Himself Up, But His Dog Has Other Plans

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Michigan Man Buys Comically Big Teeth To Cheer Himself Up, But His Dog Has Other Plans

One adorably tiny Yorkie? Check! Set of fake giant teeth? Check! One hilariously adorable story? You betcha! 

Meet Ben Campbell and his miniature mighty pup, Thomas. These two goofs are the center of our story. 

Like many of us, Ben has been feeling down and struggling a bit with the quarantine and isolation. So to help lighten the mood, Ben decided to go out and buy himself some comically ginormous teeth. Strange times call for strange humor, you see. 

But not so fast Ben because your pup, Thomas, has some other plans for those chompers. When Ben wasn’t looking that little sneaky rascal Thomas decided he’d like to take the fake plastic teeth for a spin. The result? Utter hilarity! 

Being the pal he is, instead of trying to eat or even chew the teeth, Thomas decided instead that he’d like to wear them around the house. Gotta show off those new pearly whites to your favorite toys, we suppose. 

Despite roaring in pain from all the abused hilarity, Ben was downright awesome and took a video of the whole comical event. Thank goodness for that because it’s not every day you see a 10lb dog walk around with fake human teeth the size of their entire face. 

Make sure to check the video out if you want to laugh. With the biggest grin on his face, you can see Thomas running away from Ben every time he gets close. That little rapscallion knew he was up to no good!


Since uploading the video to the internet, it has gone viral, having been shared by millions across social media. It truly is wonderful to see videos like Ben and Thomas’. In such confusing and troubling times, it’s moments like these that shine light in the darkness. Because of this, we want to thank Ben and Thomas so much for inviting us into their home for one hilarious moment that we’ll soon not forget. 

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