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PurOtic® 100% Natural Ear Dryer

PurOtic® 100% Natural Ear Dryer is for dogs only
Soft Silicone Tip Allows for Easy and Fast Ear Cleaning
99% Natural Ingredients
No Alcohol - No Sulfates
Soft Silicone Tip Bends and Flexes When Pets Move During Cleaning Ensuring a Safe and Accurate Delivery
Superior at Breaking Up Wax.
Prevents Infections with Routine Maintenance.
Fresh Scented Essential Oils That Eliminate Foul Odors.

Benefits and uses: 
•Anti-inflammatory agent
•Instant soothing itch relief
•Silicone applicator for easy use
•Alcohol and sulfate free
•Clean natural scent

Active Ingredients:
•Aloe Vera Gel - Instant soothing relief from itching.
•Diatomaceous Earth (food grade silica) - Absorbs moisture.
•Chamomile - Natural antiseptic and anti-inflammatory agent
•Tea Tree - Natural antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral qualities.
•Clove Oil - Natural analgesic and antiseptic.
•Echinacea -
Stimulates immune response.

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