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Quick Natural Trick Gets Rid Of Bad Dog Breath FOREVER

Mint and garlic were used as teeth remedies for thousands of years. They are the perfect bad dog breath cure. They were especially popular in medieval Europe and the Middle East. Different herbs served as medicine before we had modern technology.

Today, we are rediscovering the great NATURAL ways to get rid of your pet’s bad breath.

Think about it:

We eat special things for our health all the time. If you have a cold you eat chicken soup and drink orange juice. If we have food poisoning we eat broths and vegetables. The same thing works for your dog.

Cook a few special meals for him to get his breath back to normal. They will act as a quick dog breath fix. It can be anything he likes -- just make sure it has one of the natural ingredients below.

Don’t want to go through the hassle of cooking?

Just add them directly to his treats or dog food.

Bad breath is a sign his mouth is infected by bacteria. You can always take him to the Veterinarian for a professional dog cleaning, but that’s dangerous and expensive. It can cost you hundreds of dollars and they have to use FULL BODY anesthesia on your dog.

Using natural garlic, mint, and herbs is easier for you, and safer for him.

Here are 5 other ways you can improve his diet to stop bad breath from coming back.

1. To get fresh breath -- you don’t need to give your puppy artificial products!

Use herbs like peppermint or spearmint. Just crush them and drop them in his food or treats. He’ll have all natural good breath and other added health benefits.

2. Cilantro and Coriander:

Both herbs have been used to clean the teeth of DOZENS of animals. They are usually used for bunnies and guinea pigs. Your dog might be a bit bigger -- but they will work just as well! On top of fresh breath, they will keep his teeth strong and kill bacteria.

3. Sage:

Sage is also an amazing option. It will help cure bad breath by going straight to the source: bacteria. Its properties kill bad germs and leave your pet’s mouth fresh. It’s already been used as medicine for thousands of years and is safe and healthy for your dog.

4. Parsley:

Parsley works wonders if your dog is a picky eater. Especially when boiled, it actually sweetens his food without you having to use sugar. Its antiseptic properties get rid of bacteria in your dog’s mouth.

5. Bones:

The cartoons are right: bones are AWESOME for your pet’s teeth. There are a few rules though!

First of all make sure they are uncooked beef bones. When they are uncooked they are a lot less likely to splinter. Beef bones are the strongest out there -- he can chew on them without worrying about getting hurt.

REMEMBER: only pick bones that are thick and blunt. Thin sharp ones can splinter and hurt everything from your pet’s mouth to his stomach.

The Bad Breath Remedy Hiding In Your kitchen

If you don’t have tons of herbs at home -- the easiest option is just to give him some garlic! Adding a few cloves of fresh garlic to your dog’s food will get rid of bad breath after a few days. It’s become a popular solution over the past years. You can probably buy garlic oil in your local pet store

The amount to give him is always going to depend on his weight. If you don’t know where he fits, give him less and move it up if he still stinks after a week. As a general rule:

10 to 15 pounds = half a clove
20 to 35 pounds = 1 clove
40 to 65 pounds = 2 cloves
70 to 85 clothes = 2.5 cloves
100+ = 3 cloves

Don’t Forget To Brush

Natural ingredients are awesome, but they can only do so much.

If your pet’s bad breath just doesn’t go away, remember to visit the vet. Your dog could have a more serious condition that goes beyond bad breath. He could also recommend a professional cleaning. Those are really expensive, and are often dangerous for you dog.

The best thing you can do, is to start brushing his teeth. No -- this doesn’t make you a paranoid dog helicopter parent!

Make sure all the products you use are specially designed for dogs. Everything from the tooth paste to the brush has to be canine resistant. Some human toothpastes are actually toxic for dogs, and most of our toothbrushes won’t last a second around their teeth!

Regular brushing keeps your dog’s teeth strong and gums healthy.

Every day you wait is one more day bacteria grow and burrow into your pet’s gums

Start using our bad dog breath spray to keep your dog’s breath clean YEAR-ROUND.

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