Can Dogs Take Claritin

Can Dogs Take Claritin?

It’s often the case when we find a medicine that works wonders for our health we wonder if we can give the same medication to our dogs. Many of us are blessed with allergies and have just a grand time coping with the sneezing, itching, and watery eyes. And just like us, our mini-furry hoomans deal with allergies and for the same reasons. You can blame it all on an overactive immune system. 

Claritin is a popular medication that many will want in their cabinets whenever the weather starts changing. One second your face is red and nose is clogged, but pop a Claritin, and you’re breathing deeply and ready for that summer marathon. And since allergies in dogs and humans are caused by the same issues, many wonder if they can give their dog Claritin. So let’s find out!


1. Can I Give My Dog Claritin?
2. Why Do People Give Dogs Claritin?
3. Claritin For Dogs: Which Formula Can I Use?
4. Claritin Side Effects
5. Claritin Overdose In Dogs
6. Alternatives To Claritin

Can I Give My Dog Claritin?

Can dogs take Claritin? The simple answer is maybe, and you’ll want to discuss the option with your veterinarian first. It’s not that Claritin side effects are worse in dogs than humans or that it doesn’t work. Instead, you always want careful when giving your do a drug formulated for humans.

Many prescription drugs are two-faced where they present low side effects until dosages move up to higher concentrations. When that happens, serious side effects seemingly blossom from nowhere. Unless you’re rolling with a mastiff, your Claritin is likely way too potent for your dog, and this is the biggest issue with giving your dog Claritin.

Now, you might be thinking that you can just do some math and cut the pill down to the appropriate size. First, cutting up pills unless advised can result in uneven dosages. But there is a bigger reason why you want to consult your vet before giving your dog Claritin. Age and medical history play an equal part along with weight in determining the appropriate dosage for your dog. Unless you’re a trained medical professional, this is something that is too difficult to do.

Why Do People Give Dogs Claritin?

Above, we discussed the most common reasons people want to give their dogs Claritin. It’s can help treat allergy symptoms in dogs from running noses to watery eyes. However, they are a few other really cool reasons you may want to give Claritin to your dog.

Mast cell tumors can cause deliberating inflammation that allows pain to course through the body resulting in an unfilled life. This is the last thing we want for our dogs, but fortunately, Claritin can help as the symptoms closely mirror that of an allergic reaction.   

Claritin For Dogs: Which Formula Can I Use?

Another reason you always want to discuss giving Claritin to your dog with your vet is not all Claritin is safe — even in a appropriately-sized dose. You should avoid giving Claritin-D to your dog as it contains pseudoephedrine. This chemical is pretty much always dangerous to your dog and can be lethal even with small doses (240mg).

Instead, you should only give your dog the plain Claritin formula or the children’s version.

Claritin Side Effects

Side effects are a natural result of pretty much everything you can consume — you just need a large enough dosage e.g. you can die from drinking milk and water. But unlike them, drugs pose side effects with much smaller dosages, and it’s easy to take or give too much. Especially, when a drug like Claritin is can obliterate the awful symptoms of allergies.  

  • Behavioral issues
  • Changes in bowel movements or problems urinating
  • Changes in diet or increased thirst
  • Confusion
  • Drowsiness
  • Dry Eyes
  • Vomiting

Claritin Overdose In Dogs

When administering the right versions of Claritin in appropriately-sized dosage, Claritin overdoses are extremely rare. You will be able to tell if you accidentally gave too much and you will need to seek immediate action to avoid them from having a stroke.

Using Claritin to help your dog have an enjoyable allergy season free of watery eyes, itching skin, and a running nose can be safe and effective treatment options for allergies. However, like many medications, improper use can spell serious consequences and we don’t want to see anything bad happen to your fug nugget. As such, always consult your vet before starting your dog on any new medication whether it’s Claritin,
Apoquel, or another drug.  

Alternatives To Claritin

At Innovet Pet, it’s our goal to keep you updated on pet health so your pet can have a dynamic, fulfilling, and healthy life. As such, whenever we talk about the pros and cons of a specific medication, we like to give you an alternative option, so you have the information you need.

One of our favorite alternatives to Claritin is CBD oil. CBD works naturally with one of your pet’s major regulatory systems and can help calm down an overactive immune system that's easily triggered by pollen, dust, etc.

CBD has a harmonious relationship with this regulatory and balancing system — Research shows CBD can reinforce and extend its therapeutic reach. Even better, comprehensive research shows CBD is very low risk -- this is something we always want for an alternative medication.

Another reason it’s a nice alternative to Claritin is CBD is easy to give. And if you’ve ever tried to regularly give your pet medicine before, you know how much of a blessing this is. CBD comes in tinctures, capsules, and easy to give treats 

For the pickiest eaters, we recommend our Hemp CBD Treats or Soft Chews, that will leave your dog drooling.


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