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Silicone Tipped Soft Feeding Syringes

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    • Soft silicone tip won't harm teeth, gums, or cheeks
    • Smooth plunger seal
    • Lifelike feel encourages pets to feed
    • Durable and reusable
    • Superior to all other hand feeding syringes on the market
     * Picture of 7 syringes is for size reference only.

    Soft silicone dispensing tip makes hand feeding liquids, foods, and medicines easy for pets and pet owners alike. Innovet Pet Products created the only hand feeding syringe made with medical-grade silicone to prevent damage to gums, cheeks, and teeth. The durable silicone tips are soft and flexible yet difficult for pets to chew through.
  • Insert the silicone tip of the syringe into the liquid you're using. Slowly pull back the plunger until the tube of the syringe is filled to the desired level.

    Place the silicone tip inside your pet's mouth and angle it back against his cheek. Slowly press the plunger down until all of the liquid has been released.

    For more information on how to hand feed click here.

  • Unit Conversions:
    1mL= 1cc
     1tsp = 5cc
    1tbsp = 15cc
      1oz = 30cc
    For more information on how to hand feed click here

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