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Is it Safe to Give My Dog Human CBD Oil?

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Is it Safe to Give My Dog Human CBD Oil?

Is it Safe to Give My Dog Human CBD Oil? | Innovet PetCBD oil has become a very popular aid for various medical conditions for both humans and animals alike. Many pet owners today often turn to CBD oil to help their dog with many different ailments, including anxiety-relief and to reduce inflammation. Despite this, some are still a bit skeptical as to whether CBD oil is a good alternative aid to use. Some might also try to give their pet human CBD oil as they might think it’s the same thing. This article will explore more behind CBD oil and whether or not human CBD oil is safe for dogs.


1. What is CBD Oil?
2. CBD Oil Benefits for Dogs
3. Side Effects of CBD Oil in Dogs
4. How Much CBD Oil Should I Give My Dog? CBD Oil for Dogs Dosage
5. Does CBD Oil Interact with Medications?
6. How to Find the Right CBD Oil for Your Pet
7. Ways to Give Your Dog CBD Oil
8. Is CBD Safe for Dogs?

What is CBD Oil?

Is it Safe to Give My Dog Human CBD Oil? | Innovet Pet

CBD oil is a resin taken from the leaves of the cannabis plant. It contains over 100 chemical compounds which are known for their remarkable healing powers. However, unlike other parts of the plant, CBD oil doesn’t contain THC which is what gives psychoactive reactions.

Once the oil has been taken from the plant, it is then diluted into a type of carrier oil, such as coconut oil. It can then be placed on the skin or even ingested.

Hemp Oil vs. CBD Oil: What are the Differences?

You’ve probably heard of both hemp oil and CBD oil. Some often confuse each for the other or think they are the same thing. However, this isn’t the case. Both of these oils are different from each other.

While these two oils are taken from the same plant, they are removed from different regions. CBD oil is taken from the stalks and flowers from hemp oil is taken from the plant’s hemp seeds. CBD oil also contains little to no THC while hemp oil might contain small traces of it.

CBD oil is the one that is mainly used for health reasons as it works better with the body’s endocannabinoid system. This helps it to soothe and heal many different health ailments which range from epilepsy to anxiety. On the other hand, hemp oil is mainly used with food and is often used as a substitute for olive oil. So, while hemp oil can be consumed it usually needs to be mixed into something else.

Can I Give My Dog Human CBD Oil?

No, you can’t give dogs CBD oil that is designed for humans. This is because human-designed CBD oil has a higher concentration compared to CBD oil for dogs. If you give your pet human CBD oil, it could end up making them very sick and could give them some serious side effects.

CBD Oil Benefits for Dogs

There are many benefits that come with giving your dog CBD oil. Below are some you’ll find if you decide to use cannabis oil for dogs.

It Calms Stress and Anxiety

CBD oil can actually help to calm anxiety and stress in dogs down. This is because the compounds in it work to trick your dog’s brain so it relaxes. This can also help them to not only calm down, but release any tension they might have due to their stress and anxiety.

It Can Help with Managing Cancer Symptoms

Is it Safe to Give My Dog Human CBD Oil? | Innovet Pet

Another surprising benefit about CBD oil for dogs is that it can help with calming down cancer symptoms. While it, unfortunately, won’t cure it, it can help to reduce the pain they might have from it and even stimulate their appetite. It can also reduce depression they might have due to their disease which might make them feel very sick and lethargic. CBD oil has also been shown to help stop the growth of cancer tumors. It can also help to strengthen their cancer treatment which can lead to better healing.

It Can Help to Manage Various Types of  Pain

As mentioned above, CBD oil for pets can also help with reducing pain. It can help with minor pain and aches to severe injuries and diseases that might cause painful inflammation. This is because it works to reduce inflammation in the body which might be causing them severe pain.

It Can Reduce Epilepsy Seizures

CBD oil can calm various symptoms of canine epilepsy without giving your dog severe side effects like many dog epilepsy medications often have. Many studies have been done on this topic and which show that CBD oil can calm pain down and even help to reduce the amount of epilepsy episodes your pet might have.

It Can Reduce Nausea

If your pet suffers from gastrointestinal issues, they more than likely have bouts of nausea. This can make them feel very sick and have an upset stomach often. However, CBD oil helps to calm down these issues which can reduce their nausea. It can also calm any anxiety they might have about their problems down which can make them more relaxed.

It Helps with Arthritis

Because CBD oil reduces inflammation, it can significantly help with arthritis pain. In fact, CBD oil for dogs arthritis has even been shown to help reduce the progression of osteoarthritis. Because of this, your pet will be pain-free and it will even help to keep their nerves and bones healthy. 

It Keeps Their Heart Healthy

Another interesting benefit about CBD oil is that it can keep your dog’s heart healthy. This is because it can help to stop irregular heartbeats, repair damaged blood vessels, and even reduce high blood pressure. It can also help prevent further damage down the road so your pet’s heart stays healthy.

Side Effects of CBD Oil in Dogs

While dog CBD oil comes with many benefits, there are also a few side effects you’ll need to watch out for.

Dry Mouth

Sometimes CBD oil can reduce the amount of salvia in your dog’s mouth which could end up making it a bit dry. Because of this, you might find that your dog might be a little more thirsty than normal.


Another possible side effects of CBD oil for dogs is drowsiness. This is because it works to significantly calm their body down, such as with anxiety and stress. The higher the dose the more likely your pet will be drowsy. Because of this, use caution when giving your pet CBD oil.

Low Blood Sugar

While not always, sometimes CBD oil can cause your dog to have low blood pressure, especially if it’s a high dose. This doesn’t last for long, but it could make your dog a bit dizzy for a few minutes.


If you give your dog too much CBD oil, it could cause them to get tremors. If you find your dog is suddenly having tremors, you need to stop giving them CBD oil and immediately take them to your vet.


Sometimes too much CBD oil could irritate your pet’s gastrointestinal tract. This could end up causing them to have diarrhea. While it’s not usually severe, if you are concerned about it, make sure to contact your vet immediately.

If you find your dog has these symptoms or is acting strange in other ways, make sure to always contact your vet. They will be able to help you with helping your dog and recommend whether or not they should be brought in for an evaluation.

How Much CBD Oil Should I Give My Dog? CBD Oil for Dogs Dosage

It’s very important to ensure you give your pet the correct CBD oil dosage. Otherwise, too much could make them very sick while too little could end up not helping them at all. Before you give them CBD oil, you’ll want to make sure to consider the following things.

Their Weight

One of the most important things to keep in mind when it comes to giving your dog CBD oil is their weight. A dog with a lighter weight won’t need as much CBD oil as a larger dog. It’s important to keep this in mind as it’s the main way you’ll find the correct CBD oil dosage for your pet.

Their Age

Sometimes your pet’s age can also be a determining factor. Younger pups won’t usually be susceptible to large CBD oil dosages as an older dog might be. Due to this, you’ll want to be careful when giving older dogs CBD oil.

Their Health

Another thing to keep in mind is your dog’s health. If your dog suffers from a certain medical problem, they might need more CBD oil than their weight or age requires.

So, how can you find the right CBD dosage for dogs? The correct amount usually falls around 5-10 milligrams of CBD oil for every 10 lbs. of their body weight. You can usually give them a new dosage every eight hours safely.

However, before you start to give your dog CBD oil, it’s best to do a test. This way, you’ll be able to tell if their body might react negatively to it. You can apply a small amount on their skin and wait for about an hour before checking it. Eventually, you can start increasing the amount of CBD oil you give them if you find there is no reaction.

While these are important tips to keep in mind, it’s always crucial to talk things over with your vet. They will be able to help tell you the correct amount of CBD oil to give your pet or whether it would be safe to give it to them at all. By doing so, you can rest assured that you’ll give your pet the right amount of CBD oil for their needs.

Does CBD Oil Interact with Medications?

While CBD oil can usually be safely administered with various types of medications, sometimes it might not work well with some. This includes NSAIDs, such as ibuprofen, and different types of antidepressants.

Some other medications CBD oil might interact with include:

  • Antibiotics
  • Antihistamines
  • Steroids
  • Anesthetics

This interaction is usually because CBD oil, when combined with them, could cause the liver to overwork which might make it a bit difficult for this vital organ to fully filter through the chemicals and compounds.  It could also make it difficult for these medications to completely do their job which means your pet might not receive the necessary treatment from these medications.

How to Find the Right CBD Oil for Your Pet

Is it Safe to Give My Dog Human CBD Oil? | Innovet Pet

Due to its popularity, there are many CBD oil manufacturers. However, some don’t always sell the best selection of CBD oil. Because of this, it’s important to find the right CBD oil for your pet to ensure it works well for them. Below are some tips to keep in mind.

Search for Organic Options

Organic CBD oils are often the best to invest in as they don’t contain hidden traces of chemicals and pesticides which could cause your pet to become sick. This tends to be a much healthier option and will ensure that harmful chemicals won’t get into your dog’s body. Otherwise, it could end up worsening any current problems your dog might have.

Invest in a Higher Priced Bottle

While it might be a bit of an investment, higher quality CBD oil comes with a hefty price. It’s often a good idea to invest in the highest quality CBD oil possible as it usually is stronger. Lower priced CBD oils tend to be a little more diluted which could decrease how effective it is. Most higher-priced bottles also come with an analysis sheet which shows how CBD is in the oil. This way, you can be sure it matches your needs. It also helps to show it’s authentic and not a fake CBD oil product.

Look for Liquid CBD Oil

Liquid CBD oil is a good option to give your pet as you’ll be able to hand-feed them the dosage they need. You’ll also be able to increase or decrease the amount depending on their needs. While there are CBD oil treats, these don’t always contain enough CBD oil for certain dogs. Because of this, it’s a good idea to invest in liquid CBD oil with a dropper over CBD oil treats if you want fast and effective results.

Ways to Give Your Dog CBD Oil

There are many ways you can give your dog their needed supply of CBD oil. Here are some different methods you can consider using.

On Their Skin

One of the best ways to give your dog CBD oil is to put it on their skin. This is especially the best method to use if your dog suffers from allergies, itchy skin, or has other skin problems. The oil will get to work quickly soothing the area providing them with relief. You can use the dropper that comes with the CBD oil to apply about one to two drops on their skin

However, as mentioned previously, start small to make sure your pet isn’t allergic to the CBD oil. This way, if there is a problem, it won’t cause major side effects.

Keep in mind that some dogs might lick their skin when the CBD oil is applied. While this will not sicken them, it will end up removing the CBD oil from the area. This could end up making it not work well on their skin. Because of this, it might be a good idea to use a cone collar. The collar will prevent them from licking the area until the oil has completely soaked in.

In Their Food

Another great way to give your dog CBD oil is to mix it into their food. This way, they’ll be able to consume it and you can ensure they have taken the full dosage required. While this works best with dry kibbles and wet food, you could also mix other types of treats in the oil such as apples, sweet potatoes, and beef.

With a Treat

You’ll find plenty of CBD oil treats at pet stores you can give your dog, especially if you just want to try the oil out for a bit to see if it helps them. These treats also come in many different flavors dogs enjoy, such as chicken, pork, and beef. Many also contain various dosages of CBD oil so you can find one that works well for your needs. CBD oil treats can be given quite a few times throughout the day providing your pet with something to look forward to. This option is also ideal for those who might be a little nervous about giving their dog the correct CBD oil dosage. However, keep in mind that CBD oil treats might not be as strong as regular CBD oil. Because of this, if you’re looking for a strong dosage, you might want to use pure CBD oil in their food.

Is CBD Safe for Dogs?

So, is CBD safe for dogs? Yes, it is. CBD oil is a great natural alternative to give your dog to help with relieving various medical problems. While you need to be careful to give your pet the right dosage, CBD oil is very safe to give your dog. However, you need to make sure to give them CBD oil designed specifically for pets, not human CBD oil. So, if you’re on the search for something to help provide your furry friend with natural relief, definitely consider giving them CBD oil.


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  • Allitijesu A. E

    Administrating self medications and treatments to pets (dogs in this context) is the thin line between affection and danger.

    From experience, no matter how terrible the health situation seems, contacting the vet doctor is surely the logical and appropriate measure to take. It saves you a lot of stress, uncertainty, and complications.

    Also, pet guardians must understand that regardless of the bond you share with them, they are different creatures (especially) when it involves medications and treatments.

    On that note, never administer medications meant for human on pets except instructed by the vet

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