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Cat Arthritis - What To Know About Cat Joint Pain

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Cat Arthritis - What To Know About Cat Joint Pain

Arthritis is something that can affect a wide range of beings, from humans all the way down to our feline friends. Because we understand the struggle, it's only natural that you'd want to help your cat to be as comfortable as possible!

In this article, you'll learn all about arthritis in cats, and what options you have to keep your cat healthy and happy!



What Is Cat Arthritis?

Cat arthritis, or osteoarthritis, is a disease that results from the aging and degeneration of joints. The most common form of arthritis is osteoarthritis, which is also referred to as degenerative joint disease. Just like in humans, there is a natural padding in the joints of cats that can wear down over time, resulting in movement that is uncomfortable and difficult.

In most cases, this condition is one that is quite common in older cats, especially if they are overweight. However, it can show up earlier in the lives of some cats. It's also worth keeping in mind that this is a condition that can become worse as your cat continues to age.

What Causes Cat Arthritis?

In most cases, feline arthritis is due to the natural wear on the joints of your cat over time. In addition, there can be some cases in which there are aggravating factors that make it more likely for your cat to develop the condition. These can include excess weight, infections or injuries.

Basically, cats have cartilage in their joints that allows those joints to move smoothly and comfortably. As they grow older, that cartilage can wear down and doesn't regenerate as well. This results in the bones within the joint being more likely to grind and become uncomfortable.

Cat Arthritis Symptoms

In most cases, pet owners can begin to notice the signs of arthritis in the way their cat moves. They may take longer to get up, have difficulty getting up or down stairs, or generally seem to be uncomfortable. It's also worth noting that because arthritis is more of an ache than an intense pain, cats aren't likely to show their discomfort in obvious ways.

Common arthritis symptoms include:

  • A noticeable decrease in muscle mass
  • Hesitation or reluctance towards jumping
  • Changes in the way they walk
  • Stiffness
  • Limping
  • Having trouble getting up after laying down
  • Struggling when going upstairs


Cold Weather and Cat Arthritis

Cat Arthritis | Innovet Pet

Humans who have experienced arthritis know that the stiffness they feel can become worse in cold weather. Because of the effects that cold weather can have on joints, the same is also true for our feline friends. Joints already have a tendency to become stiffer in the cold, so this can result in more arthritis discomfort as well.


It's a good idea to keep your cats warm and comfortable. If your cat spends time outside, either keeping them inside when it's cold or making sure they have a warm place to go can help them greatly. Something like a sleeping mat that is heated is a great choice for arthritic cats.

Furthermore, helping them to get some gentle, regular exercise can help to keep them healthier and more comfortable. Cats can tend to avoid exercise in the cold, which can worsen the stiffness in their joints.

Natural Cat Arthritis Treatments

Not everyone is a fan of the standard options out there for arthritis in cats. In all fairness, the options are few and they can be expensive or include unwanted side effects. Luckily, you have options when it comes to pain relief for cats in the form of home remedies!

  • Supplements
  • Diet changes
  • Lifestyle changes
  • Adjustments at home
  • Accommodations as needed

Cat Arthritis Treatments

Many can find that the standard options out there can be quite helpful for their cats. Your vet will also be able to give you some options for what to expect from each treatment option and help you to select the best arthritis medicine for cats. Ask your veterinarian about treatments for arthritis in cats!

  • Medications for treatment
  • Anti inflammatory drugs NSAIDs
  • Steroidal anti inflammatory drugs
  • Physical therapy for osteoarthritis
  • Reducing overall body weight on cartilage
  • Exercise for weight loss and reduction of joint pain
  • Returning to a healthy weight
  • Non steroidal anti inflammatory medication
  • Glucosamine and chondroitin for arthritis
  • X rays and laser therapy treatment
  • Medications for managing pain and weight
  • Acupuncture on body parts
  • Treatment for inflammation
  • Omega 3 fatty acids
  • Surgery
  • CBD oil treatment

Help your cat with pain management by seeking advice from your veterinarian. Your cat's vet There are many signs of osteoarthritis in cats, and these are often signs of pain in a cat with arthritis. If you notice your pet is exhibiting signs of joint pain, chronic pain, painful joints, or at least one of the signs of an arthritic cat, reach out immediately.

Whether your veterinarian suggests anti inflammatory drugs NSAIDS and x rays or therapy and healthy supplements, it's important that you seek out support and treatment for your cat's body. Pain and inflammation can be hard to handle, but your cat's quality of life will significantly improve with the help of your vet.

Physical therapy, acupuncture, joint support, laser therapy, and other health improving methods are all excellent pain management tools to help provide pain relief to your cat with degenerative joint disease.

Always speak with a veterinarian before applying these treatment options to your pet's painful conditions. After scheduling an appointment with the veterinarian, make sure you thoroughly explain the health problems and painful symptoms your cat is experiencing. From there, the veterinarian can develop a treatment plan that will help improve the health of your cat.

Helping Your Cat To Be Comfortable

When your cat's disease weakens their joint, they will require help with grooming and assistance with everyday tasks, like climbing stairs or using the litter box. Difficulty with these tasks is often the most obvious signs of arthritis. Additionally, the wear and tear that osteoarthritis causes your cat's joints increases the difficulty of living independently.

Older cats are more likely to endure joint pain and osteoarthritis, but it isn't a disease that only affects older cats. Cats can be diagnosed with this disease no matter their age. Helping your cat access their food and water is at least one more way that you can help your cats become more comfortable.

Grooming them, helping them use the litter box, and making it easier to not only eat their food but reach their food are great places to start. Speak with your cat's veterinarian to learn more about ways to do this, like making a litter box more accessible.

In addition, you may want to find ways to help them with obstacles like stairs or taller pieces of cat furniture. That way, they can be mobile without the pain of jumping or intense joint use. Another option that has become more popular is the use of CBD.


CBD For Cats


Cat Arthritis | Innovet Pet


With CBD, arthritis can be relieved. Some owners may choose to use CBD oil for arthritis alongside another natural anti-inflammatory for cats to create better results. If this sounds like an option that would work well for your cat, then make sure you're familiar with the ideal CBD dose for arthritis in cats.


Because of this, more people are turning to natural arthritis treatments for cats like CBD. CBD and arthritis almost seem to be natural enemies, making the product a helpful tool in giving your cat a bit more comfort. It's natural, safe and easy to administer to feline friends. 

Top CBD Products

CBD Oil for Cats | Innovet Pet

If you make the choice to try out CBD for your pet, it's important to seek out CBD products that are high quality and organic. The organic aspect is especially important because the hemp plants used in the creation of the CBD can absorb chemicals from the ground they're in. The good news is that companies like Innovet offer CBD products that are safe, organic, and healthy for reducing pain caused by arthritis in cats. Here are 3 top CBD products for cats with arthritis!

Cat Arthritis: The Bottom Line

Arthritis can be tough on cats and humans alike. Because we don't want our beloved felines to suffer, many cat owners want to know what options they have to help their pet. The good news is, there are a decent amount of options out there designed to ease the pain of arthritis.

Understanding those options can help you to make sure your cat gets the best possible care. Alongside your vet, you'll be able to find the best plan for your cat. Don't forget about the natural options available to you while you're seeking ways to make your pet more comfortable!


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