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EquinePCR Pellet Lovers Bundles

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InnovetPet Payment

  PurCBD Oil 750mg $ 78.45
  1 lb Bag of EquinePCR Pellets (x2) $ 89.98
$ 168.45
$ 151.99
  PurCBD Oil 750mg $ 78.45
  5 lb Bucket of EquinePCR Pellets $ 139.99
$ 218.45
$ 196.99


1500mg PurCBD BUNDLE

  PurCBD Oil 1500mg $ 97.45
  1 lb Bag of EquinePCR Pellets (x2) $ 89.98
$ 187.45
$ 168.99

  PurCBD Oil 1500mg $ 97.45
  5 lb Bucket of EquinePCR Pellets $ 139.99
$ 237.44
$ 213.99


A multifaceted approach to CBD therapy with additional benefits for joint support and heart health

  • Perfect for trainers, riders, farriers, and large-animal veterinarians   
  • Great for large animals of any size
  • Bundles save you 10% off our sale price vs. buying products separately

We specifically designed our Equine Hemp Care Package to provide you with the complete approach to CBD care. This means two incredibly important things:

First, it means we utilize and include all the potential therapeutic benefits that hemp plants can provide. Hemp seeds are an excellent source of fiber, protein, and omega 3-6-9 fatty acids. The hemp seed carrier oil pairs perfectly with our full spectrum hemp extract —  rich with phytocannabinoids and terpenes — for complete hemp health. Take advantage of all this superfood can provide!

Second, there is no denying that both PurCBD+ and Equine Hemp Pellets are fantastic on their own. However, by bringing the two together, we take advantage of their unique benefits such as PurCBD’s fast-acting effects and Hemp Pellets' additional nutrients. This greatly improves CBD’s ability to work for your horse’s specific needs.   

The Two CBD Products That Make Our Bundle Great 

Both our full-spectrum CBD hemp extract and hemp seed oil are exclusively sourced from family-owned farms that only use organic agricultural practices. This means no pesticides, fungicides, and no additives from seed to bottle. We then have our products routinely lab tested by a 3rd-party to ensure that what you read on the label is exactly what you get.

But that’s only the start as to why our customers love these products.

PurCBD+ Oil

The first great product in our bundle is our 1500 mg PurCBD+ oil. This is the CBD product that started it all and still reigns supreme as our customers’ favorite. The reason the tincture is so popular is simple:

  • Effects can be felt 2-3 times faster compared to other methods
  • Allow you to make small incremental changes in dosage for perfect precision    
  • Endless applications — mix it into their regular feed, their favorite drink, or give directly

Equine PCR Hemp Pellets

One of the biggest issues you’ll run into when buying CBD is one-size-fits-all dosages. If you want to provide your horse with a precise dosage or save money, you’re stuck with tinctures. But there are so many great benefits that come with other forms of CBD, that we wanted to make sure your horse could reap all the benefits CBD can provide. 

Instead of creating one huge pellet, we broke it up into easy to measure small pellets making them dose-appropriate for ponies all the way up to draft horses. Our Hemp Pellets up the CBD game:

  • Provides 20% protein, 50% fiber, and 30% carbohydrates filling crucial gaps in their diet
  • Easily customize dosage for preventative health and chronic conditions within any weight group
  • A pleasant grassy flavor that most equines love — you can easily mask the flavor with juice or another drink for picky eaters

Is The PurCBD Oil & Equine Hemp Pellets Bundle Right For You?

I regularly give CBD to my pets or use it for myself

If you find yourself administering CBD weekly, then this bundle is definitely for you. The 10% savings that the bundle provides is a fantastic way to save money on CBD. Before you know it, you’ll have saved enough that you can purchase another bundle from the savings alone.

I’ve never or rarely used CBD but have heard a lot of great things

This bundle is a great introduction to CBD as it gives you the ability to give your equine the full extent hemp CBD has to offer. Plus, you save money in the process and who doesn’t love that? 

You really can’t go wrong with either CBD product, and we always provide a 30-day money-back guarantee even if you’ve used both. But we’re pretty confident you’ll love what CBD has the potential to help your equine with.

Our customers have found that our hemp CBD helped their equine with:

  • Reduced stiffness and pain, eliminating slow-moving mornings
  • Replace joint and calming supplements eliminating a cocktail of pills
  • Improve digestive conditions such as colic and gastric ulcers
  • Help work and show horses with anxiety and recovery from injuries
  • Helped retired horses with the wear-and-tear from years of working, giving them a dynamic and fulfilling life in retirement.

Review Disclaimer: In accordance with FDA/FTC regulations regarding product/advertising claims: In order to ensure full transparency to the public, testimonials/ reviews displayed on are given verbatim as we do not have the ability to change reviews made by customers... (Full Disclaimer)

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