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Eco Friendly Biodegradable Poop Bags

  • Since the beginning of time man has yearned for a product to vaporize dog poop into nothingness. We have done the next best thing: wrap it up.

      These affordable, high quality, eco friendly bags were built with one mission: to hunt down and recycle poop back to nature. Made with plant starch and food grade polymers along with other biomass and non-biomass fillers. Our bags are NON TOXlC and leave NO TOXIC RESIDUES when degrading.

The bag dimensions are: width 9.25", height 10.25", thickness 100 gauge = 1mil =  25 micron =  .025mm =  .001"inch

  • Rolls fit into standard leash dispensers

  • Made with plant starch & food grade polymers

  • Unscented because scented poop is still poop! (poop sold separately)

  • Easy peel apart and detach from roll

  • Available in qty's 120 & 480



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