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HotSpot Anti Itch Spray for Dogs - 8oz

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  • When we say "HotSpot," we're not talking about the trendiest place in town. We're talking about that red, scaly, itchy patch your dog's been scratching. We know, it's not nearly as glamorous. Luckily, you can tame the itch once and for all with our HotSpot Anti-Itch Spray.

    We've created a simple, but effective, blend of botanical ingredients formulated to sooth itchy, dry skin so it can finally heal. When your dog scratches, it can irritate and even tear the skin, making matters worse. One spray of HotSpot calms the itch so your dog can get back to doing dog things and the hot spots can heal, returning to healthy and soft skin over time.

    Our formula is so gentle you can even use it on raw or broken skin. It won't cause the sting that comparable formulas can, even on red, inflamed, or severely irritated skin.

    Tea tree oil soothes and calms itchiness, while aloe vera and chamomile offer healing properties to moisturize and promote skin rejuvenation. It contains no alcohol, which many formulas do (this can make dryness worse). We use only purified water to suspend the ingredients for the gentlest formula you'll find. It's safe for dogs that are six months of age and older.

    HotSpot's natural blend is perfect for:

    • Pet owners with dogs or puppies who have frequent dry or itchy patches.
    • Pet groomers who want to help clients restore their pets' skin to a healthy state.
    • Veterinary workers looking for a safe and gentle formula to recommend to their patients.

    HotSpot will not interfere with your normal flea and tick skincare routine, so it's safe to use with your current skincare products.

    • Made from all-natural ingredients
    • Instantly soothes itch and helps restore the skin
    • Safe for puppies as young as 6 months 
    • Alcohol free 
    • Won't sting – only soothes! 
    • Gentle enough for red, inflamed, raw or broken skin
  • Simply spray HotSpot on the affected area and your dog will enjoy instant relief from itching and dryness. Repeat daily until skin clears up and as-needed if you notice your dog scratching the affected area.

  • What are the ingredients?
    We use an all-natural mix of tea tree oil, calendula oil, aloe vera, and purified water.

    My dog's skin is in rough shape; can I still use it?
    Yes, our formula is gentle enough to use on red, inflamed, raw, or broken skin.

    How often should I apply it?
    Every day until the spot clears up and as-needed when you notice your dog scratching the affected area.

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