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Complete Health Throughout The Day: When and How to Administer Hemp Oil

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Complete Health Throughout The Day: When and How to Administer Hemp Oil

Hemp Oil for Dogs and Cats (Innovet Pet products PurHemp+) from InnovetPet on Vimeo.

At Innovet, we believe it’s important to be a part of every step of the process. From sourcing our high-quality organic hemp in-house to personally helping you give your pet our phytocannabinoid rich (PCR) hemp oil with complete confidence that you are giving them a healthier and better life.

So without further ado, here’s when, how much, and how to give your pet Hemp Oil.


Depending on your pet’s condition, you'll administer Hemp Oil at different times - most notably if you’re giving them PCR Hemp Oil for anxiety because you’ll wait until the stressful situation arises. Most owners will give their pet Hemp Oil in the morning and that also most likely correlates with their feeding schedule.

If you can, you will want to avoid feeding them and giving hemp oil at the same time. This is because dogs and cats digest food much faster than humans, and this can cause the phytocannabinoids to be not fully absorbed. Giving PCR Hemp oil 15 minutes or more before food should be adequate, and preferably you’ll want to wait an hour after they have eaten before giving them their Hemp Oil.

Again mixing our PurHemp+ oil in with their food is completely fine, but be aware that the food may “dilute” or weaken their dose.

PCR Hemp Oil typically takes 30-60 mins to start working and you can expect hemp's effects to last around 4-8 hours depending on dosage. With average to high doses, you will be able to create an AM/PM schedule for your pup.

How Much

It’s always best to start your doses low and work your way up. For most health conditions the average dose will likely be the most appropriate. Higher doses may make your pet sleepy, while low to average doses may give them a slight boost in energy. For preventive health, low doses once or twice a day will work well.

Since pet’s vary quite a bit in size, we created a handy calculator that will figure out the appropriate low, average, and high dose for your pet. As well, it will break down how much hemp oil is in each drop, as well as the entire bottle.

How To Give

Luckily, most pets are pretty cool with taking hemp oil from the dropper bottle, especially dogs because what don’t they love?

If you have a picky eater on hand here are some tips to help you out.

  • Place the Hemp Oil on a treat or smallest amount of food possible.
  • Place Hemp Oil directly in their food bowl.
  • Meat juice - unpleasant term, but a great way to give your pet Hemp Oil. Just mix the Hemp oil in with something like the liquid from tuna fish cans.
  • If needed, mixing it in with their food should provide more disguise for the hemp oil.

Mixing Hemp Oil With Pharmaceuticals

Caution is advised if you plan to give hemp oil to your pet if they are already on a pharmaceutical. This is a tricky subject, but hemp is known to inhibit the enzyme cytochrome P450, which metabolizes many pharmaceuticals in the liver. Since hemp can inhibit this enzyme, in theory, drug levels should build up as the metabolization process is delayed.

There are contradicting studies on whether hemp oil actually raises drug levels or not. As well, hemp is often taken by cancer and epilepsy patients that are on a range of medication with no side effects in sight. However, caution is still advised and you will want to talk to your vet about potential ways you can introduce hemp oil.

One notable and common way is to talk to your vet about how long your pet’s pharmaceuticals takes to metabolize and once they are fully metabolized, hemp oil then may be safe to give without interaction.

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