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The Best Way To Clean Your Dog’s Ears With PurOtic

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The Best Way To Clean Your Dog’s Ears With PurOtic

To say our dogs are prone to dirty ears and ear infections is putting it lightly. From allergies to water getting stuck in their ears during bath time to simply the design of their floppy ears, keeping our dogs’ ears clean can be a pain in the tail. And dirty ears bring an array of issues, becoming a breeding ground for fungus and even parasites that cause foul smells and pain. Yuck! 


Since dirty ears are the thing that causes the most vet visits for dogs, being wise to them and treating them quickly at home can also save you a lot of time and money over the years. Not to mention, not many dogs like to go to the veterinarian. 


This is why our ear cleaner PurOtic is one of our favorite pet items, and why we always make sure to keep a bottle in our dogs’ first aid kits. PurOtic safely delivers a natural and gentle formula deep in the ear canal where it breaks up ear wax and fights bacterial and fungal infections. 



Quick Facts: PurOtic Ear Cleaner Made By Innovet Pet

  • PurOtic breaks apart the solid wax inside of the ear and smoothly removes the debris
  • PurOtic is made of natural herbs blended with essential oils
  • Emits a fine fragrance of essential oils
  • Contains no alcohol
  • Kills bacteria and fungi and prevents further growth with regular use
  • Includes a free silicone syringe for ease of use
  • Pairs perfect with PurOtic Ear Dryer solving an inherent flaw in liquid ear cleaners

What is PurOtic?

PurOtic is a product designed with your pet’s health and comfort in mind. Have you ever snuggled your dog and kissed him on the head, only to be greeted by a whiff of sour ear odor? That means there is a problem and when it smells, it is typically bacteria and infection. The telling sign is black gunk in the ear.


What is PurOtic


You may be tempted to use cotton swabs to clean their ears, but that is a mistake you don’t want to make. It will act as a ramrod and push the excessive wax and infection deeper into the ear, making everything far worse than it was to begin with.


Veterinarians suggest washing the ear by using a liquid cleanser and then massaging the base of the ear to help evenly disperse the liquid. You should let them shake their head after this. Yes, fluid goes flying, so you may want to do this outside and duck out of the way immediately. You can also lightly wrap a towel around their head to help catch the gunk. Getting your pet to shake their heads helps to dislodge and remove the particles in the ear that are causing them problems.



PurOtic is a solution to an all-too-common problem 

First, while liquid ear cleaners are great, it can be tricky to get the liquid in your pet’s ears, so we made sure PurOtic solved that.   


PurOtic drops are designed to be used with special tips that can be replaced. Made from super pliable silicone, these will flex so that if your dog attempts to wiggle away from you, you won’t have to be worried about hurting him. They are also long enough to help get the fluid down into the ear canal, where the bacteria are hiding.


What is PurOtic


By getting the tip farther into the ear, in a manner that is safe, you can lavage the ear and flush bacteria up and out. This is the best way in the world to get their ears clean.


Unlike PurOtic, other ear cleaners are often made with alcohol in them so that they dry. But that alcohol can really sting an ear that’s already irritated. If they have been scratching, then you could be causing them a lot of distress by adding alcohol. Imagine pouring some alcohol on a cut of your own and you’ll see what we mean.


PurOtic is made without alcohol. In fact, 99% all-natural products go into making it. It includes essential oils that help to kill bacteria and fungi. It also helps prevent their return. It’s important to clean their ears on a regular basis, and because there is no alcohol in PurOtic, they will be less resistant when you use it. It’s safe to use, even on skin that is already irritated from scratching and digging.

Did you know that the #1 reason people take their dog to be seen by the veterinarian is for ear infections? 

Cleaning your dog’s ears regularly can help to prevent frequent and expensive vet visits, but many people don’t do it because they are afraid to hurt their dog, or because they just have a hard time getting the drops in the ear, to begin with. PurOtic has solved this problem. 


Inserting the flexible silicone tip is simple and won’t hurt the dog. A quick squirt, massage, and release are all you need to do. Let them shake and run; it’s really good at helping dislodge that ear gunk and move it out. 


Their ears will feel better, smell better, and you can go back to enjoyable snuggles that don’t make you gag from the smell. Your dog will be so much more comfortable, too. 

Common Symptoms of Excess Earwax Build-up In Pets 

  • Frequent shaking of the head
  • Foul discharge coming from the ear
  • Scratching of the ears
  • Tenderness, irritability if the ear is touched
  • Swelling or redness of the ear flap
  • Loss of hearing

Common Symptoms of Excess Earwax

Why We Created PurOtic 

PurOtic was created out of necessity when after multiple ear infections and vet visits, our best boy Maximus was still having issues with his ears, leaving him depressed and in great discomfort. 


Besides needing to create an ear cleaner for Maximus that fully did the job of cleaning and keeping his ears clean, we wanted to make it as natural as possible.


There is a time and a place for everything. Sometimes, traditional medicine is necessary, and no one here will argue with that. There are, however, many times that natural products work just as well, sometimes even better. 


Using prescription drugs or synthetic chemicals for cleaning ears can be harmful due to adverse side effects. An example, using carbamide peroxide may cause an allergic reaction, hives, or possibly difficulty in breathing.


Some Common Side Effects of Conventional Synthetic Chemicals for Earwax Removal

  • Swelling of the lips, tongue, or throat
  • Dizziness,
  • Irritation or itching
  • Excessive Discharge of fluids
  • Loss or decrease of hearing for a prolonged period


Synthetic Earwax Removal can cause Excessive Discharge of fluids


PurOtic’s soothing natural formula was inspired by a similar formula given to young kids and infants for help with ear issues. The emulsifier docusate sodium has long been seen as extremely safe for human ears, even on the youngest and most sensitive. 

After we discovered it, we had to know if it was safe for dogs. Turns out it completely is, so we combined docusate sodium with antifungal and antibacterial ingredients well-known and praised for their safety and effectiveness to create one of the best ear cleaners around.

What Causes Ear Infections?

When the lining of the ear is irritated by a foreign object or particle that remains in the ear, it can cause an infection, but that is not the only reason some dogs get constant ear infections. Some dogs have allergy issues that can present themselves as chronic ear infections. 

All dogs can get ear infections, but some dogs are more prone to them. In fact, treating them over years with steroids can actually cause them to appear more frequently because the steroids are suppressing the immune system function. This can cause infections to become so chronic that dogs are constantly shaking their heads. 

When this happens, they can cause hematomas to form.


Basically, a clot will form in the ear that creates a pocket filled with blood that the veterinarian will have to either drain by aspiration or surgically remove. In time, the ear tissue can become so scarred that a dog who once had erect ears will be left with ears that sag. They can also become thick from the scarring, known as ‘cauliflower ear’ in some circles.


Not only is this condition very painful, but it can also cause the dog to eventually have the outer ear amputated because it no longer has viable blood flow. The swelling can also block their ear canal, making infections worse, as well.

Allergic reactions commonly trigger ear infections  

If allergies are the underlying issue that is causing ear infections, treating them is your best option. There are many natural methods and remedies for managing allergies in dogs. CBD oil can help, for example. If food allergies are the issue, you may be able to determine what your dog is allergic to and change their diet to reflect the sensitivity to those foods.


CBD Oil for Dogs with Allergies


Some dogs are allergic to fleas. Using products that don’t just kill fleas when they bite, but deter them from being on your dog in the first place will help. Many natural products, such as shampoos with tea tree oil, exist to help keep fleas away. While they may die from one bite while your dog is on Frontline, that one bite can be enough to cause a severe reaction for the dog with flea dermatitis.

Treating their allergies is the best thing to do and many natural products exist as well as some good solutions for living flea-free by treating your yard and having hardwood or tile floors instead of carpeting when you have pets. 


Washing their bedding weekly in a shampoo designed to deter fleas by scent is highly recommended. Fleas hate eucalyptus, lavender, and many other fresh scents, such as cedar. Why not keep them away rather than letting them bite once? A hundred fleas that die after one bite are still equivalent to a hundred flea bites that cause your dog misery.

Genetics Play A Role Too

Some dogs will simply be more prone to ear issues because of genetics. Whether it is their specific breed, in the case of purebred dogs, or if it is genetics from far down the family tree in the case of mixed breeds. As well, breeds with long and floppy ears tend to be prone to ear infections, as their ears are good at trapping dirt and moisture. 

Some breeds more prone to ear problems and infections are:

Cocker Spaniels are prone to ear infections


There are also certain breeds that are more prone to allergies that could make an impact on their ear health.

These include:

  • Chinese Shar-Peis
  • Wirehaired Fox Terriers
  • Golden Retrievers
  • Dalmatians
  • Boxers
  • Boston Terriers
  • Labrador Retrievers
  • Lhasa Apsos
  • Scottish Terriers
  • Shih Tzus
  • West Highland White Terriers

This is, by no means, a complete list of dogs that have allergy issues. These are simply some of the breeds most likely to have genetic traits that lead them to allergy problems. Any dog of any breed or mix of breeds can be prone to allergies.

Allergies, just like with humans, can be from foods or environmental triggers. Some dogs even have asthma that is triggered by allergies. If you suspect that your dog has allergies, your veterinarian can test them for allergens. If you cannot afford to do this testing, you can also try the elimination diet to determine if there are food allergies.

This works very well for many people and pets. It isn’t simple, and it can take some time, though. 

Final Thoughts and Tips for Using PurOtic 

Remember, a healthy ear will not have a pungent smell or foul odor. So if you can smell your pet’s ears when you get up close, it is probably time to break out the ear cleaner. Even when you don’t notice a foul odor emitting from your dog’s ears, it’s still good practice to check them out monthly, during grooming sessions, and whenever you see your dog shaking their head frequently. 

If your dog doesn’t like things inserted into their ears, which is very normal, we have a few tricks to help! 

First, try giving them a little peanut butter from the bottom of a cup that keeps them occupied. You can also have someone help you to hold them very steady, then while they’re restrained and their mouth full of peanut butter, insert the soft, pliable, silicone tip of the PurOtic bottle in their ear. 

Give a quick squirt and then massage very well at the base of the ear. If their ear is very tender and swollen, or hot to the touch, be gentle and forgo the massage if necessary.

Once you have massaged the ear at the base, if you need to do the other ear, do so and then release them and remember to watch out for gunk when they shake their head. For some dogs, the first few times are the hardest until they recognize that the ear cleaner is helping their ears feel better.

Last, while you certainly don’t have to, we recommend following PurOtic Ear Cleaner with PurOtic Ear Dryer. This replaces harsh alcohol agents used in traditional ear cleaners to remove any excess moisture the cleaner itself may have added. 

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