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How to Clean Dog Pee from your Carpet

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How to Clean Dog Pee from your Carpet
How to Clean Dog Pee from your Carpet | Innovet

My dog peed on the carpet, now what? When you are pet owner, you know accidents can occur anywhere at any time. One common accident for pups to have, particularly when they’re puppies, is urinating on the floor inside a house. While it may be a fairly fast fix for hard surfaces, when the dog urinates on your carpet, it is an entirely different situation. If you have been searching for information on how to clean canine pee from carpet, search no further. With the clean dog pee from carpet tips and tricks put together below from Innovet Pet Products, it is possible to get the carpet clean in no time.

Guide on how to clean dog pee from carpet

How to Clean Dog Pee from your Carpet | Innovet Pet

Want to know how to clean up dog pee on carpet? Accidents are inevitable and they’ll just come with the territory of being a pet owner. Being equipped with the know-how of how to clean dog urination on the carpet is going to help in addressing accidents rapidly and prevent more stress and headaches. Most dogs will accidentally urinate inside the house during some point in their lifetime and when you are residing in a space that has carpeting, quickly addressing the problem is critical for preventing a stain from forming and the odor of pee on the carpet from remaining. There are many different techniques to use to rapidly remove pee from the carpet and return to enjoying the remainder of your day.  Depending upon what you have available on-hand when the accident happens, follow the below peed on carpet steps to swiftly deal with the accident.

Cleaning Dog Pee from Carpet: Quickly Deal with the Accident

Time is critical when the dog has urinated on the carpet in your home. The sooner it is possible to take care of the spot and remove the pee, the better your opportunity is to keep a long-lasting stain from developing and the nasty odor of pee from lingering in your household. If you have caught your pet in the act or an accident is recent, the carpet ought to still be wet. As soon as you observe the spot in which the dog has urinated on your carpet, get clean paper towels and start blotting the stain until the pee is thoroughly absorbed.

Avoid rubbing the stain as it may cause the pee to spread across more of your carpeting and increase the possibility for stains. Rather than rubbing the space, use clean paper towels to delicately blot and absorb the pee from the carpet. In order to assist in applying pressure equally across the stain’s surface, it is also possible to cover the space using clean paper towels and put a heavy book or a likewise weighted object on the top to assist in absorbing the maximum amount of pee from your carpet.

You might be wondering why paper towels are suggested instead of a towel. Towels may have other substances on them from being used in your home, which then can be transferred to your carpet as you’re attempting to clean up the pee. In using a clean paper towel, it is possible to ensure that your carpet is being cleaned using an absorbent, substance-free material that then can be disposed of or utilized to assist in enforcing potty training. It is possible to take the pee-soaked paper towels and put them in the space in which the dog is supposed to go to the restroom to assist in reminding him of where he ought to go the next time he has to pee.  If you’re in the process of potty training the dog, teach him how to use a pee pad rather than going on the floor.

Dog Pee on Carpet: Should You Utilize Pee Pads?

There are various opinions on if training the dog to urinate on a pee pad is an excellent idea or a bad one. Every scenario calls for various solutions.

In most instances, potty pads may be an excellent choice for pet owners, which includes:

How to Clean Dog Pee from your Carpet | Innovet Pet

Apartment Dwellers: If you reside in a high-rise apartment, getting the dog down the elevator and out of the door to conduct his business 3 to 6 times per day may be very tedious, particularly if you dwell in a cold climate.

Convalescent Pups:  Pee pads are not only for puppies and small dogs. Older pups who are convalescent have lost their capability of controlling their bowels. Allowing them to do their business on a pee pad is both empathetic and necessary. The dog needs to please you, and when he gets past this point in his life in which he cannot control himself, supporting him both emotionally and physically is important. Pee pads are going to help you in doing that.

Fearful Dogs: Most rescue dogs have been poorly treated or have experienced minimal human contact. It may produce intense fear, which may include fear of going outdoors to relieve themselves. If a rescue dog you own is cowering underneath a desk, give him a pee pad to aid him in coming out of his shell gradually and start trusting you.

Pet owners that have Mobility Problems: It isn’t just dogs that might have problems getting themselves outdoors. Many pet owners have mobility and health problems preventing them from easily getting their pet’s in and outdoors each time they need to go. Pee pads will help both owner and dog solve this issue.

How to Clean Dog Pee Out Of Carpet: Rinse Affected Space

Once you’ve blotted the whole space of the stain, as well as absorbed all the pee that you can, the following step involves diluting the pee that remains inside the carpet and rinse it. Use a small glass of clean water or spray bottle and carefully disperse it around the surface of the soiled space. Once the carpeting is rinsed, you can dry the space using clean paper towels or vacuum that’s appropriate for liquids, like a wet and dry vacuum.

Dog Pee in Carpet: Use Cleaning Solution on Stain

There are several different cleaning options available for fighting dog pee stains in the carpet, which includes a variety of home remedies which are designed using common items in the kitchen, like vinegar and baking soda. How will you know which solution is better for your carpet? Finding an option that is going to work for you often will require a little trial and error. As you use a cleaning solution on the carpet for the very first time, you always need to conduct a spot test to ensure that it will not remove any dye or coloring once it dries. Make sure you always read the warnings on the solution before using it to ensure that it’s compatible with your kind of carpeting and won’t be toxic to your pet. When conducting a spot test, make sure to choose a space that’s out of the way and confine your test to a small space. Permit the test spot to completely dry before you proceed.

How To Clean Dog Pee On Carpet: Enzymatic Cleaners

How to Clean Dog Pee from your Carpet | Innovet Pet

One common type of cleaning solution for pet urine stains in the carpet is enzymatic cleaners. It is possible to find enzymatic carpet cleaners within the majority of pet stores and underneath a variety of different brand names. Once it is applied to the affected space, an enzymatic cleaner is going to break down the stain into its basic elements.

In doing this action, the enzymatic cleaner will be successful at helping to extract the odor of pee from the carpet and breaking down all of the proteins in the urine which will keep the pup coming back. Some dogs need to mark their territory and might come back to hit the same space if they see that it has been cleaned up. Before you use an enzymatic cleaning agent on the carpet, always make sure that you check out the manufacturer’s label for how to apply the solution. Following the label will assist in ensuring that you properly utilize the mixture and it generates the desired effect.

How To Clean Dogs Pee On Carpet: Dish soap

If you do not have an enzymatic cleaner available, there are a variety of other cleaning techniques you may rely on using items in your household. If the stain is fresh, it is possible to apply a couple of drops of dish detergent to the affected space and blend it with water. Once you’ve applied the water and dish detergent, put paper towels on the stain then absorb as much liquid as you can.

How to Clean Up Pee on Carpet: White vinegar and baking soda

If the stain sets in or happened earlier within the day, another household remedy you may try is a combination of baking soda, water, as well as distilled white vinegar. There are some different techniques you might test in order to maximize the effectiveness of the cleaning agent. For the first technique, sprinkle some baking soda on the soiled space after following the above steps and permit it to sit overnight. Once it dries, spray the stain using distilled white vinegar. Keep in mind that the interaction between the distilled white vinegar and baking soda might result in bubbles upon the carpet’s surface. Once it sits for a little while, apply a bit of water to the stain and then soak up the mix utilizing clean paper towels.

One other technique for using water, distilled white vinegar, as well as baking soda to clean up a urine stain on the carpet includes combining a c. of water with a c. of white vinegar inside a spray bottle. Once they’re blended together, add 2 Tbsp. of baking soda and vigorously shake until fully combined. Once you’ve done the aforementioned steps on the stain, spray the stain with the mix and permit it to sit for 5 - 6 minutes. From that point, delicately blot the stain using clean paper towels until the area is dry and the mix is thoroughly absorbed.

One other technique using those household ingredients starts with blending a solution of 50% distilled white vinegar and 50% water inside a bowl or spray bottle. From that point, apply the cleaning agent to the stained space of the carpet and then scrub it into the fibers of the carpet. Distilled white vinegar is going to assist in neutralizing the ammonia in the dog’s pee. Once the stain gets saturated, apply paper towels to absorb the cleaning agent. You also can sprinkle baking soda onto the stain during this stage and permit it to sit overnight.

Clean Dog Pee: Allow the Affected Space to Dry and then Vacuum

Once you’ve used a cleaning mixture on the pee stain and fully absorbed any excessive liquid from the fibers, the last step includes allowing the carpet to fully dry then to vacuum it. Vacuuming it will assist in picking up all paper towel fibers which were left behind or any residue from the cleaning mixture used on your carpet.

While cleaning dog urine from the carpet is important knowledge as a pet owner, it also is useful to know what to do if you see your pet is going urinate frequently in the house. It is vital not to ignore this behavior or it’ll persist. Is the pooch practicing submissive urination or is the dog spraying his home in order to ward off threats and competitors? Instead, it’ll take a bit of effort and work, but you and your pet will work through it together and correct the problem so accidents in the home are few and far between.

How to Stop Your Pet from Peeing in your House

Is your pet going to the restroom in your house when you are gone or when he’s excited or fearful? Urinating in the house is a typical occurrence in dogs, particularly when they’re puppies and are still being house broken.

If your puppy is struggling to not experience accidents in your house, below we list some information on how to navigate your unique situation.

  • Go Through Potty Training Steps Again. If the dog keeps going potty in your house, he might require a refresher in dog potty training to assist in correcting his behavior. Take it from the top and work through house training methods to assist in solidifying his understanding. Be mindful to be patient as you’re working with the dog and work through his training at his pace until his behavior ceases.
  • Assess Whether There’s a Trigger. Just like humans respond to environmental changes, so will dogs. Is there a specific kind of stimulus or situation that’s causing the dog to urinate in your home? The next time the accident happens, assess the circumstances to check if a possible trigger might be to blame. Depending upon what that trigger is, you might have the ability to just remove it and fix the behavior. If the trigger isn’t something that may be removed, it is possible to train the dog to adapt to the trigger without urinating in your home or assist in implementing new habits to help the dog cope.
  • Concentrate on Positive Reinforcement during Clean Up Dog Pee on Carpet Training. When you are attempting to break a poor habit that your pet has, it’s oftentimes more efficient to reward him for exhibiting positive behaviors instead of punishing him when he falls short. You need to ensure that he always feels secure and safe as feeling unsafe or anxious might lead to more accidents inside the household and make him less than likely to feel at ease going to the restroom in front of you. Attempting to address the dog’s behavior may be frustrating sometimes, yet always keep in mind to concentrate on reinforcing positive behavior instead of punishing the dog when he slips up.
  • Clean the Soiled Space. Whenever the dog has an accident, it is vital to clean the soiled area thoroughly and quickly. The dog is going to be tempted to go back to the same area because he’ll recognize the odor of pee inside the house, which may perpetuate a pattern of accidents. Enzymatic cleaners are useful for fighting this because they’ll assist in eliminating the odor of urine which will draw your pup back to the same area again in the future.

What to do when dog pees on carpet?

Next time the dog urinates in your house, don’t scold him. Go over house training tips with him and clean the mess up as soon as you can. If the problem continues, it is advised to speak with your vet to ensure the dog’s not experiencing an underlying health condition.

Bonus Section

One of our customers asked us this question, “By the way, can you use dog pee for a drug test?” This was our answer: Dog urine would show up extremely clear in the laboratory when they run your urine. It doesn’t have the same properties as human.


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