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Hemp Oil for Anxiety in Dogs

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Hemp Oil for Anxiety in Dogs

Posted by David Louvet on
Updated at: October 05, 2020

Hemp Oil for Anxiety in Dogs | Innovet Pet

We’ve all seen our dogs freak the living heck out when there is a thunderstorm. You’ve also probably seen them act oddly around stranger or pace around in circles when you leave the house. These are all signs they are experiencing anxiety. We always seem to forget that dogs suffer and experience anxiety for the same reason we do, and their anxiety feels no different to them than when we are experiencing it.


1. It’s time to Help Relax Your Pet’s Mind
2. How Hemp Oil Helps
3. What Anxiety Pet Faces
4. Where to Get Hemp Oil

It’s time to Help Relax Your Pet’s Mind

  • Hemp Oil is an excellent option to relax the mind and help your dog’s temperament so that they can fully enjoy life.
  • Hemp works differently than ordinary anti-anxiety medications because it won’t make your pet feel lethargic, uneasy, or groggy.
  • Hemp oil helps by activating receptors within the body that when active naturally calm anxiety and fear.
  • When these receptors are turned on they allow your dog to accurately perceive threats – when they don’t turn on non-threats become threats producing fear and stress.
  • While both Hemp and THC are found in cannabis, only THC produces the high, so you won’t need to worry about hemp getting your pet stoned.
  • In fact, Hemp and THC don’t always get along. Maybe you’ve wondered how marijuana can both help and cause anxiety. Marijuana strains high in THC and low in Hemp are notorious for producing anxiety because Hemp seems to block THC’s anxiety-inducing effects. This is why many medical marijuana strains are high in hemp and low in THC.

How Hemp Oil Helps

  • Hemp is great too because it just doesn’t directly help anxiety. Some of those receptors hemp attaches too are also responsible for controlling pain, reducing inflammation, and down a long list, we go. It’s so much easier for anxiety to occur when you feel weak or in pain and it’s no different with our pets.
  • Those receptors that hemp activates make up an internal system called the Endocannabinoid system (ECS), which first evolved in organism millions of years ago and all mammals have these receptors/system.
  • Simply put ECS plays a vital role in making sure internal functions such as organ communicate is properly functioning despite outside influences. When these chemical messengers don’t properly communication problems happen like inflammation happen.
  • Inflammation is a natural immune response to wounds and pathogens, and your immune system sends out cells to eat the bad stuff, and when they do their job those cells send a message that they are ready to die, which your body then sends new cells to . . . well kill them. If those first cells don’t send a message they don’t die, and will then starting mistaking attacking the body.
  • Hemp doesn’t even directly attach to receptors that make up the ECS, it simply allows the proper naturally occurring neurotransmitter (anandamide) to build up, which will attach to the receptors.
  • So you see, hemp works by promoting the body to function how it should. 

What Anxiety Pet Faces

  • There are two main types of anxiety: situational and behavioral.
  • Situational anxiety commonly occurs when things like loud noises such as thunderstorms or fireworks take your dog by surprise. Though, situational anxiety may have roots in behavioral or learned anxiety.
  • Behavioral anxiety refers to anxiety that’s due to things like separation. This anxiety is hallmarked by its destructive nature, and you may come home to a house that looks like a tornado hit it or have a dog that is aggressive around others.
  • Hemp oil will help with both forms of anxiety and will treatment situational, while greatly helping with behavioral as training is the only true cure. Training will take time, however, and giving Hemp oil will help calm them while training sets in.
  • Hemp can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour to start working but will provide anxiety relief for 6-8 hours.
  • As well, it usually comes in a dropper that is easy to give and dogs usually love the taste. You can simply mix it with any of their foods if needed.

Where to Get Hemp Oil

When purchasing Hemp Oil for pets you want to follow a couple easy guidelines. First, make sure it’s derived from hemp and not cannabis. Hemp will not contain any notable amounts of THC and this makes it widely legal and safe to give. Next, find a company that is transparent like Innovetpet. Their product labels show the amount of hemp in each bottle, where it’s derived from, and other important information. Always feel free to ask questions because any great hemp oil provider knows the lack of transparency and will go above and beyond to prove that their hemp oil is high-quality.

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