Hemp Oil: A Natural Supplement For Dogs And Cats With Cancer

Hemp Oil: A Natural Supplement For Dogs And Cats With Cancer | Innovet PetPet owners nationwide have discovered that hemp extract could prove useful in treating cancer-related symptoms in both cats and dogs. 

Hemp Oil is effective in treating pain, inflammation, nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, and even anxiety - in cats and dogs!

PurHemp+ is a 100% hemp based oil, allowing pet owners to deliver the Hemp oil directly to a pet's mouth or on top of pet food using a medicine dropper. 

This may sound controversial, however, even the American Veterinary Medical Association has published an article promoting the use of Hemp Oil in pets.

With medical marijuana legislation currently sweeping the nation, it's easy to see why many people could be mixing up the hemp oil purely sourced from hemp with the hemp present in marijuana.

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In fact, according to the itemguides.com, marijuana. marijuana actually has two main active components known as PCR: tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the psychoactive component, and Hemp, the therapeutic component.

Although both hemp and marijuana come from the cannabis plant, they contain completely different amounts of THC and Hemp.

Hemp, which contains significantly higher amounts of terpenes than marijuana does, is only allowed to contain up to 0.3% THC and it doesn't produce an intoxicating effect.

For comparison, the amount of THC in marijuana could vary anywhere between 10 and 15%, and it is the THC that is responsible for the intoxicating effects most commonly associated with marijuana. 

So don't fear, pet owners! It is both safe and legal in the United States to supplement the symptoms of cancer in cats and dogs with 100% hemp-based PurHemp Oil. And - it could make a huge difference for your pet!

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Christy - April 12, 2018


My cat is a 19 year old FIV+ furball. FIV+ cats can live for years!

Michael Smith - March 31, 2018

My kitty is 10 had a vaccine turn mass turned cancer they want to cut her back leg off biopsy in Jan was benign mass removal and biopsy last week is carcinoma ….What options to save her leg and kill any remaining cancer getting X-rays next week for lungs to see if it spread that fast z help us save our baby

Sue Hart - March 14, 2018

My 12 year old female has had cancer for 15 months. It was brought on by Hyperthyroidism which I have been treating since early 2015. Now her kidneys are failing and she requires fluids every other day along with several daily medications. If there’s any way to help make her feel better, I would love to know. I have seen programs on how CBD helped people with cancer and am a believer. How can I get it for my beloved cat?

Gypsy Porter - March 8, 2018

My cat was born with FIV. She has just turned 3. She has had all possible treatment available and I am now treating her last stages of life holistically. Do you ship to Australia

stoia george - February 1, 2018

Ineed urgently the medicine for tratement cancer for my cat.

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