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Complete Guide to High Fiber Dog Food

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Complete Guide to High Fiber Dog Food
High Fiber Dog Food | Innovet Pet

Having dogs that are happy and healthy is one of the most important aspects of being a pet parent. No one wants a sad or sick dog. It can be one of the most heartbreaking things to ever have to deal with. Pet parents want the very best for their pets. Here at Innovetpet, we understand completely how precious your pets are and how important it is to give them the care and attention that they need to live a fulfilling life that is memorable and as happy as can be. One imperative aspect of having a healthy dog is giving them healthy food. Dogs that are not given healthy foods can have a major amount of problems that can affect their health for a long time to come. Pet parents often trust that the foods that they buy are just what their furry friend needs. That is not an unusual plight. After all, many pet owners do not think that their dogs could be suffering from a bad diet as they trust the brands that they buy. Unfortunately, there are individual dogs and individual needs that do not always fit with the mold. Just like humans, canines can have unique health requirements and unique tastes. However, many pet owners overlook something vital for their pet's health when it comes to their diet. That certain something that is overlooked often is fiber.

Wondering why fiber is so much more important than you previously thought? Well, we will explain in great detail in this article that is a complete guide to high fiber dog food for any pet parents that want to educate themselves as much as they can.

What Exactly Is High Fiber Dog Food?

High Fiber Dog Food | Innovet Pet

High fiber dog food is dog food that is loaded with plenty of fiber. Many dog foods sold on the market today simply do not have enough fiber. Not having enough fiber in a dog's diet is a lot like a human that does not get enough fiber in their diet. Low fiber often results in digestive distress, constipation, and other issues that often have to do with gut health. High fiber dog food can ensure that digestion goes smoother and constipation is much less of a problem.

There are two different kinds of fiber. There is soluble fiber and insoluble fiber. Soluble fiber is a type of fiber that can cause diarrhea and gas in the body. Pets that have soluble fiber should not eat too much or too fast. It is something that must be given in moderation.

Insoluble fiber means that is cannot be properly metabolized. It doesn't cause the gas and diarrhea that soluble fiber does. Insoluble fiber can be digested quickly and expelled quickly through the bowels. This means it can clear things up, so to speak, for those that ingest it.

Fiber is something that is good in moderation. Too much fiber of either type can be too much for a dog to process. Moderating and following portion sizes is crucial for a pet to enjoy the benefits.

High Fiber Dog Food Benefits

Many dogs eat commercial dog foods that are filled with ingredients that are not necessary. For example, many commercial dog foods contain fillers and preservatives as well as way too many carbohydrates. A lot of commercial dog foods do not contain the amount of fiber that a dog needs. It is simply overlooked and taken for granted. However, high fiber dog food can remedy the issues that low fiber and preservative-ridden commercial foods cause.

Digestive Health Benefits of High Fiber Dog Foods


High Fiber Dog Food | Innovet Pet
Digestive health is perhaps the most substantial benefit of high fiber dog food. Digestion is a crucial aspect of body health. It enables the flow of food and nutrients in the way that they are meant to be metabolized for optimum function. High fiber dog foods can give digestion a big boost and help dogs that are having problems in this arena.


Weight management is one of the biggest benefits of high fiber dog foods. Dogs that have a weight problem often have many problems with mobility and obesity-related disease. High fiber dog foods can make it easier for them to lose weight as they may be having issues due to digestive health. Digestive issues and constipation can make it very hard for a dog to lose weight. High fiber dog food can make it possible for overweight dogs to lose weight and gain better mobility and achieve a healthy body mass index. Too much body fat can have a detrimental affect on a dog's health. They are susceptible to developing diseases such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes. Having plenty of fiber can lessen weight and lessen the probability of diseases from obesity. Diet improvement is crucial in dogs that have become overweight. It must be addressed immediately so that their health can improve and their weight can be lowered as soon as possible. Another benefit of high fiber dog food is that it can help with colon health. Colon health is another function that is very important to the body's performance. It performs functions that the body requires to keep on going and running at a high level. High fiber foods have shown to help boost colon health.

Dogs that have diabetes can benefit greatly from high fiber dog food. Fiber can help with slowing digestion and keeping blood sugar numbers lowered. Having low blood sugar is vital in fighting diabetes and from experiencing the unpleasant side effects of high blood sugar. Dogs that have diabetes should be monitored regularly by their veterinarian and any advice regarding their diet should be taken seriously when it is given from the vet or their trained staff.

What Types of Fiber Can I Give My Dog?

High Fiber Dog Food | Innovet Pet

There are various ways that fiber can benefit dogs as was mentioned above. However, it is important to know what types of fiber you can give your dog. Many pet parents wonder if their dog needs a fiber increase in their diet or a high-fiber diet. There are various choices that may work for your pet and this information can help in making an informed decision. As always, it is imperative to check with a veterinarian for any questions and to ensure that any fiber foods introduced are done slowly and with care.

Fiber-Rich Foods For Dogs

There are quite a few fiber-rich foods that pet parents can give their dogs. Some examples are bananas, green beans, pumpkin, and sweet potato. Pet parents will be pleased to know that they can make their own homemade organic dog foods easily with ingredients like sweet potato or pumpkin. Pumpkin and sweet potato have plenty of vitamins and minerals to go along with the fiber to ensure that your pet is getting the very best.

There are even homemade dog food blogs and recipe websites that allow pet parents to make their own organic fiber-rich foods for their pets. Homemade dog food treats can also be made at home to allow for pet parents to give them tasty treats that contain plenty of fiber for maintenance of health and digestion. There are also high levels of potassium in these foods and potassium is imperative for good health. For example, potassium can help in lessening muscle cramps and increasing kidney function. Many dogs have low kidney function due to a variety of diseases and conditions. Having high levels of potassium can increase the function of the kidneys and also increase electrolytes in the body. Electrolytes are necessary for proper hydration. Potassium and fiber both can stabilize blood sugars and that is imperative in dogs that have diabetes.

Diabetic dogs struggle to keep low blood sugars and steady numbers. They could benefit greatly from pumpkin, green beans, bananas, and sweet potatoes in their diet. There are also a number of other fruits and vegetables that contain plenty of fiber. It is a good idea to look up the best fiber rich foods for dogs and try to implement them into your dog's diet in moderation. Going slowly to ensure that they can digest it is a great tip. New foods can sometimes be tricky and making sure to watch for reactions and to give them a chance to grow use to it is smart. Many dogs love the taste of these natural foods and thus usually aren't averse to the taste. However, too much of something new can overwhelm the senses and cause digestive distress. This is why is it necessary to start out small and only increase the amount as their bodies grow used to it and they show a favorable outcome.

Pumpkin and green beans and bananas are easy for dogs to eat, too. Many dogs are picky eaters and that can make it very tough to give them the fiber that their bodies require. Picky eaters are a lot to contend with as any pet parents that have had one can attest. A lot of dogs seem to really enjoy the taste of pumpkin and sweet potato especially. Sweet potato also is rich with minerals that a body needs. Some dogs run low on the essential vitamins that they need. A vitamin deficiency can be quite debilitating. Vitamin deficiencies can cause lethargy, weakness, and other issues that can be damaging to the body and even cause permanent medical conditions. Natural foods like these are full of fiber and full of vitamins and minerals that a body needs to run the way it should when it is healthy and well.

Food Brands With High Fiber

Certainly, not all pet parents have the time or the ability to cook homemade fiber-rich foods and treats. This is completely understandable as many people are busy with jobs, appointments, and other issues that seem to pop up out of nowhere. Many pet parents are simply not very good at cooking! There is nothing wrong with that and is much more common than one might think. In fact, many pet parents rely on dog food companies to help them give their canines the foods that they need. Pet parents with busy lifestyles can give their pets high fiber dog food that is sold through a dog food company.

Dog food companies that sell high fiber foods are out there and there are quite a few brands to choose from. However, some are better than others and quality matters. Researching dog food companies that sell high fiber dog food is imperative in choosing the right one for your canine friend. Ensuring that there aren't a lot of chemicals and fillers can help in getting the healthiest food. Chemicals and fillers serve no purpose and can even cause health problems for pets. It is possible for chemicals and fillers to cause even more issues than what they already have. Many pet owners and humans alike are moving further away from processed foods and drinks. Information and studies have shown that processed foods may be linked to health conditions that are very serious and worrisome.

Organic high-fiber foods are a great choice for pet parents that don't want to have artificial fillers and chemicals in their foods. This ensures that they are getting the fiber that they need and not any additional fillers that serve no purpose and could cause digestive and medical ailments. Researching companies that sell foods is necessary to ensure that your pet gets the very best. Having quality food can help with weight, digestion, and many other issues that a pet suffers from. Spending less on a low quality food can cause a pet to suffer needlessly. It is worth it to spend a bit more money on a quality high fiber food that helps canines in the ways that they need.

What About Canine Fiber Supplements

Canine fiber supplements are an option for pet parents. Just like their owners, dogs can suffer from constipation. Fiber botanical supplements are a popular choice for humans. However, it is important to be a bit more careful when it comes to dogs. Dogs that take fiber supplements cannot take them in as much bulk as a human. Some pet parents try to give their dogs human fiber supplements. Before doing so, it is a good idea to consult with a veterinarian as dogs will require much less of a portion than a human would.

Also, it is necessary to ensure that a dog is hydrated before giving them fiber supplements. They can get quite dehydrated if given too much fiber at once. Making sure that they are not constipated is imperative as well. Constipation is a very real issue for canines. They can get sick if their constipation is not taken care of straight away. Fiber supplements can help with constipation in the right dosages. There are some dog fiber supplements available on the market that can help dogs and come in sizes that are meant for pets so there is no doubt to how much to give. It is a good idea to talk to a veterinarian first as they can give advice on the types of fiber they recommend and whether or not they would recommend it for your pet based on their individual medical history.

Can CBD Oil Be Used For Dogs on High Fiber Diets?


CBD Oil for Dogs | Innovet Pet
CBD Oil For Dogs is a natural supplement that many dogs use for health benefits. The health benefits of CBD oil are quite broad and impressive. Medical studies and research have shown that CBD oil can help with health issues like anxiety, inflammation, pain, and nausea. There are also many other medical ailments that can be helped with CBD as well. For example, there are even studies that show CBD can help with brain function and cognition. It is organic and chemical-free and is not known to cause any serious side effects after plenty of study and use. Dogs that are on high fiber diets can easily keep on using CBD oil and it can even be added to their foods. Many canine owners add CBD oil to their dog's foods and treats as a simple method of distribution. High fiber foods are often natural and organic as well. The two in combination are perfectly safe and filled with benefits for pet parents that want to ensure their furry friends are getting something healthy and great for them.


The Final Say on High Fiber Dog Food

The best thing for your dog is really whatever you think is best. Pet parents know their canine friends better than anyone else in the world. You live with your dog and you love your dog. All that you can do as a pet parent is research any products that you plan on giving them and make the best decision that you can with all of the information that you have at your disposal. At Innovetpet, we are pet parents too and know just how wonderful they are. High fiber dog food is a viable option for pet parents that feel it would be good for the health of their amazing pet.


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