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Spirulina For Dogs: An Overview For Pet Parents

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Spirulina For Dogs: An Overview For Pet Parents

Spirulina For Dogs: An Overview For Pet Parents | Innovet PetTons of issues can crop up for pet parents that are taking care of their beloved dog. There can be issues that are minor and some that are severe. One thing that is certain is that pet parents want their dog to be as healthy and happy as they possibly can. Doing that can sometimes seem almost impossible. This is especially true if there is a painful condition that is plaguing your pet. Many pet parents are intrigued by natural supplements and vitamins that they can give their pet for better health and benefits. Some are better than others. Spirulina is one of those things that pet parents have become curious about in recent years as it has garnered popularity.

Spirulina has been used as a type of supplement or natural aid for centuries in humans. Civilizations have used it in these centuries and experienced some type of health benefit. The good news is that pet parents have the option of giving this to their pets as a way to improve their health. How it can help your pet and what it exactly is will be explained further below.

Spirulina For Dogs: What Exactly Is It?

Spirulina For Dogs: An Overview For Pet Parents | Innovet Pet

Spirulina is a very interesting thing. It is both algae and a bacteria. The name spirulina comes from the way that it appears as algae in nature. It has a noticeable spiral shape to it. It has become a health supplement or “superfood” because of its properties. It contains considerable vitamins such as B complex, vitamin A, and vitamin C. There are also trace amounts of other minerals and fatty acids that the body needs to function properly.

What Are The Health Benefits of Spirulina For Dogs?

There are some significant health benefits in Spirulina for dogs. The vitamins and minerals in the supplement is great for our furry friends. It can help with inflammation, give them an improvement in any problems they have been experiencing with their health, and allow for them to get essential minerals and vitamins that they may not otherwise get enough of. Some of the health benefits that Spirulina for dogs can offer will be explained in much more detail below.

Spirulina Is Beneficial For Gastrointestinal Health

Spirulina For Dogs: An Overview For Pet Parents | Innovet Pet

Spirulina has been proven beneficial for digestion and gastrointestinal health. There are studies that show it helps with bowel function and gets rid of dangerous bacteria in the gut. Research confirms spirulina promotes digestion and bowel function. It suppresses bad bacteria and promotes health gut flora that the body needs. Science has found that a healthy gut is imperative to a healthy life and can help boost immunity. In recent years, gut bacteria has been shown to have a direct connection to overall health and well-being. Having bad bacteria in the gut can be detrimental to your canine pal. Good gut bacteria can make a world of difference and enable your dog to have a healthier life and better gastrointestinal health.

Spirulina Is A Cancer-Fighting Super Food

Spirulina is a cancer-fighting super food. It is a plant and an algae with natural healing properties. There are studies that show it has cancer-fighting properties that are quite amazing. This is great for pet parents that worry about their pet getting cancer. It is also a good option for pet parents that have a dog that has previously had cancer or that currently has it.

It has properties that allow it to heal the body after undergoing radiation. This means that dogs undergoing cancer treatment can experience benefits by taking spirulina supplementation.

Detoxification Benefits of Spirulina for Dogs

Spirulina has also been shown to have detoxification benefits. It can help the body detoxify and cleanse the major organs in the body. More specifically, it can detox the kidneys and get rid of dangerous toxins that can damage the kidneys. The kidneys are vital to the function of the body. Kidney damage and disease can cause devastating health consequences. This is true for canines as much as it is for humans. Using spirulina for detoxification of the kidneys and for cleansing of the body is beneficial for dogs. Supplementation for dogs that need it for their kidney health can be a smart move for pet parents. Also, dogs that just need a good detox can use it as well.

Spirulina For Reduction of Allergies

Spirulina For Dogs: An Overview For Pet Parents | Innovet Pet

Another interesting aspect of spirulina is that it can reduce allergies in dogs. There is a study that shows it has an effect on how the body reacts to food allergies as well as regular environmental allergies. This is something that is not very well known and many people and pet parents don't know about this benefit of Spirulina. The immunity enhancing benefits of spirulina may be what helps with allergies. For example, there is something in particular people and animals that makes them allergic to specific things. These allergies are often based in the body's unique biology and its immune system. That is why some people and pets are allergic to something and others are not allergic at all. Spirulina for dogs can possibly help with your pet's allergies.

The Immune System Benefits of Spirulina

Immune system benefits of Spirulina are beginning to become more well-known. The immune system of a dog is quite similar to that of a human. However, they do have a unique biology and each animal has their own immunity. Spirulina has minerals, vitamins, and healing properties that have an affect on the immune system. The immune system is responsible for fighting illnesses, infections, and bad bacteria. The immune system is often compromised if a pet has cancer and certain autoimmune disorders. Spirulina for dogs can benefit pets that have immune-compromised health and give them some extra fighting power within the body. As mentioned earlier, there are cancer fighting properties that have been found in Spirulina and that is always a major plus when looking for supplements for your pet.

Does Spirulina Have Side Effects in Dogs?

It is possible for dogs to have side effects from Spirulina. The potential for side effects is dependent on the dog themselves and their tolerance for it. Thankfully, the commonly reported side effects are nothing life-threatening. Side effects of Spirulina for dogs are diarrhea and stomach upset.

Cheaper versions of Spirulina may cause side effects due to having fillers that are of no benefit. Fillers are ingredients put in addition to the main ingredients. Sometimes, these fillers are not natural and are chemical in nature and can cause side effects. The higher quality versions often do not have as many fillers and are more natural.

What Spirulina For Dogs Supplement Should I Buy?

Giving your pet Spirulina for dogs is possible with a good supplement product. There are plenty of companies that sell Spirulina supplements. The key is to buy a high quality product that has quality ingredients. Look for products that are reviewed positively by users and that have a list of ingredients that are healthy. Make sure to take the time to research what you are buying is what you want and that is from a reputable source.

A reputable source would be a company that is highly regarded, that has positive reviews from customers, and that has a concise and clear list of ingredients used in the formulation of the supplement.

What Else Can I Look For When Buying Spirulina For Dogs?

A good idea to is buy Spirulina is for dogs. There are some makers that have formulations specifically for pets. This is likely the best option for pet parents. Even if it is formulated for pets, it is still essential to research the product. Make sure other pet parents have experienced good results with their dogs and that is has been proven safe and effective. Look for reputable review websites and find out as much as you can about each product.

Where Should I Buy Spirulina For Dogs?

You can buy it online, in pet stores, and other general stores. As long as the product is one you have researched and trust, then it should be fine. However, buying from a great store with a fair return and exchange policy can be to your benefit. It's always good to purchase from a store that has these types of policies.

What Dosage Of Spirulina Should I Give My Dog?

This is dependent on the weight and size of your dog. Following the instructions that are on the product that you purchase is vital. Don't try to guess what the correct serving size is. Make sure to follow those instructions exactly. If you can't find instructions then you should contact the product company directly. Give them a call or an email and you should get a reply on what the correct dosages are. If you do not, simply move on to a company and product that does give that information freely to purchasers.

What Else Can I Do For My Dog That Is Natural?

One of the best things that you can do for any pet is give them a high-quality diet and give them plenty of exercise! A high-quality diet can be very beneficial to any pet. However, dogs that have health issues can benefit even more from a very healthy and quality diet. A natural and organic diet is an excellent option for pet parents that prefer it. Organic and natural diets have become popular among people all over the world. So, it is understandable that pet parents are becoming interested in that for their pet. And why not? The health benefits of an organic and all-natural food intake have been proven in the way people feel and their overall feeling of well-being.

Dogs can benefit the same way! A natural diet may seem difficult for pet parents. However, there are some amazing pet food recipe websites and blogs on the internet that can really help you out. People with limited cooking skills can whip up some quick and organic meals for their pet that contain all of the vitamins that dogs need. It doesn't require a chef's skill and cooking knowledge. These are a great resource for pet parents that are inexperienced with making homemade dog food that is natural. There are entire communities dedicated to preparing organic pet food and sharing recipes that have been successfully shared with their canine companions.

For pet parents that just don't have the time to commit to making homemade food, there are some pet food companies that make organic dog foods to give your pet. You don't have to prepare it and you can save yourself some precious time and energy. After all, some pet parents are very busy with work and schedules that never seem to end! Dog food companies that make natural options are out there and it is imperative to research and find one that has the vitamins and minerals that your pet really needs. They should list the ingredients on their products so that you know what you are getting. Reputable companies will list that information on their products and you can usually verify it on their website as well. Just like when buying anything, it is vital to research companies and ingredients as thoroughly as you can. Don't be afraid to ask your vet for recommendations on dog foods. They can give you an idea on what dog foods they feel will be best for your pet.

Exercising with your pet a little more often can make a big difference! Dogs that need to lose weight can especially benefit from some extra movement. There are many health conditions that can be helped with exercise. Even if you can only get your dog out for an extra ten or twenty minutes a day—it could make a huge difference in their temperament and their health. Some dogs are much happier when they are able to get outdoors or when they can play with their owner! Find an activity that your dog truly enjoys and try to insert more of that into their day. Some dogs love to chase balls, others like to play with toys and other dogs, and others like to go for long walks in the neighborhood. Also, some dogs may benefit from physical therapy. There are pet physical therapists out there that can do special exercises that are customized to your pet and their unique needs and requirements. Your veterinarian can recommend a veterinary physical therapist or whether they believe it would benefit your dog directly in their particular case.

CBD As a Natural Alternative

CBD can be used to help manage a variety of different health conditions for your dog. This can be used along with Spirulina for dogs. CBD is derived from hemp extract and is an all-natural product that has many known and proven benefits. Research studies have unequivocally shown that CBD is a safe and viable option for people and pets that are suffering from a variety of health ailments. It can help with cancer, inflammation, arthritis, anxiety, and much more.
CBD Oil for Dogs | Innovet Pet

CBD Oil For Dogs is what you can use for your dog for a natural health supplement to compliment your veterinarian's treatment plan. It can be used in conjunction with other natural treatment or as a stand-alone option. This is certainly up to you and what you feel is best for your furry friend. CBD oil has zero THC and is virtually side-effect free. Your dog will not be experiencing any type of high due to the fact that there is less than .3% THC. They will be able to have all of the benefits of CBD oil with none of the risks that many common medications have. A lot of pet parents turn to natural options when they are worried about the side effects of prescriptions that are sometimes far worse than the health condition they are treating. CBD is scientifically proven to be helpful with health conditions and doesn't have the long list of side effects. It is completely safe to give your dog.

Spirulina For Dogs: Parting Thoughts

Spirulina for dogs can be a great supplement to give your furry pal. It has plenty of health benefits and has been used for centuries all over the world. It is a naturally occurring “superfood” and has plenty of vitamins and minerals that can be beneficial to your pet. Buying from a reputable source and giving the recommended dosage to your dog is the best way to ensure that your dog is happy and healthy and can enjoy benefits from Spirulina. Pet parents that are concerned can ask their trusted vet whether or not they recommend it for their canine friend and if there are any particular products that they would recommend. It is understandable that you may want your vet's approval. Although, it is a safe product to be purchased over the counter and without a prescription and you don't have to have your vet's approval in order to purchase it. It is sold online and in stores and there are some that are formulated just for dogs.


The Health Benefits Of Spirulina For Dogs
Effect of Spirulina platensis on Induced Cutaneous Immediate-Type Hypersensitivity in Dogs

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