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CBD Dosage For Dogs And Cats 101

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CBD Dosage For Dogs And Cats 101

Posted by Michael Jones on
Updated at: February 21, 2021

CBD Dosage For Dogs And Cats 101 | Innovet PetNine times out of ten, pet owners give their furry friends CBD as an oil supplement. This means that you're probably going to be dosing your pet with CBD in drop form. CBD oil is a great way to introduce your pet to CBD and is also a great option if your pet is already taking CBD regularly.

CBD comes in other forms as well, like treats, capsules, and tinctures. Each of these has its own uses, which we'll cover later. If you're not sure which product to go with, you can't go wrong with CBD oil. 

The most intimidating part about introducing your pet to CBD for the first time is getting the dosage right. Fortunately, it's not nearly as difficult as it seems! CBD has minor side effects for dogs and cats alike, so don't stress over it too much. Your pet's weight is going to be the main factor to consider when figuring out how much CBD to give them. 

What Are You Using CBD To Manage?

What you're trying to manage with CBD will also affect how much you give your dog or cat. If you're just trying to improve their overall quality of life, then smaller dosages are the way to go. If, however, you're treating something like epilepsy, you'll probably want to err on the side of higher dosages. 

CBD is helpful for managing all kinds of conditions in dogs and cats. The most popular use is to manage anxiety and depression in animals that may have experienced trauma in the past. CBD can provide them relief from these feelings, which in turn makes it easier to leave them at home, travel with them, and introduce them to new people and animals.

CBD is also helpful for managing chronic pain, arthritis, appetite issues, and more. For the most part, you'll want to stick pretty close to the dosage charts listed below. Over time, though, you'll find that some conditions are treated better with higher dosages, while others can be subdued with smaller ones.

CBD Oil Dosage For Dogs

When it comes to CBD dosages for dogs, it's all about their weight. The bigger your dog is, the more CBD they're going to need. If you don't know how much your pet weighs, do your best to weigh them before you start administering CBD.

Next, you'll need to know the concentration of the CBD oil that you're giving to your dog. You can usually find this on the bottle of oil. The higher the concentration, the smaller the dosage. Choose smaller concentration levels if your dog is on the smaller side, and vice versa.

You'll want to give your pet around 1mg of CBD for every 2lbs that they weigh. So, if your dog weighs 30lbs and your bottle of CBD oil contains 1mg of CBD per drop, you'll want to give your dog 15 drops of CBD oil each day. Again, this will vary by the concentration of the CBD oil that you're using, so be sure to read the bottle and see how much CBD is in each drop of oil. 

CBD treat and capsule Dosages for dogs

As an alternative to CBD oil, Innovet also offers CBD dog treats, botanical supplement chews, and capsules. You can find the recommended dosages on each product package, but here are a few general guidelines in case you need them. 

Our CBD dog treats have 4mg in every treat. Using the same rule as before - 1mg per 2lbs - a 30lbs dog would need to eat around three and a half CBD treats each day. Because these treats contain higher dosages of CBD than CBD oil, it's recommended that only dogs 20lbs and over use CBD treats.

Innovet's CBD dog chews have 2mg in every chew. This would mean that a 30lbs dog would need to eat seven and a half chews each day. Our CBD capsules are our highest dosage product, with 5mg per capsule. These are only recommended for dogs 50lbs and over. A dog weighing 50lbs would need to take five capsules each day.

CBD Oil Dosage For Cats

CBD Dosage For Dogs And Cats 101 | Innovet Pet

When it comes to cats, it's generally not recommended that they are given CBD chews or treats. This is because cats usually don't weigh enough to justify the higher dosage levels found in these products. However, if your cat does weigh close to or more than 20lbs, you can CBD chews or treats by breaking the treats into smaller pieces. 

Cats tend to respond to CBD with smaller dosages, so 0.5mg of CBD for every 2lbs that your cat weighs is best. This would mean that if your cat weighs 12lbs and the CBD oil you are giving them contains 1mg of CBD in every drop, you would give them just three drops of CBD oil per day.

Since cats require significantly less CBD than dogs, dosing can be a little more delicate of a process. Don't hesitate to introduce them to CBD slowly, and watch their reaction to decide if they should be taking a lower or higher dosage than recommended.

How To Give Your Pet CBD

Giving your pet cannabidiol is a lot simpler than most other medications because it's such a flexible compound! In fact, if you're giving your dog CBD as a treat or chew, you don't even really have to convince them to take it.

CBD oil can be given to dogs and cats in a few different ways. You can either use the dropper to administer the CBD directly into their mouth - which can be tricky - or add the drops onto one of their favorite treats or meals.

Capsules are the hardest to administer since pills aren't a normal thing that dogs eat. There are special devices available online that make giving pills to your pet significantly easier, though you could also try crushing the capsule up and mixing it into their food.

Can My Pet Overdose On CBD?

Like any medication or supplement, your pet can overdose on CBD. However, dogs and cats each have an extremely high tolerance to CBD, so much so that accidentally overdosing them on a CBD product would be very difficult.

That said, it can happen. Fortunately, the side effects of a CBD overdosage aren't very severe. In most cases, it will only make your pet lethargic and tired for the rest of the day. In fact, some pet owners intentionally give their pets higher dosages of CBD to help with their insomnia.

All of that being said, every animal is different, so if you do notice any concerning side effects, don't hesitate to contact your local vet as quickly as possible. In addition, CBD can reduce the effectiveness of certain medications in higher dosages, so consult with your vet first if your pet is on any regular medications.

Be Flexible With Dosages

Since the side effects of CBD are so minimal for dogs and cats alike, don't hesitate to try out different dosages with them during the course of their CBD use - within reason, of course. You can try adding an extra drop of CBD if you feel your pet isn't getting the desired results, or give them one less drop if they seem to sleepy or anxious with the recommended amount. 

When you're just introducing your dog or cat to CBD, start small. Give them a little bit less than the recommended dosage, and don't worry about seeing results right away. You want to introduce it into their routine without overwhelming their system. Each week you can steadily increase the dose until you get to the recommended amount.

It also helps to break your pet's daily dosage in half and give them one half-dosage in the morning and another in the evening. This helps spread out the effects of the CBD throughout the day.

Always watch your pet's reaction when giving them CBD to see how it is affecting them. If you don't see any changes after a few weeks, you can slowly increase their dosage until you do start to see the results you're looking for. And on the opposite end, if you feel like the side effects it's having on your pet are two strong, steadily reduce their dosage until they're responding to it normally. 

Finding The Right CBD Product For Your Pet

Finding the right CBD product for your dog or cat involves a lot more than just dosage. It will depend on how much your pet weighs, what their preferences are, what they are being treated for, and so on. In order to find the right CBD product for your pet, you'll need to take all of this into consideration and see what works best for you. 

In general, as long as you're using safe, organically harvested CBD, you can't go wrong. You do need to make sure, though, that you are purchasing CBD that was intended for animal use and not simply giving your pet CBD intended for people. Humans and animals - while both able to benefit from CBD - do not have the same kinds of tolerances to it.

This is especially true when looking at CBD that was harvested from marijuana rather than hemp. Marijuana has THC in it, which is toxic to dogs and cats. Giving your pet irresponsibly sourced CBD can have dire consequences.

Here are some of the safe, organic CBD products that Innovet offers: 


CBD Oil for Dogs | Innovet Pet

CBD oil is the most popular way to use CBD for pet and people alike. It's simple, natural, and straightforward. It's easy to figure out how much you should be dosing, comes in different concentrations and purities, and all around is the way to go.CBD oil is usually the most potent, so if you're giving your pet CBD to help manage a specific condition, CBD oil is generally the recommended way to administer the compound. CBD also comes in a salve form, which is similar to CBD oil but is intended to be used on your pet's skin. 

CBD salves are best for joint pains and skin conditions, where you apply the product directly on the affected area. For other issues, though, like anxiety, it's recommended that you stick with an ingestible product.

CBD Treats and Chews

Soft Hemp Dog Chews | Innovet Pet

Innovet's CBD treats and chews are intended to make administering CBD to dogs easier and more fun. Because they contain slightly larger dosages of CBD, it's recommended that they only are given to medium and large dogs. They're not recommended for use with cats.

The effects of CBD treats usually have a slower and milder interaction with your dog's system than CBD oil. This makes it a great way to introduce your dog to CBD. You can also give your pet CBD treats and chews in the long run if you are dealing with less severe conditions, like travel anxiety or general health. 

CBD Capsules

Once again, CBD capsules have a very high dosage of CBD and are intended to make administering CBD to larger pets easier. It's not recommended that you use CBD capsules with animals under 40lbs.

Because of their potency, CBD capsules are best for dogs using CBD to treat more serious conditions. This includes things like chronic arthritis, epilepsy, and irritable bowel syndrome. Similar to Innovet's CBD treats, CBD capsules tend to take longer to have an effect on your pet since they need to be digested.

CBD Pellets

Equine Hemp PCR - CBD Pellets for Horses and Livestock | Innovet Pet

Innovet also offers CBD in a pellet-food form. These pellets were specifically made to aid in administering CBD to horses. They're a unique solution that makes dosing CBD for such a large animal a simple process. These pellets can be used with any animals that eat pellet food as well! This includes sheep, goats, and even small animals like guinea pigs to enjoy the benefits of CBD.



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