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Novox for Dogs

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Novox for Dogs

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Updated at: January 19, 2021


Finding the Best Supplement for Dogs | Innovet Pet

1. What is Novox for Dogs?
2. What does Novox do?
3. How does Novox Works?
4. Dogs Drug vs. Human Drugs
5. Does My Dog needs Novox?
6. Sides Effects of Novox
7. Different types of Dog Drugs
8. Top Drugs for Dogs
9. Natural Products for Dogs
10. Finding the Best Supplement for Dogs
11. Natural Oils for Dogs
12. CBD Oil for Dogs
13. How CBD Oil affects your Dog’s Digestion?
14. Bottom Line

What is Novox for Dogs?

Novox is a non-steroidal drug that has anti-inflammatory properties. This drug is formulated to manage acute pain in dogs that is caused by canine arthritis, post-surgical management, and hip dysplasia. Moreover, you can give it to your dog to reduce fever as well. Novox contains an active ingredient, which is called carprofen. Carprofen was used in therapeutic applications in humans back in the 1980s and 1990’s.

What does Novox do?

Novox is used as symptomatic treatment so it is safe to use it to treat signs that your pooch may show. You should know that the reason that causes these symptoms cannot be treated with Novox. Moreover, it is crucial for you to also know that Novox cannot treat specific disease.

NSAIDs such as carprofen do not treat an underlying pathology as well. If you observe any unusual behavior in your dog, you should refrain from self-medication and visit your vet immediately.

Furthermore, Novox has shown positive effects on inflammation because of its anti-inflammatory properties. This is a mild drug and vets prefer it over other medicines, including piroxicam, diclofenac, and indomethacin. Take note that inflammation indicates tissue injury that occurs because of physiological change in the chemical and physical tissues structure.

Moreover, it is not necessarily a physical injury, but lack of oxygen can also lead to tissue injury as well. And, there are certain mechanisms that lead to inflammation as well. If this inflammation is not caused because of prostaglandins or the analogues that are associated with it, this inflammation can be the result of aggressive carprofen therapy.

Very few people know that carprofen in Novox acts just like indomethacin, especially when there is a need to get its antipyretic effects. Moreover, carprofen has shown more effectiveness in fever reduction compared to phenylbutazone. So, whenever you find that your adorable pooch has fever, give him carprofen according to the suggested dosage.

Just like the anti-inflammatory effect of Novox, the analgesic effect of carprofen is similar to many drugs that relieve moderate to severe pain in dogs. If your dog is diagnosed with arthritis or hip dysplasia you should opt for Novox.

You can even use it if your pooch is recovering from a surgical procedure. For example, after neutering or spaying.

How does Novox Works?

Novox for Dogs | Innovet Pet

 However, they are widely present in the kidneys and digestive tract. Although prostaglandins can contribute to health problem, reducing their production in these parts can lead to even more serious health disorders. Novox acts just like regular nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug because of its active ingredient, carprofen.

Carprofen has analgesic effects that function to reduce the formation of prostaglandins. This process will ultimately reduce inflammation along with swelling and pain. You should know that these prostaglandins are present in every part of your dog’s body.

Prostaglandins control bleeding, protect kidneys from lower renal blood flow, and prevent mucosa from damages that is present in your dog’s gastrointestinal tract. Carprofen is ideal for balancing the function of prostaglandins in your dog’s body. Carprofen works by decreasing the production of prostaglandin when in an inflamed state.

Dogs Drug vs. Human Drugs

Joint pain, inflammation, or risks of osteoarthritis are present in both humans and dogs. You can find a huge variety of painkillers to reduce the intensity of pain. Some drugs are manufactured to treat joint pain or an underlying joint inflammation.

However, human and dog drugs contain different ingredients so they do not work alternatively. The drugs that are produced for dogs should only be given to dogs. Some vets even recommend that drugs like Novox are not suitable for cats. If your cat has health issues, consult your vet, and get medicine according to her needs.

The same applies for humans; there is no evidence available to prove that Novox treats inflammation and pain in humans.

Does My Dog needs Novox?

Novox For Dogs | Innovet Pet

Carprofen does not only control the inflammation-causing enzyme, but it reduces the risks of inflammation as well. According to a study, carprofen helps relieve post-surgery pain in dogs. This ingredient is also effective when it comes to helping manage osteoarthritis, but not treating it. The active ingredient in Novox that is carprofen works to keep the health of your dog on track. The main function of the carprofen is inhibiting the COX enzyme. How inhibiting COX enzyme can affect your dog? COX enzymes contribute to inflammation. And, it is essential in the treatment of inflammation before it leads to further health deterioration.

Benefits of Novox for Dogs

  • Apart from inflammatory conditions, joint swelling can be controlled with Novox for dogs. Moreover, if this swelling is not the outcome of any interaction with prostaglandin or target tissue, then Novox cannot benefit your dog.
  • Not all dogs are comfortable taking medicines. It is quite challenging to administer drugs to dogs. Novox was formulated keeping this factor in mind. It is a chewable tablet that has a pleasant flavor. Your dog will not only easily chew it, but will not take extra time to take it because of the flavor. You can give up to two tablets to your furry friend in a day or you can consult a vet regarding the dosage.
  • Novox is ideal as it provides overall comfort to your dog. This is possible because Novox provides relief from inflammation and lets your dog move. This movement makes your dog active. When your dog gets rid of pain and inflammation, he sleeps well too.
  • It promotes mobility in dogs. Many dogs face movement difficulties because of arthritis. This situation brings physiologic changes. Novox is safe for reducing swelling and inflammation in the affected areas and supports movement as well.
  • The active ingredient carprofen in Novox can help reduce swelling in the joint. Apart from this, you can opt for this drug to treat inflammation caused by prostaglandin.

Sides Effects of Novox

Although Novox is safe for dogs, it can have various adverse effects on your dog’s health in the case of an over-dosage. Novox has gastrointestinal side effects as well, which is rare in dog drugs. So, it is not recommended for vulnerable dogs or ones struggling with medical conditions.

For instance, Novox can be dangerous for dogs that have liver and kidney disorders. If you are giving Novox to your dog, you should expect diarrhea. It happens with accidental over-dosage as well.

Apart from this, fatigue, itching, drowsiness, thirst, increased urination, weakness, lethargy, and loss of appetite are also common adverse effects of Novox. Vets have regarded these effects as mild. Moreover, you can expect frequent episodes of vomiting too. It is also one of the common side effects that dogs develop after the consumption of Novox.

However, there are serious adverse effects as well which you should never overlook. These include partial paralysis, unusual behavior, black stools, lack of concentration, jaundice, seizures, tar-like material in urine, scabbing, and redness on the skin. Novox reactions can also lead to itchy patches on the skin, swelling on the face, lips, and tongue, and worse – difficulty breathing.

Different types of Dog Drugs

Just like humans, dogs are likely to develop infection, swelling, joint pain, diarrhea or other health complications. If you own a dog, you should know that there are plenty of drugs available for dogs. These drugs are manufactured for specific health disorders so that your adorable pooch stays healthy and energetic.

Here are a few types of drugs for dogs:

  • Antibiotics
  • Antiparasitics
  • Antifungals
  • Steroids
  • Pain relievers

Top Drugs for Dogs

Vets do not recommend giving medicines to dogs without a proper checkup, especially to puppies. Visiting a vet lets you identify an underlying problem as well. So, you are likely to get better treatment immediately. There are a few top drugs that do not have adverse effects on the health of your pooch.

For example, you can give ketoconazole to prevent the occurrence of yeasts on the skin or other parts of the body. If your dog has chronic pain, you can consider pain relieving drugs too. However, in any case, we recommend visiting the vet without wasting a single minute.

Natural Products for Dogs

Joint pain and inflammation is common in dogs. Therefore, it is better to learn about the products that are healthy-friendly and effective. If you are not comfortable giving conventional drugs to your adorable pooch because of the risks of adverse effects, you can switch to natural or herbal products.

Some of these herbs contain anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce inflammation without hurting your dog’s health.

For example, you can consider comfrey as it can help treat stomach disorders. Some medicines also contain comfrey as it has shown positive impact on dogs that have cancer. Apart from this, comfrey is packed with compounds such as rosmarinic acid that make it a pain reliever and anti-inflammatory herb. Regular use of comfrey can reduce joint pain as well.

Moreover, boswellia is another herb that contains phytochemicals. These phytochemicals can lower the production of leukotrienes that contribute to inflammation. If you delay inflammation treatment in your dog for a long time, it can lead arthritis pain.

Boswellia combined with turmeric is one of the popular Ayurvedic remedies to treat arthritis. A study has revealed that Boswellia has the potential to reduce the risks that lead to arthritis in dogs. It lowers the risks by up to 71% in senior dogs.

Finding the Best Supplement for Dogs

Moreover, it is essential to read the ingredients when purchasing a supplement for your dog and make sure it has the best ones. You should not overlook the significance of supplements that you are giving to your dog. Dog supplements play a crucial role when it comes to maintaining their overall health. Dogs can develop health problems if the supplement does not contain all the required ingredients.

In this case, any product that contains fish oil works well. This is because fish oil contains omega-3 fatty acids. Why your dog needs omega-3s? These acids do not only prevent the occurrence of skin allergies, but improve the quality of their coat and keep it shiny as well.

Moreover, omega-3 fatty acids are great for the treatment of arthritis, along with cardiovascular health. Regular consumption of the omega-3s can control joint pain too.

You should also look for the following ingredients in dog supplements:

These ingredients are mild and do not hurt the health of your dog. Incorporating supplements that contain antioxidants is a great way to delay aging. These antioxidants ward off risks that affect brain health.

On the other hand, probiotics are essential to keep digestion on track. Regular doses of probiotics can reduce stomach issues and help treat diarrhea as well. Plus, if you are looking for options that are totally free from toxins, you can add natural oils to the diet of your little pup.

Natural Oils for Dogs

Hazardous ingredients or chemicals are not suitable for the dogs. There are many products for dogs that are available on the market and contain these health-damaging ingredients. So, you need to be extra careful when adding a new product to your dog’s diet.

Many vets have also approved natural oils and recommend adding them to your dog’s diet. You can also consult with your vet and ask for recommendations to give the best oil to your furry friend.

Some of the common natural oils are the following:

  • Fennel oil
  • Cardamon oil
  • Lavender oil
  • Spearmint oil
  • Helichrysum oil
  • Frankincense oil

These are beneficial when it comes to relieving chronic pain and also when you to want provide extra comfort to your adorable pooch.

CBD Oil for Dogs 

CBD Oil for Dogs | Innovet Pet

 Apart from this, they play a significant role in enhancing the shine of their coat. This way, your dogs look healthy and well-maintained. Not to mention, dogs with shiny coats look beautiful and people cannot resist asking about their breed and diet. In current times, it has become a trend to add natural oils or supplement to a dog’s daily diet. This idea got popularity because of its positive results on dogs’ health. These supplements or natural oils are a safe way to prevent the risks of different health disorders, which can be fatal.If you are planning to introduce some kind of natural oil in your pooch’s diet, you should consider CBD oil. CBD, which is also known as cannabidiol, is a compound that is derived either from hemp or cannabis.

If you think cannabis will make your dog drowsy, you should know that CBD is free from tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and because of this compound, marijuana has psychoactive properties. However, animal products manufacturers do not use marijuana and they use hemp instead. Feeding CBD oils on a regular basis affects your dog’s nervous system and prevents the occurrence of many health problems at the same time.

How CBD Oil affects your Dog’s Digestion?

Just like humans, dogs can develop various stomach problems. That is why vets often recommend natural oils like CBD oil. This oil is natural, free of toxic elements, and helps maintain healthy digestion. Moreover, it is common for owners to encounter situations where their dogs chewed something toxic and it affected their digestion. When dogs are struggling with stomach problems, they develop unusual behavior.

There is no question that seeing your hyperactive pooch dealing with stomach problems and feeling drowsy most of the time is stressful. You should consider adding CBD to your pooch’s diet. This has been shown to be one of the safest ways to balance digestion and to avoid occasional diarrhea.

Furthermore, this indigestion also leads to loss of appetite and your dog does not consume his daily food. This way, your dog can become weak and unable to fight bacteria and germs. Loss of appetite is a serious issue that you can control by reviewing his diet and incorporating healthiest food items into it.

Excess weight loss is another problem that many dogs develop because of an improper diet. Take note that vomiting is also a problematic health condition. It often results because of an infection or indigestion. Constant vomiting can lead to dehydration too.

Introducing CBD oil has not only been shown to improve digestion but combat risks that lead to indigestion as well. It is necessary to visit your vet as this situation can be a symptom of an underlying health problem.

Bottom Line

Before getting a dog, it is best to gather knowledge about dog food, supplements, and health issues, etc. Most importantly, find a vet that you can visit easily even in emergency situations. Like humans, dogs can also develop health problems such as inflammation, joint pain, or indigestion. Not only this but as your dog ages, he becomes more prone to arthritis and other serious health issues.

Therefore, it is handy to conduct a thorough research on the food, supplement, and oils and pick the ones that contain natural ingredients like CBD oil. This is the quickest way to maintain your pooch’s health.

Just like a proper diet, visiting the vet and keeping an eye on your dog’s behavior is crucial too. This may sound a common practice, but it makes a significant difference. So, take care of your adorable pup and make spend some quality time with him.


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