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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, PurBreath No Brush. Pet Oral Care Gel
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PurBreath No Brush. Pet Oral Care Gel

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Inspired By: Pearl

All Natural Ingredients

100% Organic

Removes Plaque and Tartar Buildup

Dog dental : How can Innovet Help my dog's teeth?

Dog dental : How can Innovet Help my dog's teeth?

No Brush PurBreath to keep your Dog's teeth clean

Every pet owner has experienced it. You’re watching TV when your furry friend hops up beside you. It’s cute, until... what’s that smell?

Oral health is a common problem among dogs and cats alike, but taking your pet in for a formal cleaning can be a bit pricey (and by "a bit pricey," we mean very expensive). Not only can dental cleaning for pets cost as much as $1,000, but it can also be physically stressful on your dog or cat as they are usually put under anesthesia. If your dog does develop dental disease the costs can add up to a small fortune. For pets who are older or who have special medical conditions, this simply isn’t an option. In fact, reports of death during teeth cleaning is not uncommon. This can be a very scary dilemma for pet owners and a most people just prefer to avoid trips to the veterinarian.

The aspect of not having to brush your dog's teeth can also be seen as a huge advantage here! Let's face it, we all try and very rarely does your dog let you put a nice dog toothpaste in his mouth and brush away. Sometime this might even get you snipped at and that's the last thing you want to deal with. With this formula, about 3-5 sprays on your dog's teeth will be all it takes. Depending on the situation of your dogs teeth we generally recommend every other day sprays. Save your dog's teeth and mouth from periodontal disease, try Purbreath dog dental spray!

Dental Health leads to overall health

How it works

Our PurBreath is a "No-Brush" dental care for pets that was formulated with natural ingredients to freshen breath, remove tartar and give your pet a healthier set of teeth. When mixed with your pet’s saliva, the ingredients in our special blend will remove plaque and tartar buildup, while also removing the buildup that causes bad breath and periodontal disease. No more pushing your pup Fido off the sofa during movie time.

Why we created a Dental Cleaning Spray

Our dental care for pets is one of our original core products inspired by our good old boy , Maximus. He was an amazing black lab , the logo for our brand and the original reason why Innovet started creating products for pets. Maximus survived 16 yrs and in his later years his teeth naturally started having problems. Matt was too worried to put Maximus under anesthesia at his age so researched and created a natural dog dental spray that could legitimately keep your dog's teeth clean and healthy. PurBreath dog dental care is easy to use and stress-free for your pet. It’s also safe for both cats and dogs, so all your furry friends can reap the benefits for one low price.

Why our Dogs need Dental Care at home

Oral health and dental cleaning is vitally important for overall well-being. When buildup grows out of control in the mouth, it can eventually find its way into the rest of the body. Additionally, poor dental health can cause your dog to develop tooth decay, infection, pain and periodontal disease. By removing harmful buildup, PurBreath dog dental care can not only help your pet avoid foul breath, but also help prevent these harder-to-treat conditions in the future.

This is really quite cut and dry, you take care of your teeth so you should take care of your dog's teeth. We now know that oral health can affect 2 major systems in the digestive and cardiovascular so weekly if not daily cleaning should be a "no-brainer". This is the idea that keeping your dog's mouth healthy could lead to less dental cleanings at the vet and lower risk of anesthesia accidents. Don't get caught buying the cheap water additives for dental care, most pets just avoid the water because they can smell the chemicals added. Give your dog's

The Best Quality Guaranteed

grape seed extract for teeth cleaning

Grape Seed Extract

grape fruit extract for dog dental care

Grapefruit Seed Extract

dog dental cleaning  without anesthesia

Sodium Bicarbonate

Other Ingredients: Purified Water, Grain Alcohol, Xanthan Gum, Peppermint Oil, (& Salmon Oil for Salmon Flavor PurBreath) Proprietary Blend of Botanical Oils

The Innovet Difference

healthy dog dental teeth cleaning
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30-Day Money Back Guarantee

100% All-natural ingredients

No toothbrush required for healthier teeth and gums

Removes build up to freshen breath

Safe for cats and dogs

30-day money-back guarantee

Uses of PurBreath Dental Care

Your dog's dental health is very important for longevity and functional health. Dogs and cats with foul breath, pets who can’t handle regular dental cleanings or injections, as well as people who just want to enhance their pet’s oral hygiene, will be intrigued by this innovative product.

We’ve combined various natural herbs and oils to create a fresh-smelling, easy-to-use, great-tasting formula that cats and dogs won’t mind using. We’re sure you’ll love it, but on the rare chance you don't we have a 30-day money-back guarantee. If it doesn’t improve your pet’s teeth and freshen his breath, just shoot us an email and we’ll return your investment.

PurBreath is proudly assembled in the USA and created for our own dogs. We take pride in that we love our dogs so much we wanted to create all-natural products to help extend the longevity of their lives. You can trust that you are using a top quality product when you choose Innovet Pet!


Pet should not eat or drink at least 1/2 hour before and after application. Apply gel directly along the upper and lower gumlines to maximize interaction with plaque. If required, you may also apply the gel onto your finger to easily spread along the gumline.

Apply once to twice daily until tartar and plaque has dissolved

Apply 2-3 times per week, but can be used daily. Keep container closed when not in use.

Small pets 1-2 pumps (1/3 tsp)

Medium pets 3-4 pump s(1/2 tsp)

Larger pets 4-6 pumps (1 tsp)

Store PurBreath only in this bottle & as close to room temperature as possible.





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