Cerenia for Cats

Cerenia for Cats

Vomiting is not only an unattractive word, but it’s also a very unfortunate circumstance. When it comes to cats, vomiting happens when they have upset tummies, resulting in them throwing up whatever they recently ate. Since cats are curious little creatures, they are bound to throw up at least once in their nine lifetimes.

Do you have a cat that is experiencing nausea? Has your kitty been vomiting lately? Is this an abnormal behavior for your little buddy to be experiencing? Are you at a loss for what to do when it comes to solving the problem of vomiting in your furry feline? Then this blog post was written just for you. You may or may not have heard of something called Cerenia, but no matter where you stand on the familiarity meter, we are going to cover everything.

From defining Cerenia and discussing the symptoms it resolves, to when you should implement Cerenia and how to administer the medicine, we’ll walk you through the steps involved with the antiemetic known as Cerenia. We love cats and we care so much about the well being of yours, so we’re invested in giving you the most accurate information about Cerenia. You can trust this medicine, not only because it is approved by the Food and Drug Administration, but because it’s a safe and proven-effective resolve for vomiting in cats.


What is Cerenia?

Cerenia is a bit similar to the TUMs, Kaopectate, and Pepto-Bismol that you might take for tummy issues of your own. However, Cerenia is actually designed specifically for cats and especially for situations in which they are experiencing nausea and vomiting. Cerenia is an antiemetic, meaning its sole purpose is to stop nausea in its tracks and prevent cats from throwing up as a result of their nausea. Cerenia can also be administered prior to throwing up as a preventive measure with motion sickness.


Motion Sickness and Nausea: What are the Causes of Acute Vomiting for Cats

Whether a kitten accidentally licks up and swallows a piece of cat litter, or your furry friend bites off a small piece of your faux decorative tree, cats get themselves into all sorts of mischief. Have you ever seen a picture of a cat and a ball of yarn? You probably have, since cats are infamous for the way they play with string.

If you don’t watch them carefully enough, cats will chew on wires, eat cords, and ingest all sorts of items they have no business ingesting. Vomiting can also be the outcome of a very large hairball caught in their throats, which leads to a lot of coughing and gagging until they can get the hairball loose and out of their airways.


However, vomiting is not just a symptom of cats and their ever-present curiosity or their knack for licking themselves to the point of hairballs. Cats can come down with vomiting for many other reasons. From urinary tract diseases (UTDs) and diabetes, to legitimate infections and passing viruses, cats are animals that are very prone to vomiting. One of the most common causes of vomiting in cats is motion sickness.

If you’re wondering what motion sickness is, you can think of it as that feeling you get on a very bumpy train ride or an anything-but-smooth, turbulent airplane experience. Motion sickness refers to the rocky feeling in your tummy when your environment is messing with your inner equilibrium. Motion sickness is commonly joined by…

  • More meowing and vocal than usual
  • Hiding under dressers or in corners and other hard-to-reach areas
  • Vomiting, of course!
  • Diarrhea or odd bathroom behaviors
  • Drooling uncontrollably
  • The inability to stay still for long, to the point of total restlessness
  • Stress and anxiety about certain situations

Motion sickness is no fun. Not for cats. Not for humans. Not for anyone or anything. Though the term implies that cats must be moving at a fast pace to get to a place of full-on nausea, this isn’t the reality of the situation. Honestly, motion sickness can occur when a cat is simply being carried in his or her cat carrier from one place to the next. It is less about the pace and more about the fact that the cat is being relocated.

Thankfully, something called Cerenia exists to help you and your cat handle situations where your little buddy is vomiting.


When to Use Cerenia for Cats

Cerenia should be used in the event that your cat has nausea or symptoms of motion sickness. There are parameters that you should follow in terms of the doses of Cerenia and how often you should give them the medication for their vomiting. Cerenia is a medication that you must only

According to the drug’s official website, Cerenia is an effective solution for vomiting, and it happens to also be the only FDA-approved treatment for vomiting in cats. Sometimes, vomiting is the problem in and of itself, and in these cases, the vomiting can be treated with Cerenia. In other cases, vomiting is merely a symptom of something more. But Cerenia can still help with the situation by ceasing the vomiting and allowing the vet to determine what’s lying underneath the surface.


Are There Side Effects of Cerenia for Cats

Some warnings are attached to Cerenia, and you should be aware of them if you administer Cerenia to your cat. Even when you follow the appropriate dose as it relates to your cat, Cerenia can cause other side effects. Keep an eye out for the following situations seeing as they are directly related to Cerenia for cats:

  • Low energy
  • Sudden diarrhea
  • Excessive dehydration
  • Vomiting that won’t let up
  • Unexplainable weight loss
  • Little to no interest in food

Furthermore, the side effects of Cerenia for cats can also include a dull pain in the location of the injection. This is, of course, only applicable or possible if your cat receives Cerenia by way of the injectable form at the veterinarian’s office. As we will discuss in greater detail later on, the use of CBD oils for cats in this area can really help soothe the sting and make the experience less daunting for your kitty buddy. Simply rubbing a small dose of CBD oil near, but not directly on, the injection site will bring some relief to your cat and provide a decent amount of numbing to soothe your cat’s discomfort.


How to Give Your Cat Cerenia: Different Methods of Administering Medicine to Cats

Cerenia can be administered to cats in two different ways. If you are more comfortable having a professional give Cerenia to your cat, you can schedule an appointment for your cat to receive a shot of Cerenia at the veterinarian’s office. On the other hand, if you are comfortable with giving Cerenia to your cat, you can do so from the comfort of your home.

But don’t worry! You don’t have to become an expert on how to give your cat a shot in order to go with the at-home option. If you opt into this method, you will receive a prescription for pills that you can give to your cat. Not to worry. No needles involved! These Cerenia tablets for cats are easy to administer.

Like any pills designed and intended for cats, giving pills to your furry feline friend can sometimes pose a bit of a challenge. Cats are very set in their ways and this stubbornness presents itself like nobody’s business when it comes time to give Cerenia tablets to cats. But not to fret! While it can be difficult, it’s not impossible.

There are two main ways to give Cerenia tablets to cats. You can either purchase a device that is understandably called a pill-giver. Essentially, this tool makes it easier for you to drop the tablet at the very back of your cat’s throat and it ensures that your cat will swallow the pill. The other way of administering the Cerenia tablet for cats is with your fingers, though this can sometimes be a bit of a problematic approach.

Sometimes, fingers can get in the way because our hands are much larger than a cat’s mouth. That said, don’t feel like you absolutely must go out and buy a syringe-like tool in order to get your cat to take his or her Cerenia pills. With patience and enough practice, your cat will adjust and come to learn that this is just a new part of his or her daily routine!

Cerenia tends to be used as a method of prevention, meaning you should definitely administer the medication to your cat prior to the situation that will invoke motion sickness. For example, if you are going on a road trip and you anticipate that your cat will feel nauseous as a result of the car ride, you should give your cat the appropriate dose of Cerenia tablets for cat nausea about two hours before the trip begins.

It is also important to note that Cerenia is best received when taken with food. Ironically enough, administering Cerenia to your cat on an empty stomach can cause more nausea than it will resolve! Avoid the possibility of making the motion sickness cat symptoms worse by always pairing Cerenia with a light snack.  


Alternative Method of Resolving Motion Sickness: CBD Oil for Cats

Vomiting is a serious ailment that can be indicative of an array of different problems that might require immediate attention. That’s why vomiting can be so deceptive and cause so much uncertainty for cat owners. But then again, these instances are less common. More often than not, vomiting is simply due to motion sickness. When cats face motion sickness, their tummies get queasy and their bodies start to imitate symptoms of the ever-so-dreaded stomach flu.

Even though the symptoms sound terrifying, and watching your little kitty cat endure the misery that comes with nausea is heartbreaking, try not to let yourself lose hope. Your cat will get through this unfortunate circumstance soon enough and all will be well again. In the meantime, keep looking on the bright side of things and focus on the positive outcome.

If you find that Cerenia is either hard for your cat’s body to handle or the medication is not as effective as you think it should be, then you should consider giving CBD oil a try. CBD oil has a bit of a negative connotation surrounding it, but truly, once you start to learn exactly what CBD is and how it benefits animals in pain, then you’ll realize that the stigmatization of CBD is unnecessary. Cannabidiol is a miracle worker. Just ask your cat! What nausea?!


What is CBD Oil

CBD oil is the oil of cannabidiol. If you’re familiar at all with the cannabis industry and its terminology, then you have probably heard of THC. For those who aren’t quite sure what THC is, it’s pretty much the main reason weed is psychoactive. Tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC for short, is a substance found in the cannabis plant.

We produce a full-spectrum phytocannabinoid, meaning there is not a single drop of THC to be found in our oils. Zero THC means there’s no way the CBD oil can be psychoactive, which, in turn, means that your feline friend will not experience any sensations that resemble being high. CBD oils are not mind-altering and they do not cause the symptoms associated with body highs.

As you will read in the next section, we cut our pure CBD oil with hemp oil in order to keep it from being too potent. We source our hemp oil from organic companies in Europe, particularly the United Kingdom and Germany. Our help extract comes straight from Oregon. Just as we by way of CO2 extraction, our CBD oil is the finest, purest, top-notch resolution for nausea and vomiting in cats, whether caused by motion sickness or something entirely different. Whatever the cause, CBD oil can help.

Your cat might not know how to say the words thank you, but we’re sure your little buddy will cozy up next to you and purr a little louder after being treated with CBD oil. The relief your cat will feel is other-worldly, so check out CBD for cats with nausea today!


What You Need to Know About Our CBD Oil for Cats with Nausea and Motion Sickness

CBD Oil for Dogs & Cats


CBD oil from Innovet Pet is diluted with hemp oil to ensure that it is not a toxic level of CBD. If we were to not dilute our CBD oils with hemp, then the CBD oils would far too potent and you’d only be able to use a very miniscule amount at one time. However, the hemp oils that we use in conjunction with CBD provide healing and calming effects as well, making them the perfect match for Innovet’s CBD oils.

Our CBD is free of pesticides, seeing as the ingredients that comprise CBD oil from Innovet Pet never come in contact with pesticides during the growing process. We recommend that you refrigerate your cat CBD oil in order to keep it in its prime. If you live somewhere warm and sunny, exposing your CBD oil for cats with motion sickness and nausea for long periods of time can cause it to spoil.  

Where to Purchase CBD Oil for Cats

Now that you’ve learned more about CBD oil and how it can help cats who are struggling with nausea, there’s a strong chance that you’re wondering where to buy CBD oil for cats with nausea and motion sickness! We’ve got you covered. Since CBD oils are a safe, non-toxic, all-natural remedy for nausea, you won’t have to stress about the possibility of making things worse for your favorite feline. There’s absolutely no way for CBD oils to exacerbate the issues that your cat is having.

See, CBD is like a magical answer for the resolution of so many various symptoms, including vomiting and nausea. Although CBD is not the solution for everything under the sun, and especially not for fatal diseases or illnesses that are life-threatening, CBD oils are still a very promising avenue to explore. Even if CBD does not act as a treatment for the main source of the problem, cannabidiol has the properties necessary for calming the most severe of problems and getting your pet back to a place where he or she can still function, despite the tragic vomiting plaguing them at the moment.

If you are in the market for CBD oil, considering utilizing the power of the internet and ordering CBD oil online. The beauty of online orders is that you don’t even have to leave your bed, or your favorite lounge chair, or even step outside. All you have to do is place an order with Innovet and await the arrival of our quality, all-natural CBD oil for cats.

Our speciality is CBD that is, and always will be, free of THC. Our cat CBD oil

CBD oil for dogs is made with your pet in mind. As a naturally-derived substance, CBD can drastically improve the well being of your pets without any negative side effects attached. If you are in search of CBD treats and oil for dogs, Innovet is a brand that you can trust! When it comes to CBD oil and hemp-based dog treats, we offer only the best of the best because your dog deserves nothing less.

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