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The Governor of California Signs Bill Allowing Vets to Mention Cannabis for Pets

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The Governor of California Signs Bill Allowing Vets to Mention Cannabis for Pets

In recent decades, there have been some slow, but important, changes that have been providing more health options for humans and pets alike. In California specifically, cannabis is allowed for both medical and recreational purposes. With the signing of this recent bill, pets can now receive recommendations for cannabis and CBD products from their veterinarians.

This is a huge leap, because it allows pet owners an option for their pets that contains fewer side effects. In addition, the CBD within cannabis and hemp plants is useful for many conditions and illnesses, such as epilepsy, anxiety, and more.

In the hands of medical professionals, this information can reach pet owners in accurate, beneficial ways. As a result, pet owners will be better prepared for making the best choices for the health of their pets.

What Is The AB 2215 Bill?

The Governor of California Signs Bill Allowing Vets to Mention Cannabis for Pets | Innovet Pet

Bill AB 2215 is one of the recent California bills passed, which will allow vets the ability to include cannabis within their recommendations for pets. Due to the increasing popularity of medications that make use of cannabis and CBD, it wasn't long before the market was opened up to pets as well as their human counterparts. CBD oils, treats, and capsules have become a more popular option for treating a range of illnesses, including incredible effectiveness for epilepsy.

As a result of this bill, California veterinarians for CBD will now have the ability to discuss or recommend the use of cannabis for pets. This allows them to open up the possibility of using the plant for veterinary purposes without the worry of being punished for it by state officials or California veterinary boards.

There are many who have looked forward to the passing of this bill, considering the usefulness that cannabis can have when it comes to medicinal properties. It also ensures that pet owners will be able to get real information from medical professionals holding California veterinary licenses. about how they can use it to improve the lives of their pets.

What Does Approving It Mean?

For pet owners in California, this bill means access to more information from their vet about the options available for their furry family members. Vets no longer have to worry about being punished for recommending a medication due to their controversial status.

For pets that are experiencing pain, anxiety, or seizures can now be offered a natural option that can be quite effective, and also limits the number of side effects they have to deal with. Depending on what pet owners prefer, they now have another option for helping their pets.

However, veterinarians still cannot prescribe cannabis for pets to their patients due to the status of the drug within the federal government. While this may be a frustration for some, there are websites and other resources pet owners can use to get pet-friendly products, such as CBD pet products that include little to no THC.

Who Does This Bill Apply To?

This is a bill that is going to benefit both veterinarians and pet owners who want to know all of the possible options when it comes to helping their pet. It's also a bill that can offer a hugely positive effect on pets who are in need of pain relief or relief from epilepsy.

Overall, this bill is going to be a large step forward into removing the stigma from cannabis-related products. Allowing medical professionals to discuss and consider the plant for the purposes of helping your pet places the information into safe hands, and ensures accurate information shared with pet owners.

Can You Get These Products From The Vet?

While veterinarians can now recommend cannabis and CBD products to pet owners, they aren't yet able to prescribe it. CBD is legal in California, but the plant is still outlawed by the federal government. There is still a great deal of stigma surrounding cannabis products, even in states where it is legal even for recreational uses.

Some may hope that in time, this stigma will continue to lift, allowing medical professionals to really get a good look into all the benefits they can get from these products. Furthermore, if the substance is controlled through the prescription from a vet, it can help to ensure that pets receive the correct doses.

Where To Get These Products

While vets themselves cannot provide or prescribe CBD for your pet, there are places you can get it. This largely involves purchasing CBD which comes from hemp plants, rather than cannabis plants which contain THC as well as CBD. For those who aren't aware of the differences, THC is the substance within these plants that are associated with the “high”, while CBD provides the majority of the health benefits.

By itself, CBD is considered to be a legal substance. However, it is going to be important to double-check the laws in your area just to be absolutely safe. For those in California, you can also now discuss the use of CBD for your pet, and how to safely provide it with the guidance of a medical professional.

How Could This Change The Landscape For CBD And Similar Products?

Over recent years, the stigma associated with cannabis has begun to lift. Because it has been listed by the federal government as a seemingly dangerous drug, there are many who still view it as such even though science is gradually proving otherwise. This began when cannabis began to show itself to be useful for humans for treating things like epilepsy with more effectiveness than standard medications.

Moving forward into allowing these medical benefits to assist pets as well continues to open up a new way of thinking about cannabis and CBD. It allows medical professionals who care for our pets to recommend another useful option as well as the standard choices out there. This way, pet owners who are interested can learn about the products and how to use them safely.

Benefits of CBD and Cannabis For Pets

The Governor of California Signs Bill Allowing Vets to Mention Cannabis for Pets | Innovet Pet

Humans and pets can both suffer from a range of illnesses and conditions that can benefit from the use of cannabis or CBD. CBD, which can be found by itself or within cannabis products, CBD is a natural anti-inflammatory. That means it tackles inflammation in the body through natural means.

Inflammation is the source for many different conditions in the body, and particularly pain. Because of that, reducing that inflammation is key for allowing those who are in pain to feel better. For example, arthritis often occurs as a result of inflammation that occurs when the bones rub against one another where there used to be a cushion.

Reducing that inflammation allows for better movement with less pain. Considering inflammation is such a versatile thing, the ability for CBD to reduce inflammation just about anywhere is something that can prove to be a great tool. At the very least, it's something that is worth trying out.

Side Effects Of CBD Products

The side effects of CBD are quite minimal, and many who use it don't experience any side effects at all.  For example, some of the side effects that can occur include some drowsiness, a little bit of dry mouth, and in some cases, lowered blood pressure.

While you're considering CBD, it's worth comparing these side effects to those that can occur with even something as simple as NSAIDs, which can result in some organ damage over long term use. Many other medications can include side effects like vomiting, diarrhea, and even seizures.

Those who prefer natural options can often do so because they tend to include fewer side effects and nasty results in the body. Some can feel like standard medications are often trading one form of illness for another. However, keep in mind that there are still many situations in which standard medications will still be needed.

CBD For Dogs

The Governor of California Signs Bill Allowing Vets to Mention Cannabis for Pets | Innovet Pet

CBD is able to offer a wide range of benefits for dogs, cats, and even horses. It works well as a supplement or as a means of gaining control over painful conditions like arthritis, or even more difficult issues like epilepsy.

Pets can also receive these benefits without the side effects that can come with most prescription medications out there. So far, it has been found that higher doses can result in your pet becoming somewhat drowsy, but there aren't many side effects beyond that. Comparing this to the long lists of potential side effects found in other medications can give you a good idea about which is the safer choice.

There are also a number of product varieties that you can make use of, including the highly-versatile CBD oil, CBD treats, and even pellets designed for horses. On top of that, there are even easy topical options.

Uses For CBD

CBD is a product that can help with many different issues, making it a great all-around option for your pet. Whether they have an issue that needs to be resolved, or you just want to maintain their health, CBD is a fantastic choice.

Some of the issues CBD can assist with include:

  • Nausea
  • Anxiety
  • Pain in the back or joints
  • Gastrointestinal problems
  • Seizures
  • Stress
  • Cancer symptoms
  • Lack of appetite

Keep in mind that while CBD can be an extremely helpful product, it is not intended to replace prescribed medications. What it can do is lower the amounts of those medications that pets might need, meaning fewer side effects. In cases that aren't as serious, it can work to provide the relief your pet needs.

Regardless of your pet's situation, you should always discuss it with your vet before purchasing CBD.

Top CBD Products

When you decide to give CBD a shot at helping your pet, it's going to be important to make sure that you do your research and look for CBD products that are of higher quality. This means looking for organic CBD that is made to high standards, allowing it to be the safest and most effective.

The good news is that those quality products can be easy to find with the help of companies like Innovet. You'll be able to find oils, treats, and more that promise to provide your pet with pure, organic CBD so that they can receive all the benefits with none of the downfalls.


CBD oil is a great option for those who have  multiple types of pets, finicky pets, and those who may have trouble chewing up crunchy treats. CBD oil for dogs and cats can be a great choice. It's easy to administer, whether it's
The Governor of California Signs Bill Allowing Vets to Mention Cannabis for Pets | Innovet Pet
through placing drops in their mouth, into the water, or by mixing it into their food.  

CBD oil can take a little more effort than treats, but when compared to trying to give squirmy pets prescription medications, it's still much easier overall. Quality CBD oil options also tend to be nearly flavorless, so you won't need to worry too much about your pet hating the taste.

CBD Treats

When you want something that is easy to give your dog, CBD dog treats are a fantastic idea. There are both crunchy and soft options, suitable for smaller dogs and those with different needs. Providing the right dose of these treats is simple for most dogs, with most dogs getting what they need from a single treat.

With a variety of delicious flavors, your dog will never notice that they are getting anything more than a delicious treat. It's a perfect way to make providing their dose of CBD easily and in a very enjoyable way.

CBD For Dogs: The Bottom Line

Most pet owners want to know every option available to their pets when it comes to improving or maintaining their health. For many, it's a huge benefit to know about natural options that are not only safe but also very effective in a number of different ways.

While cannabis and CBD have once been considered controversial, recent studies have shown that CBD has a lot to offer humans and pets in some truly incredible ways. Naturally, the science is still new, but there's likely to be many more studies conducted about what CBD can do within humans and pets to make all of our lives better.


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