Eco Friendly Dog Poop Bags

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Available in 120 or 480 bag packs
  • A smart reduction to dog poo production!

    • Strong enough to handle any sized poop, even if your dog craps out a cannonball made of gold.
    • Uses plant starch and other food-grade polymers to guarantee the bags disintegrate after use.
    • The bags can be attached to all standard leash dispensers, so wear it like a badge of honor and impress fellow dog walkers.
    • Bags peel apart easily and detach from the roll without hesitation for when you need to pick up a poop quickly, like a ninja.
    • Non-toxic (in case Fluffy tries to eat them) and no toxic residue remains after decomposing (in case other animals try to eat them).

    There’s nothing more rewarding than taking your pooch for a walk on an idyllic sunny day.


    Fluffy left a present on the path while you were distracted by an old lady talking to some ducks about politics. It’s too late to run away, or perhaps suck it up using a handheld vacuum, which unfortunately means you will have to use a plastic bag again.

    The environmentally-conscious public is watching you pick up Fluffy’s steaming poop with scrutiny, making you feel awkward about placing it in a garbage can (you can’t throw it down a nearby drain this time). You think: “These bags should be eco-friendly so it can decompose. Who wants to preserve this crap?”

    If only there were a way to turn a plastic bag full of dog turds into a disposable, biodegradable solution

    Introducing the earth-friendly poop bags by Innovet! Ah, salvation!

    The idea of disposable dog poop bags sounds like some kind of magic from Harry Potter, but really, it’s quite simple. The bags are made of plant starch, food-grade polymers, and biomass and non-biomass fillers. The bags are not only non-toxic but also leave no toxic residue when decomposing. These bags go from poop to poof in a matter of weeks.

    The bags are unscented; the enticing aroma of your pooch’s poo is enough of a treat as it is.

    You may be thinking that with such a sophisticated design, these miracle bags must cost a fortune.

    On the contrary, they are an excellent value and are certainly cheaper than the fine you might have to pay for not picking up after your pet. That would be a crappy situation, indeed.

  • Why choose our product?

    • The dimensions of our poop bags are 9.25” wide by 9.25"" high with a thickness of 100 gauge (roughly 0.25mm). The bag size is effective against everything from the small, pebbly doo-doos of a Chihuahua to the colossal, titanic mega caps of a Saint Bernard.
    • The bag rolls conveniently fit into standard leash dispensers. No more searching your pocket for a bag to collect the chocolate rocket.
    • The bags are unscented: we don't want your best friend trying to eat them!
    • Easy to peel apart and detach from the roll, these are useful when you need to scoop the poop before getting a fine.
    • Available in quantities of 120 and 480, which is more than enough in case Rex has explosive diarrhea or you want to give some free samples to anyone who owns a pet gorilla.

    Just by changing your dog’s poo bags from stubborn plastic to eco-friendly fantastic, you can help reduce climate change and give something back to Mother Nature (even if it is crap). For more Contact us.

  • Are dog poop bags really biodegradable?
    Ours definitely are! And while there are other companies that offer legit biodegradable waste bags as well, in our experience, this is the exception to the rule. Making an actual biodegradable waste bag is quite difficult — we worked with many experts to create an actual biodegradable waste bag that always degrades under any condition.

    Unfortunately, most “biodegradable” pooh bags can only degrade when they are in a very specific environment. Most waste bags end up in landfills, and this is not the place where most can decompose. Sure they are crap bags, but they don’t have to be crappy!

    We worked hard and we are proud to say that our poop bags are truly earth friendly — one could say they’re crapstasic!

    How long do biodegradable poop bags take to decompose?
    Are pooh bags are earth friendly and will usually only take a few weeks to decompose. The rate of decomposition will depend on the environment the bag is disposed of in — the more aerobic the environment, the faster the rate of decomposition. We used plant starch, food-grade polymers, and biomass & non-biomass fillers to ensure our bags will always disintegrate even when there is little to no aerobic activity.

    Where shouldn't I dispose of dog waste?
    While you can safely bury dog waste, on its own, it won’t do your garden or plants any good. Pet waste can contain dangerous bacteria and pathogens that can hurt plants. As well, dog waste contains high levels of nitrogen that can create burn spots in your yard and cause plants to suffer from nitrogen toxicity.

    Dog waste will take time to break down before the nitrogen will be in an absorbable form for vegetation to uptake. This is why it’s important to pick it up within a reasonable window of time and not leave it lying around. Composting dog waste, however, is easy as can be — you can check out “how to” below this question.

    Because of the dangerous pathogens and high levels of certain minerals, you also want to try to avoid throwing pet waste away in the regular trash — it just ends up in landfills that can contaminate nearby water sources. The same goes for municipal yard waste bins unless you know for sure the city compost facility accepts it — they likely won't.

    How do I dispose dog waste and poop bags?
    The best way to dispose of pet waste is to turn it into compost — it can reduce dog waste by 50 percent! Dog waste needs to be composted with carbon-rich materials to balance the nutrient ratio and to remove any dangerous microbes lurking in it. The plant starch we used to create the earth-friendly bags will help with the former issue! Sawdust is another great dry carbon-rich material to include in your compost recipe.

    IF you’re out in public, another solution is to find a dog waste container specific for pet waste. You may have noticed them when walking your dog.

    The last method is to flush the pooh. This is a superb way to get rid of dog waste — you cannot flush cat waste because it may contain Toxoplasma gondii parasites which are dangerous to human health. Please do not flush the poo bag — even flushable poop bags can cause issues and clog up sewer systems.

    Do you sell wholesale dog poop bags?
    We currently do not. However, if you’re interested in purchasing any of our products wholesale, contact us as we are more than happy to discuss the prospect.