Hemp CBD Capsules for Dogs

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5mg PurCBD+ Capsules Certificate of Analysis

    • 100% organic hemp-based distilled phytocannabinoid rich (PCR) oil
    • Distilled CBD is the Gold Standard because it focuses on the most important phytocannabinoids (CBD, CBC, and CBG) in high amounts.
    • Natural Terpenes reintroduced ensuring the full potential of the entourage effect
    • Formulated for medium and large dogs--40 lbs and up
    • Full-spectrum PCR oil obtained via cold CO2 extraction and short-path distillation
    • 3rd party lab tested for quality, safety, and efficacy
    • Organic hemp oil sourced from Germany & U.K.
    • Organic hemp extract sourced from Oregon & Colorado
    • Hemp extract derived from mature hemp stalks & seeds making it legal in all 50 states
    • Guaranteed 0.03% THC or less equals a 100% non-psychoactive and legal product
    • 100% natural--no additives, preservatives, or pesticides

    Phytocannabinoid-rich oil, commonly called CBD oil has given many pet owners a way to give their pet’s life back and the research is only backing what many have known for years.

    Because we love our pets and want to give them the best health we need to make sure their phytocannabinoid-rich oil is the best it can be. Unfortunately, there are two big ways many pet companies are cutting costs by producing less than fit products for our pets.

    We Don’t Cut Corners Just Because They’re Not People

    We Believe in Safety; That’s Why We Don’t White-Label

    Unlike many companies, we aren’t white labeling our pet products. All too often we see companies taking their phytocannabinoid products formulated for people and relabeling it for pets, but this is only safe for the largest of dogs. Our 5mg pills is a safe and appropriate for medium and large dogs starting at 40 lbs.

    Why Distilled Is Better Than Raw Hemp Extract

    Distilled is the gold standard for a reason. Through short-path distillation, raw hemp extract is refined separating the phytocannabinoids from the terpenes while also stripping out non-beneficial plant matter (chlorophyll, sugars, etc) and solvents that dilute and reduce the quality of the oil.

    While raw hemp extract is OK, but it’s simply not the best by far and is now outdated. When it comes to our pets’ health, we believe it important to not substitute the quality of their CBD oil just because they aren’t humans. They are our children too.

    Why Call it Phytocannabinoid-Rich Oil Instead of CBD Oil

    It’s simple! CBD oil is an outdated and inaccurate term, that was coined when we didn’t fully understand how it works.

    CBD or cannabidiol is just one of many phytocannabinoids that contributes to the overall therapeutic properties of full-spectrum CBD oil--full-spectrum CBD is overwhelmingly preferred over CBD by itself.

    As well, the terpenes that give hemp its aroma, have a vital role in promoting the entourage effect further than the cannabinoids can alone. The entourage effect is the synergetic nature of all the cannabinoids and terpenes working together creating an oil that’s greater than the sum of its parts.

    When CBD is by itself, otherwise known as CBD isolate, it is difficult to dose and requires a high dose that can be both over- and undershot for diminishing results. As well, the overall range of benefits is reduced because the other phytocannabinoids and terpenes are reinforcing CBD’s benefits as well as providing their own.

    Same Great Hemp Extract Just In Pill Form

    Our 5mg hemp pills are perfect for dogs that dislike the flavor of the oil even when you try to hide it in their food. As well, it’s great for on the go and is one of the quickest and most convenient ways to give your dog their hemp extract.

    You can expect the same high-quality hemp product as before as we are one of the few phytocannabinoid companies that deliver a 100% all hemp product that uses hemp seed oil instead of medium-chain-triglycerides as the carrier oil. Hemp seed oil is rich in healthy fatty acids, as well it contains 20 essential amino acids.

    We do this because we believe it’s important to be there for every step of the process, as well this cuts costs, and like always, we return this saving to you.

    How do CBD and Other Phytocannabinoids Work in the Body?

    In whole-plant hemp-extract oil, you can think of CBD as the leader with the other phytocannabinoids and terpenes promoting its ability to work most effectively in the organism’s system. Cannabidiol (CBD) largely works with the endocannabinoid system (ECS), which is a series of receptors and endocannabinoids found in internal systems such as the nervous system or the immune, as well as in essentially every organ.

    CBD protects endocannabinoids, such as anandamide, from prematurely breaking down before they can attach to endocannabinoid receptors. The attachment between cannabinoids and receptors plays a vital role in the biological response an a organism’s ability to naturally protect and repair a wide range of biological functions such as Immune system response, mood stability, appetite, neuroprotective, and oxidation of the cells.


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