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Why Does My Dog Stare at Me?

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Why Does My Dog Stare at Me?

Why Does My Dog Stare at Me? | Innovet PetWhy do dogs stare at you? Among all the unusual behaviors a canine is known to engage in, from chasing his tail to scooting his butt on the floor, to excessively licking his paws, a dog which stares is one of the most unsettling of all for us human beings.

How odd is it to see your pet just sitting there… staring at you? You aren’t doing anything special, simply minding your own business. Perhaps you are doing things around your house, cooking or cleaning, folding laundry. However, your dog will not take his eyes off you.

Obviously, it isn’t out of the norm for your pet to follow you from one room to another as you roam around the house; however, let’s be truthful… the whole staring thing will get a bit uncomfortable. In some instances, you may even get irritated, because he will not stop, and you have no idea what he wants. It is clear he’s attempting to communicate something, yet occasionally, discovering what that something is may be challenging.  If you’ve ever asked, “Why is my dog staring at me?” this post from Innovet Pet Products is for you.

Why Do Dogs Stare?

What does it mean when your dog stares at you? Well, it is likely not something they’re doing out of devotion or love. In most instances, canines stare for a reason. It is a communication mechanism and he’s attempting to tell you something with his soulful gaze. That means that for you to learn what the dog is attempting to communicate as he stares at you, you must become fluent in your pet’s communication cues. Each dog differs and might stare for various reasons.

What Does It Mean When My Dog Stares At Me: The Dog is Hormonal

There actually are scientific reasons your pet might stare. Some studies have discovered that there are increasing hormone levels between a canine and his owner as they stare at one another, in particular, a boost in the hormones which are related to bonding. Consider it like a bonding connection that occurs between a mom and infant when they stare into one another’s eyes.

It seems the same thing happens with humans and canines. This hormonal reaction that’s triggered between an owner and his dog might assist in explaining the special relationship dogs oftentimes have with their owners. Therefore, that does not entirely rule out the probability that your pet is staring at you with affection and love. If they’re bonding with you, they might very well be feeling something such as love.

What’s My Dog Thinking When He Stares at Me: The Dog Wants Something

Why Does My Dog Stare at Me? | Innovet Pet Products

Why does my dog stare at me? There is an abundance of additional reasons a dog staring into your eyes though. For example, some pets might stare because they need something. What your dog wants is the mystery you’re required to figure out. At times, it may mean he is thirsty or hungry. Perhaps it means he needs to go outdoors and play. Maybe he needs to go potty and needs to go for a walk. At other times, a canine might be staring because he has lost a toy and he’s waiting for you to locate it and return it to him. Smart pup.

Here’s the bottom line: with the majority of staring behaviors, your pup wants something, and he’s looking to you to offer it, whatever “it” might be. Your duty includes discerning any additional clues that might accompany the staring behavior, in order for you to figure out precisely what it is he is requesting.

As one example, if your pet has to go outdoors and go to the bathroom, he might stare at you and pace back and forth to the door. A few dogs might scratch at the door then stare at you. If the dog wants water or food, he might sit close to his bowls and stare. Occasionally, the stare is paired with some high-pitched whining noises.

In the instance of an out of reach or lost toy, your pet may stare and roam back and forth between you and your sofa, like there’s something underneath it he cannot reach. Or if you place snacks up high, such as inside a cabinet or on top of your refrigerator, your pet may stare at you first, and run to the area the treat is hidden then stare there. It may be irritating, yet effective as you recognize what he is asking for then reward him with a said snack!

Why Does My Dog Stare At Me All The Time: The Dog is Well Trained

At times, dogs stare merely because they’ve been trained well, and they’re searching for cues from you about what they ought to do next. A canine’s world revolves around his owners. What you actually do dictates what he does. Canines that have been trained well often are very attentive and will simply watch you, waiting and prepared to respond to your following command.

Why Does Your Dog Stare At You: The Dog is Waiting for Clues

Why does my dog stare at me? In other instances, your pup might just be on the lookout for clues regarding your behavior. Canines are smart animals, yet your pet’s life depends upon yours. Your pet is a great reader of body language, allowing him to watch you and discover what your following decision is going to be. He sees when you are getting prepared to go to work, getting ready to go for a stroll outdoors, and might even watch you as he knows you’re acting out of character, like when you are upset or sick. Basically, your pet is watching you in order for him to discover how your behavior ought to impact his.

The Dog is Begging

My dog stares at me, why? Your pup may be staring because he’s watching you eat. The issue with this is it also may be a type of silent begging. The behavior manifests as you begin to feed your pup from the table when you’re eating. In doing this, you’ll teach him that he receives a “reward” as you’re eating and therefore, he stares at you then waits for it. Unfortunately, a canine begging for food may be an unappealing characteristic for most pet owners. In order to eliminate it, you’ll have to re-train the dog to go to his bed or lock him up inside another room during supper time.

How to Stop the Dog from Begging

Why Does My Dog Stare at Me? | Innovet Pet

You love your pet so dearly, but there’s something you don’t love. His consistent begging.

As you sit up at the table for a meal, you browse to the right and notice those large sweet eyes. It feels so difficult not to give in, but you know they’re oftentimes begging for food that isn’t good for them. Needing to keep them healthy and safe, you also recognize it’d be better to refrain. In addition, as you bring your dog other places or visitors come over, there’s that humiliating moment when your dog sticks his chin on someone’s lap then begs for food.

Act on it 

There are certain things to do which will dissuade your dog from begging.

The main one? Don’t feed him at the table.

In offering them food at the table, they’ll start expecting it.

If they placed the sweet eyes on you before and they received food, they’ll do again. And why is this? Because it actually worked. That’s why the cycle has to be broken. Every time they make pleading sounds and earn food from their pet parent, they’re reinforced. It may occur at the dining room table or any place else, like cooking inside the kitchen. They’ll continue with the behavior that got them the reward in the form of food.

That’s the first, most important step. Then, here’s what’s suggested next:

  • Avoid looking at him while you’re eating. As you look at them, you’re (1) more susceptible to seeing those big, cute eyes and giving in to temptation (2) it’ll encourage them to get your attention – which involves begging for food.
  • Tell everyone not to give the dog food. Yes, this includes your mother – no matter how much she loves treating Spot special. Be certain your spouse, family members, any children and even friends who visit know that the new policy isn’t to provide your pup food at the table. Because if you cease in doing so, yet your partner keeps doing it, the problem will just continue to go on.
  • When it’s supper time, make a routine for your pet. It’s ideal to have the dog go to one certain area, maybe a corner that has a cushion close by or within the next room. Give him an order to stay, sit, or lay down before starting a meal. Then, as dinner is over, go over and permit that beautiful dog to rejoin the festivities. 

Your Pet’s Routine is Off 

My dog stares at me, why? Your pet is a creature of habit, just like you, and your schedule will dictate your pet’s routine. Therefore, if your schedule for him differs from the norm one day, he might stare at you when he tries to discover why this break in schedule is happening. For example, if your pet is fed each evening around the same time, yet you’re late one evening, he might stare at you wondering where his meal is.

Canines which are accustomed to going on strolls first thing each morning might stare at you as you oversleep and miss your alarm. If you’ve ever awoken to see your pet in your face, staring at you with his tongue out, you know what that’s like. He’s waiting for you to do something that’s part of his everyday normal routine. This may be allowing him to go outdoors, going for a walk, or giving him food first thing in the morning.

The Dog is Being Aggressive 

One other reason why you think, “my dog staring at me”, even though it isn’t as common, is as an indication of dog aggression. Dogs which stare at one another oftentimes do so as a type of aggression, and you might notice extra body language, such as a stiffening position, his ears back, his hair standing on end, as well as his teeth bared. Dogs, in the same way, that stare at you might be doing so as a method of threatening you.

Sometimes, this occurs when you attempt to take away something he wants, such as his food bowl, a toy, or a treat. If you see your dog staring at you, as well as exhibiting other aggression warning indications, you ought to stop reaching for the object and wait ‘til he loses the interest of his own accord. Next, instead, provide him something else and place that object out of his reach. In addition, a warning. If you discover yourself staring at a canine you do not know and he’s staring at you, you ought to lower your gaze. The strange pup might interpret the stare as aggression and then go on the offense.

The Dog is Uncertain or Uncomfortable

Yet one other reason a canine might stare is because he is uncomfortable or confused. If you have ever made your pet wear a cone to discourage any licking, forced him to dress in a muzzle to curb barking, or ever placed your pet in a quirky holiday outfit, you’ve likely experienced the gaze of discomfort. They do not like dressing in things that hinder their freedom of movement. It may be particularly uncomfortable and confusing if it is the first time that he has ever worn such a thing. He may gaze at you wondering what in the heck you’ve placed on him and continuously gaze until you take off the offending item.

The Dog Feels Guilty

One other reason a canine might stare is that he’s feeling shame or guilt over behavior that he recognizes is frowned upon by you. Perhaps he entered the garbage, or perhaps he snuck something into the kennel he knows he should not be gnawing on, or maybe he has climbed inside your bed when he knows he isn’t supposed to. Whatever the case or situation might be, your pup has been caught in the act and he might be gazing at you out of apology and guilt. Or he might be gazing at you in a mischievous way, although he knows what he’s doing is against the rules.

Stopping Your Dog from Staring 

Why Does My Dog Stare at Me? | Innovet Pet

Why does my dog stare at me? Some staring actually is good staring. If your pet seems to be staring at you as a bonding situation, because he likes you and is committed to you, then merely give your pet the affection he needs and enjoy it.

If you realize that your pet is staring because of something else, such as he needs something he’s missing from his regular schedule, the best method of stopping the behavior includes giving him what he’s missing. Perhaps he needs to go outdoors, perhaps he needs food in his bowl, or perhaps he needs that skipped morning walk. Whatever the situation may be, your pet is gazing at you because he senses an issue; therefore, to get him to stop gazing you’ll have to address the issue.

Dogs that silently gaze at you while you are eating may drive some pet owners a bit crazy. The best method of curbing behaviors such as this includes retraining the dog to do something else during a mealtime. It may mean you have to send him to his bed or simply lock him up inside another room. Some pet owners like their pet to be inside the same room as they are, just not gazing at them from underneath the table. In this instance, it’s possible to use a leash to keep the pup tied where you want him to remain until supper time is finished.

If you do not want to lock up or tie your dog, try to give him something else to occupy himself during mealtime, like a chew, bone or toy to play with. It’s also possible to try and feed him during the same time everybody else eats. Utilize food puzzles to keep him intrigued and engaged with his food so that it’ll take him longer to eat it.

For pups which gaze as an act of aggression, whether it is directed at you or some other dog, never gaze back or you may cause him to attack. If the dog is staring another dog down, your best bet includes distracting him and removing him from the situation to avoid any conflict.

Finding out why your pet is gazing at you may be somewhat like unlocking some secret language. As you know it, the bond with your pet is going to be even stronger because you’ll know what it is that he is attempting to communicate. Who knew canines could talk?


Why Does My Dog Stare at Me?
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