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Corgi Husky Mix - Everything You Want To Know - Best Corgi Mixes

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Corgi Husky Mix - Everything You Want To Know - Best Corgi Mixes

Move over Goldendoodles, Puggles, and the Pomapoos. We still love you, but there is a new cutie on the block called the Horgi. Nope, it isn’t a dance move or the latest video game craze, it is a Husky Corgi mix dog that will light your heart on fire and tickle your senses all at the same time.

Take the highly alert and bubbly personality of a Welsh Corgi and mix it with the athletically powerful and affectionate nature of a Siberian Husky and you have a new breed bubbling with personality, smarts, and a little mischievousness.In fact, Corgis and Huskies are both a bit mischievous so you might have your hands full but there will always be laughter in your home.

The Horgi perfectly represents the active, social, and hip atmosphere of the modern era and with a little exercise, you’ll have an outgoing, friendly, and perfectly trained pup. This is the perfect dog to walk downtown and enjoy drinks on the patio of your favorite eatery with friends. Everyone will love him and he’ll entertain as if it is his civic duty to be adorable.

So today let’s find out all about the Horgi or is it the Siborgi, or how about Corgski? The Origins of The Corgi Husky Mix: The Parents.

While they have seen a recent influx in mainstream popularity, the Corgi Husky mix has been popular with designer dog owners for over 25 years now.

Designer dog breeds have become more popular over the last 20 years and possibly might be more popular than many pure breed dogs in existence. The designer dog allows for choosing the dog that is perfectly suited for your lifestyle, with an adorable face that you desire.

Like all breeds that are a hybrid of two different purebred dogs, it’s important that you learn about both parents. The Horgi is often a wonderful balance of the two breeds with them sharing key characteristics like supreme intelligence. However, while Corgis are small and little loafy, the same can’t be said for the breed of dog that most resembles dogs’ ancestor, the wolf.


1. The Siberian Husky
2. The Welsh Corgi
3. Husky Corgi Mix
4. The Appearance of The Corgi Husky Mix
5. The Corgi Husky Coat
6. Corgi Husky Mix Specs
7. Temperament of The Corgi Husky Mix
8. Diet and Other Nutritional Needs
9. Taking Care of a Horgi: Maintenance
10. Final Words

The Siberian Husky

The Siberian Husky has seen a lot of popularity in the past couple of decades thanks to their cinematic grace on screens both big and small. But what takes many owners by surprise is their love for running and shedding. Siberian Huskies essentially shed year around, and you can fill up garbage bags in one grooming session.

This shedding is truly not an exaggeration. You will pull handfuls of hair from your Husky in the spring and you will see hair floating through the room whenever there is a breeze.

The Husky is highly intelligent and it takes a very smart dog savvy person to own one. They will simply outsmart you when it comes to locking them up in  a yard or a kennel. They can open doors and unlock many types of locks all on their own.

As well, they are known for their mischievous, and sometimes defiant behavior. Exercise is essential if you want to avoid influencing those less-than-desirable personality characteristics.  

Besides that, Huskies are wickedly smart, have an absurdly outgoing personality that frequently dives into comicalness, and they are one of the most majestic looking dogs around. They are a medium size breed around 50 lbs though but some males can get quite big (80+ lbs).

They typically get along with other pets in the household quite well, provided that they are well-socialized from the start. If not socialized properly, a Husky can become problematic to have around cats or other small creatures in a home.

The Welsh Corgi

Unlike the Siberian Husky, there are two variations of Welsh Corgi: Cardigan Welsh Corgi and Pembroke Welsh Corgi.

If the Pembroke Welsh Corgi sounds more familiar that because they are. In fact, the Cardigan Welsh Corgi is so rare that it’s considered vulnerable.

Like the Siberian Husky, Corgis display equal intelligence, and despite their small size are extremely active and have been used to herd cattle and sheep for decades.

They are a big dog, in a smaller dog’s body. In fact, they have an enormous personality for a dog that stands barely 12-inches tall at the shoulder. They can race at top speed on their short legs though. Don’t be fooled. This is a tough, active dog.

We should note that herding cattle and sheep is the last thing a Husky should do. This is where breeding the two comes together in harmony. Retain all of that brain power and dial down some of the overly pro- and anti-herding desires of both breeds.

Husky Corgi Mix

With the Corgi Husky mix being around for over a quarter of a decade, it entirely possible to find a Horgi that’s a second, third, fourth, maybe even fifth generation mix. Their personality and look will be more predictable, especially if you can get insight on the past generations.

Overall, they should be the most in-between balance between the two breeds. It’s important to note, that if getting from a private breeder, ask them if they’ve been breeding for any particular traits.

Great breeders will keep impeccable records and be able to discuss with you, at length, the reasons they chose a sire or a dam for a litter. They will tell you they were attempting to get a better body structure, or head size, coat, or personality. Each breeding should be for a purpose other than making money.

In fact, breeders will tell you that there is little to make from breeding dogs. Between vet bills and other costs and overhead, there is little left. Sometimes, they lose money. They breed dogs for the love of the breed and to continue a legacy that will enhance a breed.

The Appearance of The Corgi Husky Mix


“More often than not, the Corgi Husky mix has short legs like a Corgi with a face that looks like a Siberian Husky giving a permanent Husky puppy look.”

Unless your Horgi is a second, third, etc. generation mix, it may be next to impossible to predict what a Horgi puppy will end up looking like. It’s likely they will be a fairly even mix so expect a dog smaller than a Husky, but bigger than a Corgi.

But don’t bank on it, which brings up an important issue . . .  

You may get a Corgi Husky puppy thinking it’s going to be a perfect balance between the two, or a new breed altogether. You might love Huskies, but their size is a little too big for your house.

If something like this is the cause for you, don’t get a Horgi unless it’s descended from a line of Horgi mixes. It’s entirely possible that you get a first generation Horgi and it grows up to be an unmistakable 60 lbs+ Siberian Husky or vice versa.

Predicting genetics . . .  

Thanks to genes being dominant and recessive we can expect to see certain traits occurring more frequently. More often than not, the Corgi Husky mix takes on the short legs of the Corgi but will have the face of the Siberian Husky.

Their bodies will be long thanks to both the Husky and Corgi. In most cases, a Horgi looks like a permanent Husky puppy. For some people, this is exactly what they desire. A perpetual puppy with adult personality is highly desirable indeed.

Along with the above traits you can expect to see: lots of fluff, a rounder face, ears that stand upright, and a curved tail.

The Corgi Husky Coat


“The Husky Corgi Mix comes in a delightful range of colors such as Brindle, Silver, Dark Brown, Red, and Sable.”


Both breeds are known for their soft and thick coats, and you want to be comfortable with regular grooming if you want a Horgi. Fortunately, Corgis aren’t as bad as Siberian Huskies and only heavily shed twice a year.

Due more so to the Siberian Husky side, the color of a Horgi’s coat can really vary from Brindle, Silver, Dark Brown, Red, and Sable (black & most common). They will, of course, have a great deal of white throughout their coat.

As well, don’t be tricked into thinking your Horgi will be brown or red because both the parents are. Red & white huskies almost always carry the gene for a sable & white coat, and there is a good chance a few of their puppies will come out this way.

There are actually many variations in Husky color and it is a good idea that you understand this before breeding occurs or before you have your heart set on a particular color. You could get anything between solid black and the color of a Corgi.

Agouti is a coat color in the Siberian Husky that very much resembles a wolf in appearance. You might end-up with a Corgi the color of a wolf. Remember that it is impossible to know, unless you are cloning an animal, exactly what he will look like.

Corgi Husky Mix Specs

Average Height

Horgi (13 to 15 inches), Corgi (10-12 in.) Siberian Husky (20-24 in.)

Average Weight

Horgi (20 to 50 lbs), Corgi (20-30 lbs), Siberian Husky (30-60 lbs)

Coat Type

Thick with a soft undercoat. Both parental breeds are known for having short to medium length hair.

Grooming Needs

Moderate to heavy


Moderate to high

Breed Health Concerns

For Corgis: intervertebral disc disease, canine hip dysplasia, epilepsy, and degenerative myelopathy. For Huskies: dip dysplasia and juvenile eye problems.

Good with People & Other Pets

OK to Great. Training is required for reigning in independent and mischievous behavior. Huskies, in particular, are pack animals but will try to lead if not led.  

Life Span

Moderate-High 12 - 15 years. Huskies have one of the longest life spans of the larger dog breed, more closely resembling the life span found along smaller breeds like the Corgi.

Exercise Requirements

Active - At least one walk per day. Corgis are one of the rare small breeds that are considered working dogs and their activity level is only outdone by the husky.

Temperament of The Corgi Husky Mix

Like with any designer breed, it’s harder to predict which traits you’ll see compared to pure breeds. However, both breeds share common personality traits so let’s look at those first since we can expect to see them.

Corgi Mix

Common to See Personality Traits

Intelligence — Both breeds are some of the smartest around. But with intelligence comes boredom, and if you don’t stimulate your Horgi’s brain enough, they will find ways to do so themselves. Try using activities that help them keep focused on something. Hiding treat balls in the yard that they have to find and then figure out how to get the goodies from is a great way to keep them occupied. These are considered enrichment activities and will really help you keep them busy and out of trouble.

Energy — You’re combing a dog that loves herding livestock 5x their size with a dog that loves pulling sleds through mountains of snow. While a Horgi doesn’t need to work, they do need to run and stay active. The Husky is bred for stamina and the Corgi has boundless energy. The combination of both breeds will result in a dog that has a lot of energy to find a way to burn. Better it be the dog park chasing a ball than tearing the stuffing out of your sofa.

Friendly & Sociability — Huskies are pack animals, and Corgis love cuddling making great dogs around friends and family. Both dogs are naturally prone to having more dominant personalities and will take charge of a situation if you don’t first. This can make them a challenging breed for new, first-time dog owners. You should sign yourself up for some training classes right away and learn all about dog behavior so that you can be the true leader of your pack.

Family Dog & Loyal — A young Horgi pup is a perfect addition to a new family. Sometimes they become so loyal that they will get a bit too protective of young ones or a particular family member. A little training is all that’s needed.Training is something that is recommended several times, under many categories. It’s really encouraged. Especially, with this designer breed.

Stubborn — This plays into their high intelligence. Both breeds are smart enough to test your limits; let them do something (give into them) one time and they will remember. It’s actually less about being stubborn and more about pushing the boundaries of what you’ll finally give in to. They are good at finding and exploiting your breaking point. Keep this in mind when that seemingly stubborn puppy looks at you defiantly with the remote control in his mouth.

Independent — Give your Horgi room to be themselves. This isn’t a Retriever that wants to constantly be by your side or please your every move — there are Husky Retriever mixes if that’s a characteristic you want. As well, this is a dog that requires basic obedience training as they are naturally prone to thinking for themselves. There we go, talking about training again. It might be something to write down and make a note of. Sign-up for dog training.

Mouthy — Corgis are known to nip at the heel thanks to the years of herding and huskies like using their mouth as their hands. This can cause problems for families with young kids, however, with a little extra training they become great family dogs. With any dog, It’s good to monitor your kids around them when they are young.  A good dog trainer can help you curb this behavior the right way. It’s important to involve children in these classes too. Find a trainer who will work with your entire family!


Corgi Husky Mix

Personality Traits You May or May Not See

Barking — Besides the occasional howl and weird vocal Wookie talk, Huskies aren’t very vocal dogs. They rarely bark — even when there's a person at the door, etc. The same cannot be said for the Corgi — but come on, you gotta be loud if you’re moving packs of sheep where one is big enough to crush you.

Guard Dog — Corgis are highly observant guard dogs. Huskies couldn't give a damn and live by the motto “It is what it is.”.   

Separation Anxiety — Corgis don’t do well by themselves for long periods of time and are prone to separation anxiety. While pack animals, Huskies are usually fine with being left alone.  In fact, many Huskies love it as it’s the perfect opportunity for them to find ways to entertain themselves. They are very good at entertaining themselves! 

If you are lucky, the two different personalities will balance each other out in this respect but if your pup shows any signs of separation anxiety early on, get a dog trainer to help you intervene and nip it in the bud, before it gets out of control. Also know that there are many products on the market that are designed to help curb anxiety as well.

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Diet and Other Nutritional Needs

It can be challenging determining how much you’ll need to feed your Corgi Husky mix the first year or two due to the unpredictability of their final adult size. Your veterinarian will your best bet and can better predict what their final size will be.

As well check out our Puppy Growth Chart. It will help guide you on what to expect as your Horgi puppy becomes an adult. A really good practice is to feel your dog’s ribs. If you feel their ribs at the surface, then they are slightly underweight and should eat more. If you feel flesh and no ribs, they are a bit heavy. You should feel approximately a quarter of an inch of flesh over the top of ribs that can be poked underneath.

In all likelihood, a dog food brand that’s catered to small-medium is your best bet. This includes brands like Hill’s Science Diet Active Longevity Chicken Meal and Wellness CORE Natural Grain Free Dry Dog Food.

Taking Care of a Horgi: Maintenance

There are two big needs of the Horgi: exercise and grooming. Now, you may wonder where training is at? Well, the truth is that both Corgis and Huskies require the same training as all dogs do. That is if you’re exercising them enough.

It’s when they get bored — which they are prone to — that you have to train them more. You also have to exercise their mind as well, but this means you can quickly teach them countless tricks.

You should also seek toys that are searchable under intelligent toys for dogs. These will include puzzles for them to solve in order to get to a treat that their nose is telling them is there. Dogs can be entertained for hours with the right toys and it also increases their IQ, while helping to reduce anxiety.


While the Corgi Husky mix will require more exercise than your average dog, they love all forms of it. Be it fetching, hiking, swimming, or playing with other dogs at the park. This is great since a bored Horgi is a threat to anything that looks fun to shred.

Don’t forget that a Husky is bred to pull a heavy sled for miles and miles. They can run for five miles and barely be getting started. The Corgi is bred to race around and herd animals that are as much as 5x his size. Both breeds are high energy and a walk on a leash will not be enough exercise.


While the Corgi only sheds their undercoat twice a year, they will shed their outer coat much more often. And Huskies’ grooming requirements aren’t for the faint of heart. Their undercoat seems to never stop shedding and your yard will look like a cotton field when you groom them. The Husky will blow their coat. This term means that you’ll see gobs of hair floating through the air as it is released in tufts that seem to be blown from the body. 

You’ll want at a minimum two brushes for your Corgi Husky!  

  • A FURminator is the vet’s choice for that undercoat.
  • Then you’ll want a longer rake style — a double row works nicely.

If the Corgi Husky coat is a bit too much for you, you may want to check out the Corgi German Shepard mix which will have a bit less hair.

You’ll also want a trusty shampoo for your Horgi that can help penetrate their double coats. Make sure you’re using a flea and tick solution as it’s incredibly easy for pests to hide in their coats.

Fortunately, you shouldn’t see too many — if any — ears issues since they stand up. Those it’s always a good idea to keep a close eye on them if they inherited the Husky’s long ear hairs that can trap in dirt.  

Final Words  

The perfect blend of intelligence and high-energy fun. With a bubbly & quirky personality that has a side of mischievousness. The Horgi is a great dog for today’s hustle-and-bustle world.

The Corgi Husky mix is a breed that can go anywhere — it’s a great dog on the farm, in an apartment in the big city, or watching over the little ones in the burbs. If grooming isn’t a big deal for you and you are moderately active then the Horgi, Siborgi, or Corgski may just be the perfect dog for you.

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