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Cerenia for Dogs

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Cerenia for Dogs

Seeing your dog struggling with sickness is disturbing. You may want to give different medicines to improve his condition. Take note that not all medicines are suitable for your furry friend and instead of treating the sickness they can cause more damage to his health.


Cerenia for Dogs | Innovet Pet

1. What is Cerenia for Dogs?
2. What does Cerenia do?
3. How does Cerenia Work?
4. Dog Cerenia vs. Human Cerenia
5. Benefits of Cerenia for Dogs
6. Does My Dog Need Cerenia?
7. Side Effects of Cerenia
8. Types of Dog Drugs
9. Natural Products for your Dog
10. Finding the Best Supplement for Dogs
11. Types of Natural Oils
12. CBD for Dogs
13. CBD for your Dog’s Digestive Health
14. Bottom Line

This is possible because of certain chemicals that most medicines contain. In this case, you should only opt for medication that is approved by vets such as cerenia. When you find that your dog is dealing with constant vomiting and motion sickness, you can consider cerenia. It is an FDA-approved antiemetic formula that also has anxiolytic, mild analgesic, and anti-inflammatory effects.

What is Cerenia for Dogs?

The cerenia formula contains an active ingredient – Maropitant citrate. This is a molecule that controls neurokinin-1 or NK1 receptors. The FDA has approved cerenia for dogs and you can give it to your sick pooch; please follow the suggested dosage. You can find cerenia injections and oral tablets as well. If you are wondering which form you should give to your dog, many vets prefer an injectable formula. These injections are not only easy to use but also start functioning fast.

What does Cerenia do?

It is true that cerenia comes in handy to treat motion sickness in dogs. Despite that, you can rely on this medicine when it comes to treating canine disorders because of its antiemetic action. You should know that this formula is suited to 16 weeks old dogs or above. For sick eight-week-old pups, you need to get a prescription from a certified vet.

How does Cerenia Work?

Cerenia is known as an antiemetic drug that treats vomiting. So, if you want to learn more about medicine, you need to understand how your dog develops vomiting that is associated with motion sickness.

It may sound complex but the connection of vomiting and motion sickness is linked to the brain. It occurs when a certain part of your dog’s brain receives unusual signals from the eyes and vestibular system of your dog.

Take note that the vestibular system is close to your dog’s ears and collects sensory information. This information includes balance or equilibrium, spatial orientation, and motion. This system sends information regarding body movement to postrema – an area in the dog’s brain. On the other hand, the eyes convey the opposite message saying that the body is not moving and it is still.

In this case, when postrema receives contradictory sensory information, it perceives it as an outcome of neurotoxin.

So, the brain immediately alerts the chemoreceptor triggering zone and it sends an array of signals to the medulla oblongata where the vomiting center is located. Furthermore, cerenia in dogs work by fixing this signal conflict.

It solves the issue by disaffecting substance P which is a neurotransmitter that triggers the vomiting center. Substance P combines with neurokinin 1 receptor that is present in the vagus nerve and in chemoreceptor triggering zone. The Maropitant in cerenia is similar to substance P, and it works like substance P in the NK1 receptor, which ultimately stops emetogenic signals from entering the vomiting center.

Dog Cerenia vs. Human Cerenia

Many studies have proved many positive effects of cerenia in treating vomiting and motion sickness. Not only this, but many vets also prescribed it to control the symptoms of immune diseases, allergies, pain, or inflammation as well.

So, you can give a suggested dosage to your dog to fix his health issues. However, cerenia is not designed for human use. There is no evidence available that shows its benefits on problems like vomiting, diarrhea, allergies, or inflammation in human beings.

Benefits of Cerenia for Dogs

Seeing your dog struggling with health issues is a painful sight.

In this case, you can use cerenia as it does not only control motion sickness, but it also has the following benefits:

  • It is common for your dog to vomit. There are many factors that contribute to it. However, in some cases, this vomiting is associated with a canine disease. Many dog owners are unaware of this factor so they fail to provide better treatment. Cerenia can prevent constant vomiting if it occurs because of canine disease.
  • Apart from treating motion sickness, it restores the health of your adorable pup. Motion sickness can hurt the health of your dog and can make him weak. And, cerenia has shown satisfactory results in boosting your dog’s overall health.
  • Incorporating cerenia into your dog’s daily routine may be a safe way to support canine wellbeing. If the medicine does not eliminate the issue entirely, it reduces the episodes of vomiting. Also, you can consult with a vet to find the underlying cause to get better treatment.
  • Many drugs have sedative effects, which keep your adorable pup drowsy for an extended time period. This is troubling, especially if your dog is an energetic and hyper-active one. Cerenia does not have sedative effects. It provides quick relief from vomiting without making your dog dull or sleepy.
  • It is hard to introduce any drugs if your dog is already on medication. For instance, in the conventional treatment of canine diseases, you can give cerenia to your dog after discussing it with your vet.
  • Dogs also vomit because of renal failure, chemotherapy, gastroenteritis, parvovirus infection, cholangitis, and acute pancreatitis. You can consider cerenia oral drug or injection in these conditions. However, it is best to identify the underlying problem and give the drug afterwards just to steer clear of its adverse effects.
  • Cerenia can also come in handy if the vomiting occurs because of central nervous system disease, pyometra, uremia, diabetic ketoacidosis, hypercalcemia, gastrointestinal neoplasia, intestinal obstruction, adrenal insufficiency, drug overdose, increased intracranial and toxic agent poisoning.
  • Cerenia tablets start working after two hours and control vomiting to some extent whereas the injectable forms of the drug acts in just a few minutes. This is possible because it signals a specific neurotransmitter that is attached to specific receptors present in your dog’s brain.
  • Vets opt for premedication before surgery and use opioids that are analgesic. These opioids can induce vomiting. Therefore, cerenia is an ideal drug to stop this vomiting before and after the surgery.
  • Apart from opioids, there are other factors that contribute to vomiting as well, such as parasitic infection, stress, and other toxins. You can use cerenia to control vomiting if it occurs as a result of these factors.
  • If oral medicine did not digest and absorbed correctly in your dog’s body, your pup may vomit. In this condition, cerenia is considered potent enough to eliminate the remaining particles of the drug.
  • Cerenia has many benefits. That is why vets widely use it in clinics, before and after surgeries, and recommend to pet owners as well.
  • When you stay away from home for a day or more, you miss your pooch. This same thing happens to your dog too. Many people leave their dog at home or at a friend’s not because they are not allowed to take him, but because their dogs have car sickness. Car sickness is common in one in five dogs, which can be worrisome sometimes. You can use cerenia if this car sickness leads to vomiting and enjoy long trips with your furry friend.

Does My Dog Need Cerenia?

Cerenia can be an effective drug for your dog. Not only it prevents health issues, but it does not contain any sedatives that contribute to prolonged drowsiness. This versatile drug has an active ingredient, maropitant citrate. This ingredient acts on the emetic center of your dog’s brain and control conflicts of signals that often result in consistent vomiting.

When it comes to the treatment of acute vomiting or motion sickness, you can opt for cerenia. Do not forget that this vomiting can be an outcome of pancreatitis or parvovirus (an infection). So, giving cerenia to your dog can help improve his condition without hurting his health.

You should start using cerenia because it is the only FDA-approved drug to treat canine motion sickness that is available on the market. Not to mention, many dog owners cannot imagine their furry friend is struggling with health complications so they keep cerenia at home for quick access. Plus, many veterinarians also recommend the drug after it was approved by the FDA.

If your dog is not used to taking drugs and there is a risk of throwing up, you can use an injectable form of cerenia. Injectable form starts the action in minutes and is not time-consuming. Cerenia comforts your little pooch and guarantees safety. Moreover, vets use cerenia to treat the adverse effects of other drugs as well.

Side Effects of Cerenia

Cerenia or Maropitant is known as a safe drug for dogs. There are other drugs that come with a lot of health risks. Although cerenia does not affect other central nervous system receptors and is restricted to the NK1 receptor only, there are still some side effects of cerenia.

These effects include lack of appetite and lethargy. Moreover, if you are giving cerenia to your dog for first time, we suggest running a test before. This quick test will let you know whether or not your dog can tolerate the drug. This way, you can monitor his behavior and reaction to the drug as well. Running a test will also reveal if cerenia can become a long-term solution for his constant sickness.

Vets do not recommend cerenia to dogs that are 16 weeks old or younger. Moreover, many dogs suffer from liver problems, so you need to make sure your dog does not have liver problems or a weak liver. Overlooking cerenia side effects in dogs can contribute to serious health problems.

There are also risks of allergic reactions if your dog is not used to drugs. In this case, your pooch may develop difficulty in breathing, hives, and swelling on his facial area. When you observe any of these signs, consult with your vet immediately.

Cerenia overdose can also result in adverse effects, such as bloody stool and lack of appetite. So, it is incredibly important to watch the dosage and not increase it until your vet recommends it. Plus, make sure your dog cannot reach the drug because an overdose can lead to many internal damages as well.

In case of overdose, you can expect the following:

  • Excess drooling and saliva production
  • Watery bowel movement
  • Weakness and drowsiness
  • Pain or swelling at the injection site

Apart from this, cerenia can cause life-threatening hypersensitivity reactions that are also known as anaphylaxis. To prevent your adorable pup from serious health issues, look for changes on the skin, such as rashes. It is worth noting that cerenia does not benefit all dog breeds. Its advantages vary on the basis of age, general health, physical concerns, or if your dog is following other medications.

Types of Dog Drugs

You can find five different types of drugs for your dog. These include:

  • pain relievers
  • steroids
  • antifungal
  • antiparasitics
  • antibiotics

Vets may prescribe doxycycline or metronidazole to treat bacterial infection. Your dog is likely to develop excess yeasts on the skin and in the ears because of heat or humidity. To reduce this overgrowth, vets recommend ketoconazole. Like humans, dogs also develop chronic pain, and Tramadol is an effective pain controlling drug for dogs.

Natural Products for your Dog

There is no question that conventional drugs contain adverse effects. You can keep the health of your dog on track by opting for natural products or supplements.

  • Aloe vera juice is a safe option to treat arthritis, ulcer, and acid stomach.
  • Alfalfa can help treat allergies.
  • For pain and inflammation in the stomach and intestines, chamomile is the best option.

Finding the Best Supplement for Dogs

If you are unable to find health-friendly supplements for your dog, you should read the label first and look for the following ingredients.

  • Green-lipid mussel
  • Glucosamine and chondroitin
  • Probiotics
  • L-carnitine
  • S-Adenosylmethionine

These ingredients help keep your dog fit and energetic. When your dog gets a nutritional diet on a daily basis, he does not develop joint issues, inflammation, chronic pain, etc. Moreover, nutritional supplements improve digestion and boost immunity as well.

Apart from these ingredients, vets recommend adding turmeric, B-vitamins, and medicinal mushrooms. However, the excess use of supplements can lead to adverse effects as well. So, you need to be careful with the dosage.

Before adding anything new to your dog’s diet, conduct thorough research and make sure the ingredients are mild and not health-damaging.

Types of Natural Oils

Natural oils for dogs have gotten rapid popularity in a short time. This is because natural oils and CBD oils contain mild ingredients and are free of toxins. They improve the overall health of your dog significantly.

You can find many kinds of oils including:

  • Lavender oil
  • Spearmint oil
  • Chamomile German
  • Myrrh

You can use these oils to treat sore muscles, arthritis, or even pain arising from the wound. Many oils can combat the risk of tumors as well. You can even use natural oils, like spearmint oil to brighten up your pooch’s teeth.

Myrrh oil can come in handy during puppy teething too. To treat cracks and inflammation from your dogs’ paws, you can also opt for natural oils.

CBD for Dogs

Cannabidiol or CBD is found in cannabis and hemp. This compound does not contain delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol or THC which is known to give psychoactive properties to marijuana.

Many CBD products like CBD oil are prepared from hemp. Marijuana is never used to produce products for animals. When you incorporate CBD oil into the diet of your pooch, the cannabinoids affect endocannabinoid receptors in your dog’s nervous system.

CBD for your Dog’s Digestive Health

CBD for dogs can help maintain the digestive health of your dog. It is common for dogs to eat something toxic and develop motion sickness. To identify the symptoms of stomach disorders in your dog, you should keep an eye on his behavior.

For instance, when a dog is struggling with diarrhea, it will result in the following.

You can opt for CBD to help manage a variety of symptoms as it has been shown to reduce inflammation and control episodes of diarrhea. You should know that diarrhea or motion sickness occurs suddenly. It can last for a week, which ultimately makes your pooch weak.

CBD Oil for Dogs | Innovet Pet

 Moreover, chronic diarrhea is a real struggle and it contributes to liver diseases, kidney failure, and even dietary allergies. Many dogs are prone to indigestion because of certain reasons. If this indigestion continues for a long time, it can hurt his health.

CBD oil studies have shown that it may not only calm the digestive system but regulate the appetite as well. Lack of appetite is one of the common health issues in dogs, especially when their bodies react to adverse effects of a foreign agent.

Bottom Line

You never know when your furry friend may develop a health disorder. To maintain your dog’s overall health, make sure to visit your vet on a regular basis. Your vet will guide you about drugs to use and which natural supplement to add to your dog’s diet.