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Innovet Pet Acquires Dog App Tindog

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Innovet Pet Acquires Dog App Tindog

Innovet Pet has acquired — a popular app known for helping dog owners expand their social circle and find new friends. Innovet Pet will be redirecting its website’s goal by placing a much greater focus on its healthy living features and how to have a healthy, active lifestyle with your dogs.

“You can feel the excitement in the room,” says co-founder Dave Louvet. “This is a big step for our company because it opens a major facet in the way we operate. By redirecting Tindog’s focus to providing online access to living a healthy life physically and mentally with your pet, we are building a closer bond between our customers and their pets. By pushing our company to better provide physical, emotional, and psychological support, we show that we aren’t like others that are just trying to sell you something.”

What Is Tindog?

Tindog experienced a burst of popularity in 2015 as an app that connected dogs and their owners to others to build new friendships and even make love connections. In a similar fashion to Tinder’s swipe right/left design, owners could create a short profile for their dog that included their age, sex, and a picture of them. It was a little bit like a dating app that used your dog for meeting others for playdates. It helped to connect dog owners and their dogs, which could sometimes lead to love connections.

Innovet Pet says in changing Tindog’s focus, the website will no longer be used to help dogs find their new park friend. Owners won’t be using the app any longer to find love with other dog lovers either. Instead, Tindog will be a website that focuses on providing online access to health services, such as living with a psychological disability.

Upon its relaunch, will offer the best tools and information available to pet owners who want to embark on a healthier life for both them and their pets from small motivational tips to complete health guides. Innovet Pet says they plan to have Tindog relaunch by the first week of October.

By focusing on health-related issues and ways to live better for both pets and their parents. Tindog will fill a niche in the industry that isn’t tackled right now. How can humans and their pets live better lives together? We all know that animals relieve us of stress and that living with them can prove to lower high blood pressure. We also know that animals can ease anxiety and provide emotional comfort to us when we are feeling our worst.

More humans are stepping up and making their dog an esteemed member of the family, looking for ways to keep them healthier and living longer. This new Tindog revamp will help provide answers and tips for the pet-inclusive family.

The focus will be on health, without making you feel that you are being coerced into buying things you don’t need. Tindog will be a place that you can find legitimate answers to your questions and begin to take steps in changing your life and your pet’s life.

About Innovet Pet

Innovet Pet contributes its success as the number 1 pet CBD company in the world to their focus on the customer. They strive to provide customers with the best products, services, and care by following their four basic principles.

Innovet Pet Four Guiding Principles:

  • Most affordable product cost without jeopardizing the quality
  • Open and direct, honest communication with customers through social media groups
  • Providing 100% transparency and lab-tested results right on the products and website
  • Offering a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Their products are always top of the line and that is how they intend to keep it. They are available through many different channels, including their Facebook page - Innovet Pet Products. You are invited to join them in this Facebook group and ask questions and be one of the first to view press releases, news articles, blogs, and see the latest products.

All pet CBD products are lab-tested and the results are there for you to see. You won’t ever get the run-around when you ask for third-party testing results, it’s there for you to view as you like. Innovet Pet feels that transparency in today’s market is the thing that separates them from the crowd. Having excellent customer service and standing behind your products with a money-back guarantee is the best way to gain new customers and keep them for life.

By providing useful information and taking the time and steps to educate their customers, Innovet Pet knows that they are creating lasting relationships with people by building trust. While this isn’t a unique way of doing business, it’s simply not as common as it used to be.

They want you to walk away from your ordering experience feeling good about how you were treated, pleased with the product, and understanding more about the products on their website. When you are an informed consumer, everyone benefits and they know this and have put the concept to work in a very successful way.

Customers Are Valued

Without customers, no business can thrive. There are no two ways around it, customers have to have a reason to come back. A customer isn’t just worth one shopping cart check-out. A customer is potentially worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars over their lifetimes.

Many companies tend to forget this very cardinal rule of business. Innovet Pet has made it their mission to treat you like someone that they want to come back time and time again.

They don’t just want you to come back for the products. They want you to come back for the information and education that they strive to give you as well. It’s very exciting that they will be bringing this same focus to Tindog now. Everyone should be excited at the potential for growth and new products.

Innovet Pet honestly wants to make a positive impact on the lives of its customers and their pets. In doing this, they will also help others by the knowledge that is spread. They do not condone the sale of pets, nor do they condone the breeding of dogs. They believe that there are many dogs in shelters who need homes and they hope to bring spotlights to many mixed breeds and how they can bring love to your life. They also encourage you to seek out groups for play and exercise to help your dog and you remain happy, healthy, and live longer.

What Is CBD for Dogs?

CBD is a cannabinoid chemical that is extracted from hemp. CBD has been found to have a number of health benefits for dogs, as well as other animals. It interacts with the endocannabinoid system (ECS) of the body, which humans and animals all have.

The ECS is a regulatory system that helps to manage pain response in the body, metabolism, moods, immune system function, and so very much more. Some things are still being discovered through ongoing research.

A few of the things that dogs are currently being given CBD for include:

  • Seizures
  • Cardiac health improvement
  • Addison’s disease
  • Anxiety
  • Pain management for any chronic condition or situation
  • Joint damage
  • Cancer
  • Thyroid
  • Skin lesions
  • Allergies
  • Weight management

This is a shortlist and mentions only a few of the more common things that dogs might take CBD oil for. CBD isn’t a cure for anything and Innovet Pet will never claim that it is. It can, however, help to manage the symptoms of many chronic conditions and pain associated with them.

CBD can help support the body by helping to boost the immune system function. CBD is sometimes referred to as the Boy Scout molecule because it always seems to know exactly what it should do and does the right thing. It can help regulate appetite in animals that aren’t eating enough, as in old age. It can also help to stop anxious overeating. It does this by bringing balance back to the body at a cellular level.

When the body is back in balance, homeostasis is achieved and all systems are functioning properly. The body, whether it be canine or human, is a very complex system that makes a racing car engine seem archaic. Everything must be finely tuned. When anything is out of balance, sickness happens.

CBD merely helps to restore some balance in the body to give relief of certain symptoms and illnesses. Pain can be dramatically reduced as well, without using drugs and prescriptions that may have a lasting negative impact on health due to side-effects.

Innovet Pet is Thrilled Share Natural Ideas

The concept of healthy living isn’t new and mankind has been striving for longer life and healthier bodies for centuries. It’s no surprise that we also want the same for our pets as well. Innovet Pet is bringing products to you, to help fill that void. They are empowering you with the knowledge that you need to understand these products and even to learn more about general health and diet. They don’t just look forward to selling you a product, they look forward to teaching you and arming you with all the knowledge that you could possibly want about nutrition, supplements and more.

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