DIY Natural Flea Prevention For Cats and Dogs

DIY Natural Flea Prevention For Cats and Dogs


Winter has ended and spring has sprung! Along with the warm sunshine and fresh, green grass, also comes fleas and very itchy pets. Now you can do what most people do and take your pet to the vet's office and buy some expensive and non-natural products with tons of nasty side effects. You can also give natural remedies a try. You may be nervous and worried that natural remedies could be ineffective, but be sure to give these a chance. It is very easy to make or find natural DIY alternatives. There are many options out there and these are only a few methods you can use for your pets.

Soapy baths are the first step in preventing fleas from laying eggs and biting your cat or dog. Fleas lay eggs every two weeks. Staying ahead of the game and simply washing your pets with soapy water every week, can quickly fix the problem. If you are concerned about chemicals, be sure to use an environmentally safe pet product. Be aware that some pets strongly dislike bathing in water and know that baths may not be the best option for you and your pet.

Apple cider vinegar helps make your pets less tasty to fleas and works great as a preventative spray. If your pet hates spray bottles, try simply soaking a cloth in apple cider vinegar and wiping it all over your pet's fur. You will need to hold on your dog by the collar and hold your cat by the scruff of its neck to hold them in place while they are being sprayed down.

Some essential oils can prevent fleas in your pets. Cedar, geranium, and rosemary oil are safe and effective for flea prevention. For large dogs, 30 drops of essential oil added to 1 cup of water is sufficient. For small dogs and cats, 4 drops per cup of water will do. Of course, please use caution and common sense when using these oils, since you don't want to go over the limits of what is safe for pets. 

Flea season isn't easy but with these easy tips, it can be a lot easier to deal with. The comfort of both you and your pets are important to us! We hope you have a flea free season this year and that some of these ideas prove to be helpful for you. As always, do share with your vet what methods of flea prevention that you are using. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us for more information.


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