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Top Reasons To Give Equine CBD Oil To Horses

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Top Reasons To Give Equine CBD Oil To Horses
Equine CBD Oil | Innovet Pet

Horses are beautiful, strong, and elegant creatures. These beautiful animals are among the most popular and well-regarded in society today. Millions of people across the world own or train horses on a daily basis. They are admired for their strength, beauty, and agility. Many people enjoy having a horse for horseback riding and bonding. They often get close to their owners and handlers and develop a loyalty and care just as humans do for them.

Taking care of horses is a labor of love. Equines require feeding, grooming, training, and much more. It is timely and expensive to take care of them on a full-time basis. Some equines require even more care than others and that depends on their activities and needs.

One of the most popular natural methods of helping manage the symptoms of a variety of ailments is CBD. Cannabidiol has been researched by various organizations and scientists and it has been found to help with pain, anxiety, inflammation, cancer, nausea, and more. The reason CBD works is that it combines with the body's endocannabinoid system. This system affects many functions of the body and is really important for controlling inflammation. Inflammation can cause all kinds of health problems and contribute strongly to pain.

If you are wondering how CBD can help horses, we are going to explain it to you in great detail in the article below. The top reasons to give equine CBD oil to your horses are going to be the topics that will be gone over in this article.

The number one reason to give equine CBD oil to horses is to help with inflammation. Inflammation is very common in equines. Horses use their legs constantly for most of their activities. They get inflammation after common injuries in their ligaments and muscles. These muscles may tear or break and there is often inflammation that accompanies it. It can last for a short period or be a long-term issue. Inflammation can cause pain and discomfort for the equine and make it difficult for them to walk and run.

Treating this condition can be a challenge for horse owners and trainers. Many veterinarians will prescribe anti-inflammatory medication to help with this condition. However, some horses respond poorly to non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medicine. There are some side effects to them that can be horrendous. Ulcers and severe stomach pain are some of the most common side effects of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication. CBD oil given to help manage and reduce inflammation.

The second reason is to give Horse CBD Oil For Seizures. Just like humans, horses can have seizures. They commonly occur with seizure disorders. CBD oil has healing effects within the body that seem to work well in helping prevent seizures or lessening their frequency. This can be amazing for equines that have frequent or common seizures. They may be able to be eliminated or lessened dramatically with regular usage of CBD.

The third reason to give equine CBD oil to horses is for anxiety and stress. Some horses are more prone to anxiety and stress than others. Horse owners can often tell if their horse is anxious or stressed and may notice it in certain situations. It is a good idea to get a diagnosis from a veterinarian. Equine owners that have a horse with these issues can give them CBD oil as it has been shown to improve anxiety and stress symptoms. It has a calming effect on horses and has shown tremendous success in lowering stress and anxiety and their accompanying symptoms.

The fourth reason for giving CBD oil to equines is for mobility. Horses with prior injuries or other medical conditions may have trouble moving normally. Their mobility issues could be due to a wide variety of reasons. However, CBD oil for equines can help them gain some of their mobility back. This is especially true if the movement is hindered due to inflammation. Inflammation is highly common to injuries of the joints and is a big contributor to mobility issues. It is also common in horses with arthritis to have inflammation and problems with mobility. Equines with arthritis could benefit tremendously with CBD oil in their daily lives. Because it can help with overall mobility, it could assist in increasing mobility due to any health reason.

.CBD for horses | Innovet Pet

The fifth reason to give equine oil to horses is for appetite and nausea issues. Having a decreased appetite or nausea can be very difficult for horses, and it's essential that you first find out the underlying cause despite symptoms being treated. Not having an appetite or experiencing nausea can cause a dramatic loss of weight in horses and begin causing malnutrition. Malnutrition can begin causing serious health problems to include tooth decay, muscle loss, and more. Giving them CBD oil can increase their appetite and get rid of nausea. There are studies that have shown this to be the case when patients were given CBD to help with appetite loss and nausea.

Number six on the list of reasons to give CBD oil to horses is for cancer. Research has shown that cannabidiol can fight cancer and offer relief to cancer patients. This is a big benefit to any equine owners that have a horse fighting cancer. Equine cancer does happen and CBD oil can help fight cancer and help with some of the worrisome side effects that are typically associated with treatment of this disease.

Seven on the list of top reasons to give equine CBD oil to horses is for pain. Pain is often from chronic illnesses, injuries, or other medical issues. Horses can have chronic pain and it can be heartbreaking to watch them to go through it. Conditions such as equine arthritis can make it harder for them to simply move around or walk. They may hesitate to go out of their stall or any other normal activities. Giving them CBD oil can decrease their pain and make it possible for them to have a more normal life and increased mobility.

The eighth reason is it can help with skin problems. Skin problems can happen in horses and can make them itchy, uncomfortable, and difficult to groom. They can also become infected if they are not tended to properly or if the horse chews on spots and breaks them open. CBD oil can help with the healing of the skin and perhaps help prevent worsening of any of the conditions.

Finally, the last reason for giving equine CBD oil to horses is for sleep. Believe it or not, horses can have insomnia and sleeping problems just like their owners. A horse that doesn't get enough sleep is similar to a person that doesn't. They will become irritable and exhausted and likely not want to engage in their normal activities. It can be detrimental to their health to suffer from sleep deprivation. CBD oil can help with falling asleep and staying asleep.

What Are Other Benefits of Giving CBD Oil To Horses?

Benefits of CBD for Horses | Innovet Pet

The health benefits of CBD oil are quite amazing and the studies proving those benefits are impressive. However, if those benefits are not enough, then how about the fact that CBD oil is all-natural?

Many medications that are prescribed or purchased over the counter contain a list of nasty side effects and contain chemicals and additives that are unnecessary. Having to worry about side effects is something that equine owners shouldn't have to add to their list of concerns. After all, side effects can sometimes be worse than the condition they are being used to treat. This can cause a massive amount of concern and worry in equine owners that are already worried about their horse's health.

CBD itself has no serious side effects. This makes it an even more appealing option. After all, what could be better than an all-natural option that has zero side effects? The only thing better would be a complete and total cure to a health condition without having to do anything. Unfortunately, we all know how rare that type of occurrence is.

Not having chemicals is another wonderful benefit to CBD. Added chemicals and additives can be quite concerning and even have potential health consequences. Many consumers have started purchasing more and more products that are organic and completely natural. Giving pets organic products is also becoming more popular as people are learning how beneficial it can be. CBD is an organic product and comes from naturally occurring plants and extracts.

CBD also works with the body's biology processes naturally as well. CBD is cannabidiol and it works with the endocannabinoid system in the body. It simply adds to what the body already contains and produces. This is a natural biological enhancement and one that can be trusted to work without causing any harm or side effects.

Equine owners that have horses with performance or situational anxiety can really be helped by giving their horse CBD. Because CBD is so good for anxiety and calming, it can help get them less stressed before a big performance or situation. Horses that perform for shows, barrel racing, or other activities in front of a crowd can sometimes get very stressed right before. The behaviors can be extremely worrisome. They can range from pacing to serious behaviors like kicking and rearing up. CBD oil for show horses can make a big impact on how well they handle an upcoming performance. They may be able to be much calmer and relaxed and that is great for them and for those around.

Horses that have trailer anxiety, separation anxiety, or any form of anxiety can also be helped from CBD. Trailer anxiety in particular is much more common than people realize. Equines are used to roaming free and being on land and familiar surroundings. Getting into a small and confined space can be very stressful for a horse. It is understandable that horses get anxiety about getting into a trailer. They may get it only the first couple of times that they get in a trailer or it could be an ongoing issue that lasts forever. Getting a horse onto a trailer that is anxious is quite a task. It requires a lot of patience and time and it is very stressful for the horse and their health. CBD oil given to a horse regularly can really help them calm down and not be anxious before a trailer transport. Trailer transporting is a part of most any horse's life. They must be transported to other areas or to veterinary visits and there really is no way to avoid it. Equine CBD oil can help in getting an anxious horse calm for a trip.

Is CBD Oil Veterinarian Approved?

This is an interesting question and one that is difficult to answer. The answer overall is yes as there are some reputable veterinarians in various cities and towns across the country and world that are recommending CBD to owners of animals and even selling it in their office. This means that it is definitely veterinarian approved. However, some veterinarians are not recommending CBD as of yet. Perhaps they have not researched the benefits of CBD oil or heard about them as much as others. This is because CBD is still subject to a lot of misinformation and some still haven't researched the benefits. The studies and research of CBD that have come out in the last few years are still not as widespread as they will likely be in the future. It is still considered a somewhat new option in many circles. While your horses' veterinarian may not recommend it, there are many other veterinarians with a good reputation that are recommending it for certain animals.

How Do I Know If My Horse Needs CBD?

Well, the decision of whether to give a horse CBD is up to its owner. The owner is the one that must make decisions on behalf of the equine as they cannot speak or communicate effectively. Knowing whether or not your horse needs CBD is something that you will have to figure out and research as much as possible. If your horse has some of the health conditions mentioned in this article, then there is a good chance that they will benefit from CBD. The list of health conditions that can be helped with CBD is long. Horses with joint pain, inflammation, arthritis, cancer, anxiety, and much more can benefit from this product. There is really no risk to giving your horse CBD as it is an organic product that has no side effects.

How Do I Give My Horse CBD Oil?

Giving your horse CBD oil is usually done with sublingual application. This means that the oil will go on or under the tongue of the equine. Most oils are sold with a convenient dropper that makes it easy to give them. It can also be applied onto their feed so that they can ingest it with their food. There are also treats that are made for equines that contain CBD. The directions for how much to give your horse should be included with the purchase or listed on the website. Some companies have customer service emails so that you can also email them for directions on how much to give your horse.

Where Do I Buy CBD Oil For Horses?

CBD Oil for Horses

Where you buy CBD oil for your horse is important. There are some impostors that are not selling full-spectrum CBD and yet advertise that they are. Inspecting the ingredients will be crucial in figuring out whether or not you are buying the real deal or not. Also, getting recommendations and testimonials from others can help you in pinpointing a quality company with a quality product. Good reviews and testimonials are quite important in figuring out which product is good and which one is not. Another tip in buying quality CBD oil for horses is to ensure that it has less than .3% THC as that is the requirement for legal purchase in the United States. This low amount of THC means that there is absolutely no way that your equine will be getting high from the product. THC is what causes the “high” in people that use cannabis. So, CBD oil that has less than .3% THC is indicative of a product that is both legal and safe for use. Horse owners can also buy CBD oil for equines as that means it is made for horses and their unique size and biology.

CBD Oil For Horses is a special product that is excellent and made specifically for equines. It is derived from hemp extract and contains no chemicals. It is an organic and natural product that works with their unique biology and weight and is perfectly safe to give your horse. There are zero chemicals and zero side effects. Horse owners can apply it to the tongue or simply add it to their chosen food or treat. The product can be given without the worry of side effects and with the sure knowledge that there are plenty of health benefits that a horse can begin experiencing. Some horses can display improved health within days or weeks of daily use. It is possible to see a dramatic improvement quickly and give an equine a much higher quality of life.


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