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Who is Priceless Pets?

Priceless Pet Rescue is a no-kill pet rescue adoption center operating from multiple locations. The non-profit adoption centers are known as the “Orphanages”.

All animals at the adoption center are rescued from the high-access, high-kill shelters. Apart from this, owners also surrender their pets on a case by case basis under different circumstances.

In January, Priceless Pets opened its new center in Costa Mesa. The City of Costa Mesa, under an agreement, has recognized the "The Orphanage" as the official animal adoption center of the city.

The animal adoption center in Costa Mesa is the third adoption center of Priceless Pet rescue. The other adoption centers are located in Claremont (LA County) and Chino Hills (San Bernardino County). The adoption statistics of Priceless Pet Rescue ranks among the best in animal rescue.

Surrendering a Pet

Due to unforeseen circumstances or unexpected life changes, some pet owners may have to let go of their beloved pets. This is an extremely difficult decision to make, as the pet owners are concerned about the safety and well-being of their pets.

Priceless Pet Rescue provides such pets a new home. The pet admissions are done by appointment only. An owner surrender request form has to be filled.

The admission process for dogs and cats will take around 30 minutes. Behavior assessment of the pet is done to determine their temperament. Only pets that pass the assessment tests are allowed admission to the facility.

The goal is to keep as many animals as possible in the adoption centers. If the pets are unable to gain admission, alternate suggestions are provided to the pet owners. This will help them take care of their pets.

Adoption Process

The adoption process is done on a first come, first serve basis. The process is completed in person at the adoption facility after meeting the animal (cat or dog). No pre-visit application process is required.

There is no guarantee that a particular animal (dog or cat) will be available for adoption at a specific time. Animals are not held for adoption under any circumstances. Visit any one of the adoption centers of Priceless Pets during normal business hours to complete the adoption process.

If you want to adopt a puppy or kitten, you should remember that the young ones are in foster care. They are available at the adoption center only on Saturday. All adoption fees are considered a non-refundable donation. The adoption fees are tax deductible.

Donations and Fundraising

Priceless Pet Rescue relies 100% on donations and fundraising events to save the lives of cats and dogs in need. No federal, state or city funding is available to the organization.

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