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Want to try CBD for pets but don’t want to pay full price? 

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At Innovet Pet, we offer you the pick of the litter when it comes to CBD. There’s our soft and scrumptious hemp chews that are great for small dogs, puppies, and seniors who struggle with hard treats. Then we have our specialized daily CBD supplements that add a clever and potent botanical twist on the traditional multivitamin and more. And, of course, there is our classic PurCBD+ oil, which has helped countless pets, including our own, get the health they deserve. With over 7,000 reviews and counting, we’re proud to say it’s the most popular CBD product for dogs, cats, and our other furry buddies. 

Every single one of our NASC-Certified CBD products features the same great hemp extract. That’s derived from organically-grown hemp crops, who have their every need carefully tended to from seed to harvest. 
Regular soil sample testing, precision nutrient delivery, and third-party lab analysis for purity and potency are just a few of the practices used by the farms who grow our hemp. The same farms that have standardized what it means to grow premium hemp. And we couldn’t be prouder to work with these family-owned farms! The same farms that have shown the world how to ethically grow environmentally-friendly hemp that’s just downright potent in the cannabinoids and terpenes.

[]% Discount So You Don’t Have To Miss Out! 

There is no hiding the fact we love CBD. It's been incredible to witness all the ways it has healed so many pets when their health needed the most. Including our own! It has forever made us champions of CBD. And we don’t want others to miss out on what it can do for their furbuddy’s health. 

That’s why we’re giving a discount to those who either haven’t tried CBD or haven’t tried our CBD. It’s the same thing, really! Because no one understands and crafts hemp CBD like Innovet. 

We give hemp and CBD the respect it deserves when we invite it into a new health aid. And we are so confident in that, we are offering the same discount on all of our CBD items.  

Like our PurCBD+. Give it to your pet directly or throw it into their favorite food. PurCBD+ is great for those who have never used CBD and want to see what it can do for their pet’s health.

With easy-to-customize dosages, you can’t go wrong with CBD in its oil form. Great for anxiety, inflammation, general health and wellness, and on 

Looking to try CBD for its ability to help with a specific condition? If so, make sure to check out our daily CBD Chews that combine CBD with other natural and healing ingredients for the ultimate help with Skin & Coat, Mobility, Digestion, and General Wellness. Want to really take advantage of the discount? Try one of our CBD Bundles!

We hope our discount is just the incentive for you to give CBD a try! Our goal is helping the furry little rascals who we couldn’t imagine our lives without. Often we do that by crafting innovative health aids that fill gaps missing in pet health. Other times, like now, it’s finding ways to bring you irreplaceable health aids at affordable prices. And as always, we have our 30-day money-back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose. 

At Innovet Pet, we’re just happy to help! And wish you and your best furry buddies the best of health!