PurOtic Natural Ear Cleaner for Dogs: Easy and Effective

PurOtic Natural Ear Cleaner for Dogs: Easy and Effective

How PurOtic ear cleaner is the easiest and most effective ear cleaner on the market; plus it's 99%-100%natural.



No pet parent wants his or her beloved dog to feel discomfort. We cherish our canine friends, and we go to great lengths to ensure that they are safe and well. One area where we can make a big difference in our dog's health is with preventative ear care. Wax buildup, infections, mites, and injuries can be uncomfortable for dogs, but the good news is these conditions are usually easy to detect and treat. Here are some guidelines for monitoring your dog's ear health.


Examine Your Dog

Behavior. Is your pup shaking his head more than usual, pawing at the side of his face, rubbing his head against surfaces or flinching when you try to stroke his ears? These behaviors may indicate a problem with your dog's ear health.

Appearance. Look carefully inside both ear flaps. Are there signs of redness, inflammation, irritation or mites? Next, examine the color of the dog's ear wax. Black or dark brown discharge may be a sign that a visit to the vet is in order.

Scent. Our sense of smell may be our best tool when it comes to detecting canine ear problems. Cultivate an understanding of your dog's normal ear smells so you can quickly identify when something is wrong. Yeasty, pungent or foul-smelling odors should prompt your attention.

IMPORTANT: Always check with your veterinary professional if you have any concern that your dog's ears have become infected (bacterial or fungal) or injured, if the eardrum needs to be examined, or if impacted wax must be removed professionally.


Use Natural PurOtic Ear Cleaner for Quick Relief

Soothing, safe and easy-to-use, PurOtic is the best dog ear cleaner for ensuring the health of your dog's ears. Made from all-natural ingredients and blended with special botanicals, PurOtic includes essential oils that prevent the overgrowth of bacteria and fungi. The natural dog ear cleaner breaks down wax and debris and leaves a fresh scent that eliminates odors instantly. The cleaner is applied easily and is well-tolerated by canine family members.


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