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ChefPaw Dog Food Maker

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Firmer Stools

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Enhanced Digestibility

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Fewer Upset Tummies

What Is ChefPaw?

What Is ChefPaw?

Say hello to ChefPaw, the countertop dog food maker that REVOLUTIONIZES how we feed our dogs. ChefPaw saves you time and money, creating unlimited fresh and tasty homemade food for your dog. Actual real food PERSONALIZED to their dietary needs and ChefPaw does it at a fraction of the cost of storebought fresh pet food. And it only takes 3 easy steps!

Just add fresh ingredients, turn ChefPaw on, and relax, you’re already done! In 40 minutes, you’ll have fresh dog food that’s been gently mixed and cooked at lower temperatures for perfection. ChefPaw is for pet parents that want to give their dogs fresh food that tastes great while amplifying their health.

  • Meals rich with wholesome ingredients that retain all the nutrients only a fresh diet can offer.
  • Just food that's free from common fillers like gums or preservatives.
  • Fresh dog food that reduces the cost of feeding and caring for our best furbuddies.

That’s the ChefPaw’s Promise!

Dog with ChefPaw

The Best Quality Guaranteed

Maximize Nutrition & Flavor Icon

Maximize Nutrition and Flavor

Designed to maximize nutrition and flavor, ChefPaw makes commercial dog food a thing of the past. Commercial dog food that often fails to provide a complete well-balanced meal due to aggressive cooking temperatures.The exclusive ChefPaw app has nutritional values for 1000+ ingredients with the ability to analyze calories, protein, carbs, fiber, 5 types of fats, 20 amino acids + 32 vitamins and minerals.
Save Time Icon

Save Time

Requiring only 9x12” of your kitchen counter space when in use, the ChefPaw’s model CP3A is a self-contained single unit that eliminates hours of prepping and cleanup of pots, pans which leaves your kitchen a cluttered mess. Just add whole ingredients, turn ChefPaw on, and ChefPaw will do the rest of the work for you. Go enjoy your favorite TV show or have a nice REFRESHING bath. ChefPaw isn’t just here to help your dog!
Save Money Icon

Save Money

ChefPaw is designed to pay for itself! From giving your dog an optimal diet that supports a longer and healthier life to ChefPaw’s nutrition analyzer that quickly compares ingredients, allowing you to swap out expensive ingredients for more affordable ones without jeopardizing nutrition.Say goodbye to commercial dog foods that are soaring in price. Goodbye to brands that do little to improve the quality of their food but are sure aggressive about finding places to cut corners. Stop paying for packaging, labeling, and product advertisement. With ChefPaw, your hard-earned money is only going towards giving your dog the best food possible. Create fresh food for as low as $1.81 per pound vs. $4-15 per pound store bought fresh pet food.
ChefPaw Advantages - A Fresh Food Diet Maximized Nutrition Saving Time + Money

No dog should have to eat the same pet food day-in-day-out! Alternating recipes on a daily basis is the simplest way to maximize nutrition and minimize the use of supplements. You shouldn't have to struggle to help your dog with their dietary issues, whether they are a picky eater or have food allergies. Fresh dog food should be affordable and poops should be easy to pickup.

What is the ChefPaw App?

Meet your new assistant that does all the hard work for you.

With the exclusive FREE ChefPaw App (value at $200) you’re given: 

1 - Recipe options: Pre Programmed, From Scratch, and Vet Formulated

2 - Nutritional value for 1000+ ingredients all from the USDA database for foods

3 - Swap or add new ingredients manually for nutritional yield, update price values, and step-by-step guides for batching all your favorite recipes

4 - 5 individual pet profiles for storing each pet's favorite recipes and unique needs

5 - Exclusive access to ChefPaw's Shared Community Recipes - share questions, insights, and recipe ideas with other ChefPaw owners

Our Recipes

Option 1 brings you a set of the most popular dog food recipes around. These recipes will easily cover the needs of nearly every dog and even goes a step further by automatically customizing the recipes for your dog’s needs upon uploading their profile into the app. 

recipe options photo
From Scratch

Option 2 gives you the ability to create your favorite budget-friendly recipes while connecting you to other ChefPaw owners for community-inspired recipes. With complete nutrient profiles for pretty much every dog-friendly ingredient around, ChefPaw avoids errors in nutrition that can come up when making your dog’s food at home. The best thing about ChefPaw -- other than giving your dog tasty fresh food -- is you don't need to know anything about dog food or pet nutrition.

Consult an Expert

Option 3 connects you to a pet nutrition specialist, who works with you to put together two high-quality meals designed to work perfectly for your dog’s unique needs.  

photo of vet with dog

Frequently Asked Questions

ChefPaw Product
ChefPaw Dog Food Machine

Take full control of your pet's diet.

Embark on a culinary journey for your beloved pet with Chefpaw, the ultimate kitchen companion designed to create scrumptious, nutritious dog food swiftly!
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