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Natural Alternatives for your Cat's Separation Anxiety

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Natural Alternatives for your Cat's Separation Anxiety
Natural Alternatives for your Cat's Separation Anxiety

Even though people think cats are extremely aloof, independent animals, they grow highly attached to their owners. They may not make a huge noise and cause lots of damage like dogs do, yet they could experience separation anxiety, as well. Anxiety can cause fear for both the cat and his owner. It may lead to destructive behavior and your cat may begin to soil your house.

In extreme instances of cats with anxiety in their life, a veterinarian is probably going to prescribe anti-anxiety medication. Anxiety medication typically causes several negative side effects. It leads folks to look for more natural methods of combatting anxiety.

In this cats and separation anxiety guide, we’ll go over how to treat fear and anxiety in cats with natural remedies, including a menu of treatment options like CBD.


1. Cat Separation Anxiety: What Is It?

2. What Are The Causes of Cat Anxiety?

3. Cat Separation Anxiety Symptoms 

4. Cat Anxiety Natural Treatment 

5. Cat Separation Anxiety Prevention

6. How Much CBD Oil to Give Your Cat 

7. CBD: What Is It?

8. CBD Oil For Cats: What Are The Possible Benefits?

9. What is The Right CBD Oil Dosage?

10.How Much CBD Oil To Give Your Cat

Cat Separation Anxiety: What Is It?

Cat anxiety is an ailment in which a cat shows the physical symptoms of anxiety when they’re separated from their pet owners during day-to-day life. Separation anxiety is more typically related to dogs. People usually think cats are independent creatures.

What Are The Causes of Cat Anxiety? 

The reasons behind a cat's anxiety aren’t completely understood. It’s believed that both environment and genetics play a part. It also could be that a health problem is a reason why a cat has become overly attached to its pet parent.

Some of the causes of a cat's anxiety include:

  • Being weaned too early as kittens
  • Kittens that are alone too often
  • Genetic predisposition to mental illness
  • Compulsive disorders
  • Dealing with aggression from other animals
  • Not getting along with certain family members
  • A lack of stimuli at home
  • Environmental changes that can cause
  • Feeding off of your own anxiety
  • Additional underlying health conditions
  • Changes in appetite or vomiting for others reasons

Cat Separation Anxiety Symptoms 

Getting nervous is normal, but anxiety is completely different. It can come along when your pets are young, but it's not always tied to age, either. Cats of any age can suddenly develop anxiety at any point in time.

Anxiety in cat’s signs and physical symptoms aren’t always as obvious as they are in canines. Cat anxiety symptoms are often less obvious than the signs of anxiety in dogs because cats are better at hiding their anxieties.

For example, here are the typical symptoms of cat anxiety:

  • Exuberant greetings when the owner returns
  • Indications of fear or distress when the owner is getting ready to leave
  • Destroying property
  • Young age
  • Creating messes when stressed
  • Vomiting or a loss of appetite
  • Hiding when home alone
  • Development of low energy levels
  • Overly stimulated or incapable of being stimulated
  • A lot of nervous energy or habits
  • Compulsive behavior that cannot be tamed
  • Knowing a rule but intentionally ignoring the rule
  • Aggression or unusual behavioral development
  • Kittens that don't like to be alone
  • Scratching carpets and furniture
  • Soiling the home
  • Excessive grooming
  • Loud and excessive meowing
  • Clinginess


PurCbd CTA


Cat Anxiety Natural Treatment 

If your cat is diagnosed with anxiety, there are many things your vet may suggest for cat separation anxiety treatment. For example, here are some of the typical treatments that a vet will suggest for anxious cats!

  • Catnip
  • Chamomile
  • Valerian
  • Hops
  • Bach rescue remedy

Cat Separation Anxiety Prevention 

In addition to remedies such as CBD oil for separation anxiety, there also are some simplistic steps to take at home to ease cat anxiety levels.

Give Him More Playtime

Environment is everything. Boredom, stress, and fear can cause separation anxiety. If you play with your kitty more often when you’re at home, it’s possible to encourage your kitten to play more on its own when you’re gone. Try to introduce new playthings and encourage your feline to play with them.

Cat Scratching Post and Trees 

Natural Alternatives for your Cat's Separation Anxiety

Making your kitty’s environment more interesting also will help. If you place a cat tree next to a window, she’ll have the ability to entertain herself watching what’s going on outdoors. 

Scratching posts should occupy your pet’s time, lower their stress, and give them something to do so they don't treat your belongings poorly.

Behavior Modification

You also can work on desensitization to the environment. There’ll often be a trigger for an anxious cat. Your cat may hate when you start putting on your shoes, picking up your car keys, or grabbing your coat.

Look for changes in your cat's litter box habits. Does your cat exhibit signs and symptoms of stress before or after using the litter box? Has your cat stopped using the litter box altogether?

Cats often change their behaviors when they are anxious. Behavioral changes, especially relating to the litter box or litter in general, could signify anxiety in cats. Search for new litter if your cat isn't taking well to their current litter.

Do Not Make A Scene When Leaving 

If there are signs of cat anxiety as you’re getting ready to leave, ignore their response. It may seem cruel, yet if make a scene, you’ll reinforce those anxious behaviors. Pet behavior can tell us a lot, so pay attention to the pet behavior your cat exhibits.

Offer Distractions

Natural Alternatives for your Cat's Separation Anxiety

Leave plenty of toys out when you leave. Put out new toys for your pet to play with, like a puzzle feeder. Give them access to a window. Keep the television on while you're gone, too.

Your cat may require the assistance of a vet. In many cases, CBD oil will make your cat feel happier and relaxed when home alone.

How Much CBD Oil to Give Your Cat

In recent years, most folks have found that CBD oil may offer the perfect options for managing the wellness of their anxious cat. It is non-toxic, safe, and has several possible therapeutic benefits. CBD studies have shown its potential to decrease inflammation, alleviate pain, lower cat anxiety, as well as control seizures.

However, with all the available data, it is difficult to find any information on exactly how much CBD oil to give your cat as every case is different. CBD cannot treat the root of anxiety but it helps calm your cat!

There aren’t any official guidelines on how much of it to give to cats, and various products have various CBD concentrations. Therefore, if you aren’t sure how to correctly dose your cat, please continue reading. Below we list some vital guidelines to follow on CBD oil dosages.

CBD: What Is It? 

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is one of a group of compounds referred to as cannabinoids. Cannabinoids are discovered in the hemp plant. They react with the cannabinoid receptors discovered in human beings and animals, to generate a broad array of effects. THC, which is an additional cannabinoid, generates the "high" that’s related to smoking cannabis. CBD doesn’t cause a high, yet it has been shown to have most of the same therapeutic effects and more.

CBD Oil For Cats: What Are The Possible Benefits?

CBD has many benefits for humans and cats alike. As the compound interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system, it helps the body’s process of homeostasis. Homeostasis is the mechanism that keeps the body in a balanced state. The following includes some of the well-known therapeutic effects of CBD for cats that develop cat anxiety.

  • Reduces pain and inflammation
  • Decreases cat anxiety and depression
  • Minimizes frequency of seizures
  • Lowers likelihood of cancer cell growth

What is The Right CBD Oil Dosage? 

CBD Oil for Cats | Innovet Pet

While giving the correct CBD dosage to your cat, it is vital to keep in mind that every animal is different in size. In addition, bear in mind that every method of delivery mentioned above is different. Even though there aren’t any official specific guidelines about how much CBD to administer, the majority of good CBD products are going to have their own suggested dosages. The dosage is going to depend upon the CBD's concentration in the product, the weight, and the size of the cat, as well as the condition CBD is being given for.

A vet usually will suggest starting out with a lower dosage. Slowly increase the dosage if you aren’t satisfied with the results.

How Much CBD Oil To Give Your Cat

Whatever delivery method you pick, you ought to begin with low CBD doses indicated above. Gradually increase the dosage, while monitoring the effects of CBD on your cat until you reach the perfect amount for them.

Every animal reacts differently. Just as different humans react differently to supplements. If the information offered with the CBD product you bought isn’t clear, you ought to do the math to find out how much CBD to give them by using our suggested dosage above. How frequently you give your pet CBD treats also matters.

We encourage you to research more about CBD for cats and see the findings for your self! Start by conducting a search of our website and reading the blog posts we create. For example, a search of "CBD process for cats with anxiety" is a great place to start!

For more information, follow us on social media and try our CBD products. If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with Innovet Pet Products right away!


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