HotSpot Anti Itch Spray for Dogs

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    When we say "HotSpot," we're not talking about the trendiest place in town. We're talking about that red, scaly, itchy patch your dog's been scratching. We know, it's not nearly as glamorous. Luckily, you can tame the itch once and for all with our HotSpot Anti-Itch Spray.

    We've created a simple, but effective, blend of botanical ingredients formulated to soothe itchy, dry skin so it can finally heal. When your dog scratches, it can irritate and even tear the skin, making matters worse. One spray of HotSpot calms the itch so your dog can get back to doing dog things and the hot spots can heal, returning to healthy and soft skin over time.

    Our formula is so gentle you can even use it on raw or broken skin. It won't cause the sting that comparable formulas can, even on red, inflamed, or severely irritated skin.

    Tea tree oil soothes and calms itchiness, while aloe vera and chamomile offer healing properties to moisturize and promote skin rejuvenation. It contains no alcohol, which many formulas do (this can make dryness worse). We use only purified water to suspend the ingredients for the gentlest formula you'll find. It's safe for dogs that are six months of age and older.


    HotSpot's natural blend is perfect for:
      • Pet owners with dogs or puppies who have frequent dry or itchy patches.
      • Pet groomers who want to help clients restore their pets' skin to a healthy state.
      • Veterinary workers looking for a safe and gentle formula to recommend to their patients.


    HotSpot will not interfere with your normal flea and tick skincare routine, so it's safe to use with your current skincare products.
    • Made from all-natural ingredients
    • Instantly soothes itch and helps restore the skin
    • Safe for puppies as young as 6 months 
    • Alcohol free 
    • Won't sting – only soothes! 
    • Gentle enough for red, inflamed, raw or broken skin

    Simply spray HotSpot on the affected area and your dog will enjoy instant relief from itching and dryness. Repeat daily until skin clears up and as-needed if you notice your dog scratching the affected area.





    Insect hotspot(s) should be treated twice daily. Cutting the fur around the hotspot is often suggested — our innovative silicone tip is designed to penetrate thick coats without risk of further damaging the area. However, removing fur around the area will let it dry out and keep moisture at bay —  dogs with thick coats may require such. Leave a quarter inch of stubble to avoid cutting their skin.

    You can use HotSpot Spray as the sole treatment option for hotspots — please do not use hydrogen peroxide as it can damage healthy tissue.

    Seek veterinary help if hotspots continue to progress, bleed, or if your pet continues to scratch or lick the area. Seek immediate attention if your dog is aggressively biting the area as it can become infected — as well there may be a hidden issue that requires medical attention.  

    HotSpot Spray is great for dog owners, groomers that want to up their game, and veterinary workers looking for a safe and gentle treatment for hot spots.

    HotSpot Spray is safe to use on dogs six months and older.


    What are the ingredients?
    We use an all-natural mix of tea tree oil, calendula oil, aloe vera, and purified water.

    My dog's skin is in rough shape; can I still use it?
    Yes, our formula is gentle enough to use on red, inflamed, raw, or broken skin.

    How often should I apply it?
    Every day until the spot clears up and as-needed when you notice your dog scratching the affected area.

    How do I treat hot spots on my dog?
    Treating hot spots couldn’t be simpler. Just spray directly onto the irritated area 1-4 times a day until hotspot is gone. Make sure to avoid contact with the face and eyes.

    Will HotSpot Spray Interact with flea & tick routine or any other medications?
    HotSpot Spray will not interact our flea & tick products nor will it interfere with any other flea & tick medication or any medication of any kind — regardless if it was created in the lab or in nature.

    How can I help my dog with itchy hot spots?

    HotSpot Spray will relieve itchy hot spots, but there are many things you can do at home to prevent you and your dog from constantly fighting with them.

    • Regular Grooming — Pets with matted and dirty coats are prone to hot spots. You’ll want to keep their nails short and manicured as well.
    • Flea Control — Fleas are infamous for causing hotspots so follow a strict flea control regime. May we suggest our BioPel Line that offers multiple all-natural and safe options for fighting fleas and ticks?
    • Active Lifestyle — Hot spots happen because your dog will not stop scratching the area. It’s best to keep your dog’s mind off of them by giving them things to do it like playing & exercising.
    • Stress-Free Lifestyle — Anxious dogs can often develop a scratching habit. One of the easiest ways to make a dog anxious is just by leaving the house — leaving you unavailable to stop your dog from scratching. We regularly update our blog with articles that explore various methods to help anxious pets. As well, many pet owners find that hemp products have greatly helped their pets with anxiety issues regardless of the issue causing it. So give both a look if you’re looking for help.


    The label says best when used with BioPel & Purotic Products. What are they and do I need them?

    BioPel is our line of shampoos & sprays for natural pest control like fleas, ticks, parasites, etc. Many pets develop hot spots because these little monsters bite our poor pets causing them to itch and scratch.

    PurOtic is our natural ear cleaning line that features our innovative soft silicone tips perfect for dogs and cats that hate having their ears clean, struggle, and fight back. PurOtic Ear Cleaner will remove built-up earwax and kill any bacterial infections that cause pets to constantly scratch and feel miserable.

    We recommend both products as they will prevent future hotspots, while HotSpot Spray will treat current ones.

    As well, we currently only offer anti-itch hotspot sprays for dogs — but we do offer Biopel and PurOtic products for cats, with their anti-itch fighting properties pet hotspots never happen in the first place.

    Will HotSpot Spray sting?
    Absolutely not! We are a company that wants to help your pets, not hurt them. This is why there is no alcohol used in our formula. Alcohol will dry out the skin and will cause further irritation, so there is no reason any anti-itch dog spray should have it.

    What home remedy can I use for a hot spot on a dog?
    This is a great question! We included all natural ingredients that have traditionally been used to treat hot spots for years at home. Creating the best products inspired by home remedies is an important principle for us.

    When figuring out the best home remedy for hotspots we ran through the gamut of different herbs and remedies.

    We discovered a combination of Tea Tree Oil, Aloe Vera, Chamomile extract, & Vitamin E was the best home remedy to treat hotspots by a mile.  What’s great about HotSpot anti-itch dog spray, is that it’s cheaper to purchase it then buying all the ingredients separately. That was important for us to provide!

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