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All BioPel Spray Line

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Your pet loves the spring and summer months as much as anybody! More frequent walks, backyard barbecues (and food being dropped onto the ground by clumsy visitors...helloooo!), and running around in the fresh air are all enjoyable for pups and their humans alike. Not so enjoyable? Flea and tick bites.

As soon as your pet steps outside, those nasty little critters are just waiting to jump aboard and find their next meal. This not only leads to itchy skin and discomfort for your pet, but it can also lead to infestations in your home. Not to mention, ticks are well known to carry a variety of potentially life-threatening diseases. Yuck.

While you'll find flea and tick treatments in your local pet store, many are toxic not only to your pet, but to yourself and your household. If the bottle says to avoid touching your pet for an hour after application, why are you putting him in the first place?

At Innovet, we've gone the extra mile to create flea and tick treatment and prevention products that are not only effective, but safe for your pet, family and the environment.

Our BioPel shampoo reduces itch with a uniqiue blend of oatmeal and aloe. It soothes irritated skin while reducing flea numbers and preventing further infestation. Wash your pet at least every two weeks, or however often is needed to keep his coat clean and shiny (in other words... wash more frequently if your pooch enjoys a good romp in the mud).

For added protection against fleas and ticks, use BioPel indoor or outdoor spray. They contain lemongrass, an essential oil recommended by the EPA as a natural pesticide for its effectiveness and safety. Our formulas also contain cinnamon, which has been shown in recent research to kill mosquito larvae. For bigger tasks, our BioPel concentrate is designed to handle bigger jobs, since it connects directly to your hose for spraying around your home.

Our sprays are safe for use directly applied to your pet, on food, or on bedding. Many customers also spray the exterior of their homes to keep pests from creeping inside.

Finish it off, and buy yourself maximum protection, with our BioPel leave-in conditioner. Just rub it on your hands, and the power of BioPel's essential oil blend is applied directly to the fur for full insect repelling power, while also conditioning your pet's fur.

Proper nutrition is also important for keeping your pet not only healthier, but also less likely to succumb to pests and parasites. Our BioPel dietary supplement contains Diatomaceous earth and pumpkin seeds to remove harmful pests from the inside out, while beef and liver and brewer's yeast add vitamins and minerals to your dog's diet.

The BioPel Line is Great for:

  • Those who want a flea and tick regimen that is chemical free 
  • Environmentally friendly families in search of a more natural option 
  • Those who don't have a ton to spend on pricey flea dips at the vet 
  • Anyone who wants to feel assured that their pet's flea treatment is safe for him, children and their homes. 


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