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All Natural Ingredients

PurBreath is made using only natural ingedients!

Fight's Bacteria

Our spray is a great way to help your pets fight off bacteria in their mouths!

Freshes Breath

PurBreath will let your pet feeling fresh and clean!

Prevents Tooth Decay

Regular use of PurBreath can help prevent tooth decay and pain!

Made in the USA

This product is entirely made in the USA.

Safe for Dogs and Cats

PurBreath is safe for both dogs and cats!

Great Scent

Your pet’s mouth will smell great after using PurBreath!

No Toothbrush

You don’t need to use toothbrush to apply PurBreath!

A Special Formula Made to Help Your Pup!

Give your pet a kissable smile with PurBreath! Our special formula of natural ingredients freshens and whitens their teeth, eliminates bad breath, and helps fight periodontal disease - all without needing to pick up the toothbrush. Keep Fido in cuddles during movie time instead of pushing him off the sofa after every smooch!

  • Brightens Teeth
  • Helps with Plaque
  • Freshen's Breath
  • All Natural Ingredients
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