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How To Hand Feed Birds?

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How To Hand Feed Birds?

Hand-feeding birds is something you should do with a great care. In addition to the patience and awareness, having right type of equipment ready is compulsory for a worry-free hand feeding.

Here are the essentials you need to be ready as the first step of the process.

  • Feeding Syringes (silicone tipped soft feeders is best)
  • A heating pad
  • Some cotton towels
  • Proper bedding (to place on the bottom of the aquarium)

You can utilize something like used cotton towels for the bottom of the aquarium and place some paper towels on top of them before start feeding process. After the feeding process is done, it is a matter of removing the paper towels and washing them for future use.

Using a proper feeding Syringe makes all the difference

The most important aspect of a bird feeding process is selecting the correct type of syringe. Although there are various syringe products in the market, it is a wise pet owner’s move to select a silicone based syringe offered by a reliable company like Innovet Pet.

Their Silicone Tipped Soft Feeding Syringes are ideal for the purposes like hand feeding of liquids, foods and medicines for pets quite easily. In fact, this is the only product in the market that is made of medical-grade silicone to assure the standard.

Safe and soft silicone material will prevent potential damages to the birds during feeding. Moreover, birds find it difficult to chew these syringes off thanks to the carefully selected material.

Be sure to select the appropriate syringe size to match the breed and the size of the bird to prevent confusions. Usually, it is better to use a 10-30cc syringe as the bigger ones can be difficult to handle.

In addition to that, Innovet  feeding syringes come with perfectly manufactured gaskets that are capable of handling abrasive food stuff without getting stuck or sticking.

Once the correct formula is selected, be sure to put it on a dish first and then add an adequate amount of water. You should remember not to re-heat these bird food formulas as they can cause complications in baby birds.

Do not make it too thick as it may cause choking. Like most of the other animals, majority of the birds like their food to be little warmer.

The process

  • Watch your hands properly with a sanitizer and check if the correct heat is there in the food
  • The baby bird should face you (be sure to place it on a towel)
  • Draw prepared food into Innovet silicone tipped Soft Feeding Syringe
  • Hold the bird’s head with your index and middle fingers and open the beak with thumb (practice this several times before start feeling)
  • Insert the tip of the syringe into the mouth (above the tongue) and gently pass food. Wait it to swallow and repeat the step.

How to insert syringe in birds mouth for feedingImportant

Allow your bird to breath while you feed it. Do not force food into bird’s mouth continuously as it will make breathing difficult for the little bird.

For more information or ordering Soft tipped Silicone Syringes click here.

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