CBD Dosage Calculator

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What dosage of CBD is right for my pet?

Helpful conversions:

1ml = 1cc

30ml = 1oz.

(ONLY use products that clearly show
the total cBD content in the bottle)

Helpful conversions:

1 kg = 2.2 lbs.

PurCBD 125mg

PurCBD 750mg

The Easy Way to Figure Out The Correct CBD Dosage for Pets

Congratulations on your purchase of CBD oil for your pet’s health. Many people have seen the benefits of CBD for pet health and wellness, and we’re sure your four-legged fur baby is going to love you even more for the purchase.

You may be wondering what the right CBD dosage for pets looks like.

The first step in determining the correct dosage is to check out our handy little calculator. It’s pretty simple: in just three steps you’ll know the minimum, average, and maximum daily dose we recommend for your pet.

  • The first step is to input the size of your bottle in ml.
  • The second step is to enter the total mg of CBD that is in the bottle.
  • Last, but not least, enter your pet’s weight in lbs.

As you can see by the last part, figuring out the CBD dosage for dogs can be trickier if they are a bit on the bigger side. What’s nice about dosing CBD is you have a ballpark that you can work within, so even if your pup has put on some weight since his last visit to the vet, as long as you don’t exceed the maximum daily dose you’ll be good.

To determine the maximum daily dose, we recommend that you do not give more than 1 mg/kg or 1 mg per 2.2 lbs.

Figuring out the correct CBD dosage for pets will largely be up to you, as the owner. You know your pet best. Make sure to keep an eye on him for a few hours after you first administer CBD; pay attention to the effects it has so you know how to adjust the dose to maximize the benefits.

Besides just showing you the minimum, average, and maximum dose, our calculator will tell you roughly how many drops your CBD bottle contains, the concentration of your CBD bottle, and the concentration of the CBD itself.

Our CBD dosage calculator is a handy little tool that helps you improve your pet’s health.