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Guide To The Pitbull Boxer Mix

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Guide To The Pitbull Boxer Mix
Your Guide To the Pitbull Boxer Mix - Temperament, Appearance, History, And The Most Asked Questions Answered | Innovet Pet

If you’re looking for a dog that will protect the little ones and help get their energy out, we’ve got the perfect dog for you. Introducing the Bullboxer or the Pitbull Boxer mix. This medium-sized dog is great for families, and those that love exercising but also want a dog that will cuddle up with them on the couch.

The Pitbull Boxer is one of the many new designer or crossbreed dogs we’ve seen popping up in the last couple of decades. Today, we are learning all about them.

Article Overview:

  • Meet The Parents
    • The American Pitbull Terrier
    • The Boxer
  • Appearance
  • 5 Biggest Questions About Pitbull Boxer Mix Answered
    • 1. What are the Bullboxer grooming requirements?
    • 2. Are they energetic dogs that need lots of exercising?
    • 3. What's the Bullboxer temperament like?
    • 4. What is training these dogs like?
    • 5. Are there health concerns?
  • Keeping Your Pitbull Boxer Mix Health And Happy
    • Mobility Support For Hip Dysplasia
    • Soothe & Repair Topical for Allergies, Hotspots, and Other Skin Conditions
    • Nervousness & Anxiety Relief
  • Is The Bullboxer Right For You - Checker
  • Rescue or Private Breeder
  • Final Words

Meet The Parents

There is always controversy about something, and this time it has to do with what to call first generation designer breeds. Are they a new breed and consider purebred, mutt or something in between? There is no real easy answer especially when you’re mixing two dogs with completely different characteristics. It can be difficult knowing what you’re getting with many designer breeds.

This isn’t the case with the Pit-Boxer mix as their parents share many of the same characteristics like loyalty, friendliness, and their love for jumping. Both dogs are medium-sized bully breeds with lean and athletic bodies. When you mix the two dogs, you get just that. To learn more, let’s meet the Bullboxer’s parents the American Pitbull Terrier and Boxer. 

The American Pitbull Terrier

Athletic, friendly, and sensitive best describe the American Pitbull Terrier. Despite there being a few other breeds frequently labeled pit bulls, many breeders of these dogs consider the APBT to be the only true pit bull. The APBT is the most common pit bull found in the United States, regardless. Despite their reputation, the APBT has a real zest for life and displays a determined will that needs a tall fence to keep in.

The Boxer

Energetic, playful, and protector are three words that best summarize the Boxer. They originally hailed from Germany in the late nineteenth century but didn’t reach popularity around the world until soldiers brought them home during World War 2. They are closely related to the Pitbull, both of which originate from the Old English Bulldog — not to be confused with the Olde English Bulldogge. Boxers make wonderful family pets and are best known for their strong watchdog nature.


With the Boxer and American Pit Bull closely related, their puppies have a predictable appearance unlike other mixes such as Pomsky. You’re going to have a medium-sized, muscular and athletic dog with a silky coat that’s likely radiates a golden hue in the sunlight. Such a model-esque dog.


  • Male: 50-65 lb
  • Female: 45-60 lb


  • Male: 17-23 in
  • Female: 19-24 in


  • Shiny, short, smooth, silky


  • Fawn, White, Sliver, Black, Brindle

5 Biggest Questions About Pitbull Boxer Mix Answered

1. What are the Bullboxer grooming requirements?

This is one dog where grooming couldn’t be easier — instead, you can use the time for exercising. The Bullboxer barely sheds, and their coat is easy to clean. Their ears are perfectly bouncing and rarely trap dirt inside so you shouldn’t have to clean them often. The boxer can have some dirty ear issues, but pitties rarely, if ever, see them.

2. Are they energetic dogs that need lots of exercising?

The short answer is yes, and the long answer is yes again. Both the Pitbull and Boxer are high-energy dogs that will rocket around the backyard with your kids. They don’t require near constant exercise like the Siberian Husky, but they like explosive high-intensity exercising. They are dogs you run around with not take on strolls. Despite their need for high-intensity exercise, they are big cuddlers and love spending their days lounging around in your lap.

3. What's the Bullboxer temperament like?

By all accounts, these dogs have fantastic temperaments. They are friendly with a bubbling persona that tends to like jumping up to say hello. Early training is a good idea, so their determination and loyalty don’t turn into destructive behavior and over-protectiveness.

They are very sensitive dogs so make sure you keep a calm behavior when training them. Harsh training and yelling is a quick way to reinforce these dogs’ anxiety when they’re young.

4. What is training these dogs like?

First off, training your bully mix is a must for a few reasons. These are powerful dogs with a lot of strength and energy, plus they are kind of clumsy and have a fondness for jumping. On the bright side, they are super intelligent and learn new tricks & commands with ease. They are easy to train, are rarely stubborn, and their natural determination translates to training perfectly. The only time they struggle with training is if they are overly excited, and then sometimes their playful nature gets the best of them.

Teach them to mind their strength and watch their jumping and you’ll have a well-minded dog on your hands. They love to play rough but are completely gentle with everything else. Make sure to teach them the command “gentle” when they are young so they know when to back down during play time.

5. Are there health concerns?

Like all dogs, the Pit-Boxer mix does have some health concerns, notably ones related to big dogs. Both the American Pitbull and Boxer are on the healthier side when it comes to dog breeds, however. And when you mix the two together, you expand their gene pool, and this can help prevent them from inheriting genetic abnormalities seen in purebreds.

Common Health Conditions Seen In Pitbull Boxer Mixes:

Your Guide To the Pitbull Boxer Mix - Temperament, Appearance, History, And The Most Asked Questions Answered | Innovet Pet
  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Joint Issues
  • Allergies
  • Skin Conditions
  • Bloat
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Boxer Cardiomyopathy

Keeping Your Pitbull Boxer Mix Health And Happy

Pitbull-boxer mixes are some of the healthiest dogs around, and you will mainly be looking to keep their joints healthy and their skin free of blemishes. You’ll also want to keep a close eye on their sensitive and loving nature that can make them prone to anxiety. Here’s how you can help with each. 

Mobility Support For Hip Dysplasia


Hip dysplasia and other joint & mobility issues more commonly affect our medium and large breed dogs, and this includes the Pitbull-Boxer Mix. Hip & joint issues can start at any age, but it’s commonly seen in older dogs. We created Advanced Mobility Support For Hip & Joint Health to help dogs that are experiencing stiffness, pain, and inflammation due to Hip Dysplasia, Arthritis, and injury.

How It Helps: Advanced Support delivers over 10 all-natural ingredients that target inflammation, pain, and helps repair damaged cells and cartilage.

When To Start: We suggest implementing Advanced Chews once a day to your dog if you see them having any hip & joint mobility issue. You can never start too early, and this makes the Support Chews excellent for older dogs in general. Our Support Chews contain glucosamine HCL which older dogs have troubling producing enough of. It helps rebuild cartilage, so bones don’t tear against each other.

How To Use: Just follow the dosage instructions on the back of the label to know how much to give your dog based on their weight. Advanced chews reward your dog with a daily tasty salmon treat that’s great for their health.

Soothe & Repair Topical for Allergies, Hotspots, and Other Skin Conditions

The Pitbull-Boxer mix barely has a coat, and this gives allergies and insects easy acess to the skin. All this itching can cause your dog to want to excessively scratch causing painful infected sores like hotspots. As well, all that exercising can tear up the pads of their paws. That’s why we created a one-stop solution topical heal.protect.wag Balm that tackles each of these issues head-on.

How It Helps: From hemp to beeswax, soothe.protect.wag Balm contains more than 10 ingredients that are known for their ability to soothe, protect, and repair damaged skin.

When To Start: Learn your dog’s scratching behavior. When you see them scratching more inspect the area. If you see bites, bumps, or redness apply heal.protect.wag Balm. Monitor for dry and worn pads weekly and apply before they can crack and bleed.

How To Use: Simply apply a thin layer over the area that needs soothing and repair. When you see your dog going back to scratch, feel free to apply more.

Nervousness & Anxiety Relief

CBD OIL FOR DOGS | Innovet Pet Products

Their bodies may be made of steel, but deep down these big-lugs are jello and emotionally sensitive. They want to be by their owner's side and can get clinging if you don’t implement distance training. This makes them prone to nervousness — especially separation anxiety.

Our PurCBD+ has dominated the pet CBD world making us the number 1 Pet CBD company in the world.

How It Helps: PurCBD+ is a complete hemp CBD tincture that works naturally with the body to correct deficiencies in endocannabinoid and serotonin production which is believed to cause hypersensitivity to stress and anxiety.

When To Start: Pinned ears, big eyes, tucked tail, overexcitement are all signs of anxiety. For the Bullboxer mix, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with the early signs of anxiety so you can start CBD before it gets worse (destructive). Here’s a great guide to help.

How To Use: if you know that your dog is going to get anxious because you’re going to leave the house, storms are on their way, etc., administer PurCBD+ around 30 minutes before. You can also give it to them in the moment and they often start coming down from the chaos of anxiety with 10 minutes.

Is The Bullboxer Right For You Checker

Now is a great point to pause and reassess what you’re looking for in a dog. The Pitbull Boxer is a perfect dog for a lot of people... depending on what you’re looking for though. For example, if you want a dog that’s low shedding and easy to bathe, this is a perfect dog. But if you’re planning on having young kids under age three in the house, you may want to pause due to this dog’s love of rambunctious playing.

We put together a great Checker on all the things you need to ask yourself when choosing which breed is right for you.


Low, Medium, or High



Exercise Requirement


Food Demands

Medium to High

Training Needs


Space/Yard Needs


Socialible / Temperament

Bad, Good, or Great

Prone to Guard / Protect


Ability to Transitions Between Environments

Good-Great (watch cold climates)

Appropriate for Small Kids 0-5


Appropriate for Bigger Kids 6+



Low, Medium, or High


Medium-Long (10-14 yrs)

Risk for Genetic Health Issues


Rescue or Private Breeder

While not considered a purebred dog, there are a number of organizations that recognize these dogs:


Official Name:

The American Canine Hybrid Club (ACHC)

Bullboxer Pit

The Designer Breed Registry (DBR)

American Bullboxer

The Designer Dogs Kennel Club (DDKC)

American Bullboxer

The Dog Registry of America (DRA)

American Bullboxer

The International Designer Canine Registry (IDCR)


So should you rescue or buy from a private breeder? Unlike other designer dogs where you usually have to go to a breeder to find one, the Bullboxer is fairly easy to find in rescues. A quick search of the term “Bullboxer” on pulls up a number of these beautiful mixes that need a home.

When comparing prices, you’re looking to spend around $500-800 dollars when buying from a private breeder. Usually, a recuse fees for these dogs is around $100-200 depending on if they've been spayed or neutered.

Final Words

HEMP DOG TREATS | Innovet Pet Products

We hope you have enjoyed our look into the Pitbull Boxer mix. They truly are one of the most fantastic and fun new dog breeds around. Remember, these are first generation dogs and that means your Bullboxer may dawn a majority of Pitbull traits or Boxer traits. Fortunately, these two breeds share many similarities.

Many owners find the Bullboxer to be the best of both worlds with a dog that is more balanced in general. The pitbull side will help take away the Boxer’s love of jumping and overly protective nature. While the Boxer will help pull away some of the Pitbull’s strength and bigger jaws that can cause some people to take pause.

Consider implementing hemp CBD products into their health regimen to help with the common health issues they face.

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