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4 Easy Steps To Get rid Of Fleas And Ticks Naturally

dog flea and tick

Flea and Tick Season Is Here! What are you doing to protect your best friend?

Time of the year is everything for fleas and ticks. The winter is FINALLY over, so forget about your pup’s sweater and blanket. But how are you going to protect his health this summer?

Every time he goes out to play, walk, or run, bugs are trying to prey on him. Ticks and fleas are ready to suck his energy and make him itchy all over.

You ready to protect your family pet and your home?

Flea control drops sometimes work -- but they have nasty side effects. They are made of toxic chemicals that can harm people and poison pets.

Some even lead to SEIZURES AND DEATH. You can tell if your product is toxic if it doesn’t let you touch your pet for an hour after applying.

Our philosophy at Innovet is that we wouldn’t give our pets anything we wouldn’t use ourselves

Something that doesn’t let you touch them is something you don’t want on your furry best friend’s skin!

Flea season starts in spring and last until the end of fall. When it comes, forget about the foreign made chemical products.

Here is a 4 step natural routine that will keep your pet Flea and Tick free.

Wash with shampoo  

How do I keep my pets flea and tick free year round?

You get rid of bugs before they become a problem.

Fleas hop on your pet from the environment. A walk in the park, or a visit to the groomer is usually what gets them infected. That’s when they start to nest on your buddy’s skin, lay eggs, bite -- and MULTIPLY!

Regular shampooing kills the infestations before they become serious.

Severe and life threatening infections don’t occur until weeks on weeks of exposure. The longer fleas and ticks nest the harder they are to get rid of. They get a stronger grip and lay eggs that grow into more insects.

Wash every other week to keep your pup clean.

He might not like it and you’ll have to show him some tough love!

But it’s an easy way to keep him happy and itch free. You don’t need to visit the vet, or pay someone else a bunch of money. Just take a few minutes and give him a good wash.

We didn’t know what chemicals were being put in our pets’ shampoos -- so we made our own!

Pet shampoos are intended to be harmless to pets, but completely eliminate fleas. But it’s hard to isolate the effects of artificial chemicals.

The ingredients often have negative side effects, and get in your dog’s mouth and eyes.

Our BioPel Shampoo is made of 100% natural ingredients.

BioPel Shampoo

The all natural blend was designed to hold several natural cleaning agents. They are acidic to parasites such as ticks and fleas -- but healthy for your pet’s skin!

Substances such as oatmeal extract and aloe vera have been scientifically proven to:

  • Fight fleas and ticks

  • Combat Skin Irritations

  • Re-moisturize dry and sensitive skin

A careful ph-balance keeps his skin healthy. 100% natural ingredients leave his fur shiny and soft.

Don’t wait to give your pet a healthy bath!

As the weather gets warmer more bugs reproduce in the environment. Keep them off your pet and away from your home!

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Have a healthy diet


You eat fruits and vegetables, take a multivitamin, and have supplements. Added nutrients are just as important for your pet!


Every pet owner wishes we could give our furry friends human like treatment. But it’s hard to go the extra mile with them when we barely have the time for ourselves!

A proper diet is VITAL for your pet’s immune system. It enhances natural defenses. The added nutrients act as 100% natural medicine. It becomes harder for ticks and fleas to latch on.

Those that do won’t be there for long!

Full, balanced meals that are rich in vitamins B6, B12, and folic acids boost your pet’s health. 5 percent garlic concentration will also keeps fleas out of your dogs and cats. Aged garlic is also a fantastic option.

What if you don’t have time to give your pet different foods?

We know what it’s like to be swamped with work. We looked around for a pet food supplement that you could just throw in your buddy’s bowl. They were all either EXPENSIVE or foreign made, and ARTIFICIAL.

BioPel Plus supplement

So we came up with our BioPel Plus supplement.

It has EVERYTHING your pet needs, and is 100% natural.

Just add it to your pet’s food for a FULL daily dose dose of nutrients. Your buddy will finally have the vitamins he needs to have a healthy coat, and protect himself from parasites and insects.

You’ll get TWO IN ONE:

More nutrients boost his immune system. He won’t just get rid of outside pests (ticks and fleas), but internal pests such as intestinal worms!

Our top natural ingredients give your pet a COMPLETE BODY DETOX. One of our ingredients, diatomaceous, is organic and harmless to animals and humans. But it targets parasitic organisms and melts away their exoskeleton! Internal plagues such as:

  • Roundworms

  • Hooworkms

  • Tapeworms

Won’t plague your pet anymore. Just drop Biopel in their feed and they’ll be protected against inside and outside pests.

Forget about expensive visits to the vet and different chemical medicines.

Our feed takes the best vitamins mother earth can offer and reinforces your pet's health. A few of our strengthening ingredients are:

  • Pumpkin Seed Powder

  • Beef Liver

  • Brewers Yeast

  • Diatomaceous earth-food grade

Don’t forget:

Dog food is important to your pet, but it can’t give him everything he needs.

There’s a long complicated list of healthy trace minerals and vitamins that make your pet healthy. Biopel takes the best COMPLETELY NATURAL ones and put them on your pet’s plate.

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Clean the surroundings


If you’re trying to keep pests away from your pet, you should clean your house as much as possible.

When ticks or fleas get onto your pup, they soon spread EVERYWHERE! They want to find a home anywhere they can.

No matter if you are using flea drops, or any other product, house cleanings are ESSENTIAL!

For example: flea drops will put toxic pesticides on your pet that kill the fleas when they bite. But even when they’re dead you still need to get rid of them!

Consider spraying flea control solution into:

  • Beds

  • Food bowls

  • Car bedding

  • Countertops

  • Couches

Correct application will kill parasite nests and stop them from reproducing.

They won’t spread to your other dogs, cats, or family members. You can protect your home and your pets with just a few sprays!

Also make sure to spray your yard if your dog goes out frequently. They’ll be where infestations are coming from.

What spray should you use?

We used Adams Plus for several years, but didn’t like its pesticides and artificial components.

You CAN’T use it directly on your pets, around food, or pet feed. You need to be REALLY careful to not get it on pregnant women and children.

There were no affordable and effective natural solutions on the market so we decided to create our own!

Our BioPel Outdoor and Indoor sprays are made of 100% natural ingredients. We design them in house in the USA and keep a careful watch on every step of the process.

Biopel outdoor spray

Each is specially put together to ONLY hurt fleas, ticks, and other parasites.

Brand name products will leave toxins in your house. Powerful chemicals can get in your pet’s food, lay on the floor, or get near their toys. Don’t run the risk and do your pet cleaning with natural products.

There’s no toxins and no sticky residue. Don’t worry about dangerous bad smells!

Some of our ingredients include:

  • Lemongrass Oil

  • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate

  • Cinnamon Oil

They’ve been approved by the EPA in government sponsored studies as: 

“...safe, effective, completely natural alternatives to pesticides and insect repellents...”

Don’t let pests hurt your dogs and cats!

Get them out of your home completely naturally before our summer spray supply runs out!

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protect your pet


A few minutes of product application can protect your pet all day.

Stay away from chemical products! Just like DEET has shown to be dangerous for humans, many pet products aren’t safe at all.

They can lead to sickness and have a LONG list of negative side effects.

The natural product route makes your conscience much lighter and your pet much happier.

Leave in products that feature natural antibacterials are your top choices. Lemongrass or neem oil are always good. They’ll target parasites and keep your pet’s fur clean and healthy.


We didn’t want to give our pet anything we wouldn’t use ourselves.

Like with cleaning sprays, we used to use popular brands names.

But the chemical contents made us WORRY!

As engineers and chemists by trade -- we knew what these ingredients were and we did NOT like them near our pets! We weren’t comfortable with these types of chemicals being on our pets’ skin EVERY DAY.

So we went out, found the best COMPLETELY NATURAL ingredients on the market, and made our own product.

We found ingredients that are safe and healthy for dogs and cats.

Biopel spray

Our spray can be applied directly to your pet before he goes out to play.

Use our leave in conditioner right after bathing him. It features a blend of different natural flea and tick killers.

  • Lemongrass Oil

  • Neem Oil

  • Diatomaceous Earth

All are effective and have been scientifically proven to work. But the last one is the most important!

Diatomaceous Earth kills by PHYSICAL ACTION, NOT CHEMICAL POWER. This is what makes are products so healthy and 100% natural.

When you rub our conditioner in it penetrates fleas’ exoskeleton, killing pests. But humans and animals are IMMUNE. Only the parasites get hurt!

Get your pet the protection he needs in just a few seconds. This summer, have no worries every time you let your dog or cat outside!

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