Freeze Dried Beef Liver

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Freeze Dried Beef Liver

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FAQs About Freeze Dried Beef Liver 

Do you have any questions about our freeze dried beef liver treats? You're in the right place. Find out the answers below with these FAQs or call our team on (888) 269-3154 today. 

Where To Buy Freeze Dried Beef Liver? 

You can purchase our freeze dried beef liver on our website by clicking here

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How Are These Freeze Dried Beef Liver Made? 

These freeze dried beef liver treats are made from 100% pure beef liver. We freeze dry our beef liver in small batches while the meat is still raw, using a process known as 'lyophilization'. This removes up to 99.5% of the moisture that's contained in the meat, drying it out as a way to preserve it. 

We then package and seal our beef liver to keep it fresh. By freeze drying the liver raw, we preserve most of the nutrients that are found in fresh raw liver. However, the freezing process makes these treats edible and safe to eat. The treats are suitable for pets that are following a raw or whole foods diet and have the 'real deal' taste and texture your pet will love!

You don't even need to keep your freeze dried beef liver treats in the refrigerator. Simply feed the pieces of liver to your pet as a tasty snack or training aid, being sure to follow the nutritional guidance on the packet to determine the right quantities for your dog based on its age, breed, and size. 

Do You Use Human Grade Ingredients For These Products? 

Because of the extra liability involved when marketing a product for human use, we are not officially able to describe our products as human grade. However, the beef liver we use is 100% pure, free from hormones and antibiotics, and safe to eat; it's just meant for pets. Both our packaging materials and sealing methods are also safe for humans. 

We only ever use the highest quality ingredients for our pet treat products. At InnovetPet, we're committed to supporting your dog's health, happiness and well-being with high quality solutions. Although we can't describe our treats as human grade, we always strive to make products which are equal to (if not better than) the quality of human food. 

Are There Hormones Or Antibiotics In InnovetPet's Freeze Dried Products? 

No. The beef liver we use for our InnovetPet's freeze dried products is completely free from hormones and antibiotics. We're always careful to source the ingredients from 100% organic farms, and even have them routinely tested by third-party companies to double check that they contain no unwanted chemicals or pesticides. 

When the beef liver is freeze dried, the majority of the bacteria that could be present in the meat is killed. That means that you don't need to worry about your furry friend eating beef that was taking antibiotics. 

The excessive use of antibiotics in meat has been linked to increased antibiotic resistance in both humans and animals. Studies also suggest that 80% of American cows are currently fed, implanted, or injected with hormones to increase their size quickly. These hormones can include: 

  • Progesterone

  • Testosterone

  • Estradiol

  • Trenbolone

  • Zeranol

  • Melengestrol 

At InnovetPet, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality solutions that will safeguard our pets' health, hygiene, and happiness. The majority of our products are based on all natural ingredients and have been veterinarian-approved. 

We always provide complete transparency when it comes to the formula and processing of our products, so if you have any more questions about where we source from, don't hesitate to give us a call on (888) 269-3154 or email our team today. 

When Will The Freeze Dried Beef Liver Expire? 

Our freeze dried beef liver treats usually carry a 'best before' date of around 3 years from the day they were packaged. However, freeze dried meat products can easily last up to 5 years, as long as the package has been properly sealed and kept in the appropriate conditions. 

The process of freeze drying our beef liver means that it will last a lot longer than fresh meat. This is because up to 99.5% of the moisture has been removed, and most bacteria needs moisture to grow. 

That said, we don't imagine that these tasty treats will be sitting around for long! We believe that your pet will love them - and offer a complete money-back guarantee if we're wrong. 

Have you got a question about our InnovetPet freeze dried beef liver treats which we haven't answered on our FAQ page? Don't hesitate to contact our team today, either by calling us on 888 269-3154, sending us an email at, or by filling out our online contact form. Our InnovetPet Promise is that we will meet your expectations 100%.

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