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How I've Managed My Lion's Seizures

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How I've Managed My Lion's Seizures

Posted by David Louvet on
Updated at: December 01, 2020


Meet Zuri, the 500lb 4-year-old White Lion!

He has been experiencing terrible seizures that have chipped away at his health the past few years.

“He has been having these seizures ever since they brought him home.

The medicine the veterinarian has provided only works to keep the seizures at bay most of the time but he still has some very serious ones that are not suppressed by the medicine. 

I have watched the owners of this company sacrifice so much for his care including sleeping outside by his enclosure for weeks in all weather to make sure they were there to help him and keep him from harming himself if he had another seizure.

It is taking him a bit to get used to it but no seizures so far." - Zuri & Family

How to help your Pets

Unlike humans, our furry companions can’t tell us when they are experiencing pain and dealing with a medical condition that’s seriously affecting their health. This all too often leads us to miss illnesses and injuries until they’ve progressed to later stages where they become much more difficult to fight.

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D.j. - March 01, 2018

Just wanted to up date my review on delayed order put in 2/12/18 .I did recieve my order in my p.o. box on tue 2/27/18.was packaged well,had a safety seal on the bottle. Thank you

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