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Flea Control and Your Indoor Cat

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Flea Control and Your Indoor Cat

Many people know that dogs require flea control. Exposure to fleas happens every time they go outside, so it may seem obvious that dogs need preventative.

However, did you know that indoor cats are still at risk for fleas? In this post, we will explore how your indoor cat gets exposed to fleas and the best line of all-natural flea control products to use for your cat.

Flea Exposure and the Indoor Cat

Flea Control and Your Indoor Cat | Innovet Pet

There is one key fact about fleas that many cat owners do not know - they like to hitchhike! Fleas are so small, they're hardly detectable and they can fit through small areas.

They can hitchhike into your home on an indoor-outdoor pet, even if that pet is treated for fleas. As long as the flea doesn't bite, they can travel on to their next victim.

Fleas can even come through your windows! If a pet outside comes up to the window, that gives them enough time to jump off and into your home.

They don't mind hitching a ride on your pants. That means that you can even accidentally bring fleas into your own home!

The Best All-Natural Flea Control

There are numerous flea control products that you can easily buy at your local pet store, however, many of these products are unnatural and contain harmful chemicals. Some of these products can even poison your pet! That's why we developed a line of all-natural flea and tick products called BioPel. This line of products is an easy way to get natural flea control for your cats!

Our BioPel line has many products for treating fleas, including shampoo, leave-in conditioner, indoor and outdoor spray, and a biological supplement. In our previous post, Simple 4 Step Natural Approach to Getting Rid of Fleas and Ticks, we discussed an easy routine to keep all of your pets naturally pest-free.

Yes, indoor cats may not go outside, but they still need protection from harmful fleas. Our line of BioPel products ensures a safe, natural way to protect your cat.

Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns about our products.

For more information on natural flea control for your cats, click here!

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