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If you have ever adopted a pet from a shelter we would love to hear your adoption stories! As a "thank you", we will send you a $25 gift card that can be used for your next order. To participate, it's easy and quick, you need to click on "Upload File" button below, and select a photo of your pet from your gallery. Then, just inform your name and email address along with your pet's story. That's it, as soon as we receive it, we'll be sending the coupon to your email address.
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The month of June is observed as National Adopt A Pet Month, we would like to take this opportunity to encourage our customers to go out and adopt a pet from your local shelter.
As pet owners ourselves we know how strong the love for our pets can be, providing for them and making sure they are living their lives to the fullest is one of main priorities. Unfortunately not all animals have the luxury of being shown this form of care, approximately 6.5 million animals entered animal shelters last year and only 3.2 million were adopted. For these animals living in small cages, not being properly cared for and not having a place to call home is all they know until they're adopted by a loving family.
Some of our Innovet family members have adopted pets and here are their stories! Upload File