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Pitbull Lab Mix: Everything You Wanted To Know

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Pitbull Lab Mix: Everything You Wanted To Know

Everyone come closer, today we are on a mission. A mission to find the friendliest dog around. To find that good boy or girl that knows they’re a good dog and is proud of it. A dog that represents all dogs. 

In truth, all dogs are good dogs, even the ones that need a little extra TLC, but today we are talking about one of the friendliest dogs around. One you may have never heard of before, but when you think of a dog, they are likely one of the first to come to mind.

This article is all about The Labrabull or the Pitbull Lab mix. What makes this dog so special? Well, for most people the Labrabull is the classic archetype of a dog, taking two of the most prominent dog breeds and mixing them together: the Labrador Retriever and the Pitbull. They are almost a parody of all the classic dog. They’re loyal, intelligent but goofy, make great family dogs, follow you around, love playing, live for 10-14 years, eager to please, and whoa let’s stop there. When we say this dog acts like a dog, we mean it. This isn’t a Siberian Husky with pristine grace and whose stubbornness hints they know they are different. Nor is it a Hound whose hunting skills are unmatched. The Labrabull skill set involves cuddling, food, bingeing Netflix, balls, toys, and “How can I please you today, master?”. When you’re looking to rescue a medium-size dog, or you want a dog that feels like a dog, the Labrabull should shoot to the top of your list. They’re the most perfect generic well-rounded dog.

Pitbull Lab Mix: Everything You Wanted To Know | Innovet Pet

Why Should You Want One of These Mixed Breed Dogs?

Pit Bulls are known as the “Nanny Dog” because they are so great with children. Labrador Retrievers are also known for being the best family dogs you can find. Both are very sturdy dogs and do fine with the rough play of children from time to time.

Combining both breeds gives you a fantastic dog that loves kids, loves to play, enjoys being active and will literally do anything for you. The Labrador is known begging to go everywhere with his owner and being a part of whatever is happening.

The pitbull is essentially the same way and when you have a mix of the two, lookout! You’ve got the most social butterfly of the dog world on your hands.

In fact, these breeds barely blink when a small child accidentally falls over the top of them on the floor. They don’t tend to overreact at anything, provided they are well-socialized.

Health of mixed breeds also tends to be better for the simple fact that they have a larger, more extensive, gene pool to choose from. Only the strongest genes tend to be passed and that is why a little mutt from the pound tends to be such a sturdy, long-lived dog.

The dogs that are mixed tend to have fewer health problems overall and you really get the best of two breeds. The Labrador Retriever and the Pit Bull are both very loyal and family oriented dogs. You simply can’t get a better mix of dogs if that is the size of dog that you want.

Care of  Pitbull Lab Mix

Neither breed requires a ton of care for their coat. A simple daily brushing will keep them shiny and clean. If your Pitbull/Lab mix gets into some really dirty stuff, a bath is fairly easy because they don’t have a double coat like a husky would.

In fact, they are typically easy to bathe because they’ll willingly hop into a tub. Labradors love water instinctively and pitbulls will too if they are socialized to it. Introduce yours to water in a slow and easy manner and they will learn to love it too.

In time, you’ll be able to pick up a water toy and say, “Let’s take a bath!” and watch your pitbull/Labrador mix go bounding down the hall and into the tub all on their own. You might have a hard time getting them back out.

Feed your pitbull/Labrador mix a good diet. Both of these breeds can become overweight if they are eating too much and not exercising. It’s important that you maintain balance and feed them well, while keeping them active too.

Pitbull Lab Mix: Everything You Wanted To Know | Innovet Pet

If you are an outdoorsman, this is a great mix to have with you on hikes and camping. Not only will they defend you, they will stay with you eagerly. Hounds and some other breeds like to wander away, but the Labrabull will be happiest at your side.

In fact, he’ll be happiest right next to you in everything that you do for the rest of his life. He’ll always be at your beck and call, waiting to be needed by you and joyful to be of service. You can expect, barring any health issues getting in the way, for him to be by your side for roughly 12 years too.

Article Overview:

  • The Pitbull Lab Mix: What To Expect
  • The Appearance of the Pitbull Lab Mix
    • The Coat
  • Temperament of The Lab Pit Mix
    • A Violent History
  • The Statistical Lowdown On The Pitbull Lab Mix
  • Common Health Conditions Seen In the Pitbull Lab Mix
  • Diet and Obesity Risk
    • CBD
      • CBD for Anxiety Relief
      • CBD for Obesity
      • CBD for Hip & Joint Health
  • Taking Care of a Labrabull: Maintenance
    • Training
    • Exercise
    • Grooming
  • Rescuing
  • Final Words And Is A Lab Pit Mix Right For You

The Pitbull Lab Mix: What To Expect


“There are not a lot of differences between Labrador Retrievers and Pitbulls, and when you mix the two, you’re getting a more well-rounded dog.”

With most designer breeds, for instance, the Horgi, there is a lot of guesswork as to which traits the dog will show. In most cases, designer breeds have parents that are more different than same. Which is kind of the point when you think about it. However, this is not the case with the Pit/Lab mix. They have a very predictable size, coat, and personality.

There are not a lot of differences between a Lab and a Pit Bull, and when you mix the two, more often than not, you’re getting a “better dog” in general. Wait, stop what!!

The Pit/Lab mix will live longer on average than the Labrador Retriever and is healthier thanks to the Pittie side. But thanks to the Labrador side, you have a dog that not a complete tank whose agility can propel them over most fences. Pit Lab mixes are very well-rounded dogs suited for many different lifestyles and environments.

Pitbull Lab Mix: Everything You Wanted To Know | Innovet Pet

The Appearance of the Pitbull Lab Mix

It’s hard to describe the lab pit mix because they look like an average dog. It’s like when you mix all the colors together in your crayon box as a kid, and the color came out brown. They have big heads, ears that often both stand up and lay flat, are average size, and have the classic white spotted chest. They look like a classic mutt and are likely what most dogs would look like if we stopped breeding them by design.

Fun fact: Known as Domestication syndrome, when wild animals are domesticated they develop white patches along with smaller faces and floppy ears. This means that your dog is probably using their cuteness to their advantage.

The Coat

Since both the Pitbull and Labrador have short-hair coats, you know their puppies will. The coats are soft and they are mild shedders. The range of colors their coats can have is endless but most common are golden/tan, black, and brown with white throughout.

Pitbull Lab Mix: Everything You Wanted To Know | Innovet Pet

Temperament of The Lab Pit Mix

They are honestly one of the friendliest dogs, and if you’re looking for a family pet that’s great with kids, this is your dog. They are highly trainable, follow commands, don’t have a stubborn bone in their body, and are always looking to please you. They are emotionally sensitive and will take after their owners more so than most dogs. They can get pretty bad about following you around and getting attached, so make sure you do early separation training. Down below we have tips for helping them with the anxiety issues commonly seen in this breed. As well, we have a great guide to understanding and treating separation anxiety in dogs. They are wonderful family pets, very sociable, and do well with other animals. They don’t bark much, unless there’s another dog in the house that does, and they are terrible guard dogs.

A Violent History

We all know the history of the Pit Bull, but despite some humans best efforts to create a violent dog, the Pit Bull never gave in. It might surprise you, but Pit Bulls aren’t used for fighting because they are more aggressive than other dogs. Small dogs bite more frequently.

Nor are Pitbulls the strongest dog around or have the strongest bite grip. German Shepherds, Dobermans, and Rottweilers all beat out any pit variety and a English Mastiff can have 2-3 times the bite force of a pitbull — locking jaw is a myth as well. Pitties are used for fighting because they love their owners and are loyal to a T — even if it puts them in harm’s way. They are extremely emotionally sensitive, and it’s like they feel immense guilt when they go against their owners’ wishes. They mold to their owners, similar to the Labrador but more so. You could argue that they are too loyal and needy for some people.

The Statistical Lowdown On The Pitbull Lab Mix

If buying from a breeder, your Labrabull will probably be an American Pitbull Terrier / Labrador Retriever mix. However, there are several dogs that are considered pit bulls and most people rescue these pups over buying them.

In fact, your Pit/Lab mix might not have any pit in them, and instead could be a mix of another bully breed such as an American Bulldog. You’re unlikely to see any major personality or health differences, instead you may just have a bigger more muscular dog.


  • Pitbull Lab Mix: 10-15 yrs
  • Pitbull (general): 10-15 yrs
  • Labrador Retriever: 10-14 yrs


  • Pitbull Lab Mix: 50-70 lbs
  • Pitbull (general): 30lbs-65 lbs+ Some bullies top 100 lbs
  • Labrador Retriever: 55-80 lbs


  • Pitbull Lab Mix: 20-24 in
  • Pitbull (general): 18-23 in
  • Labrador Retriever: 22-24 in


  • Pitbull Lab Mix: Short, Soft, and Silky
  • Pitbull (general): Short  and Silky
  • Labrador Retriever: Short and Soft


  • Pitbull Lab Mix: Large variations in coat, commonly Gold or Black
  • Pitbull (general):, Gold, Silver, Black, Brown,
  • Labrador Retriever: Black, Chocolate, Yellow


  • Pitbull Lab Mix: Eager to Please, Trusting, Intelligent, Friendly
  • Pitbull (general): Outgoing, Friendly, Loyal, Determine, Happy
  • Labrador Retriever: Kind, Trusting, Tempered, Gentle, Intelligent,

Common Health Conditions Seen In the Pitbull Lab Mix

Besides being one of the most friendly dogs, you’re also going to get one of the healthiest. You might not think it, but mutts are some of the healthiest dogs around. It’s close to the natural state of the dog and this likely means there is little to no inbreeding in the dog’s recent history. Some purebreds are notorious for genetics issues because poor genes get carried along in the name of following a strict set of aesthetics.

Generally, the pit bull lab mix can live between 10-15 years and for the most part, is only susceptible to medical conditions that affect medium and big dogs.

Pitbull Lab Mix: Everything You Wanted To Know | Innovet Pet

Common Breed Related Health Conditions:

  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Allergies
  • Separation anxiety (both breeds)
  • Hereditary Cataracts (Pit side)
  • Epilepsy (Lab side)

Diet and Obesity Risk


“If you allow your Pit Lab mix to dawn a more traditional Labrador appearance e.g., the inability to see every rib or a stomach aligned with the chest (no slope), you may have one tubby Pit Lab mix on your hands. ”


Here is one area where the Labrador and Pitbull differ a good bit. Now, both love food and are prone to overeating, but the trick is they have completely different builds. If a purebred Labrador had the optimal build of a Pitbull they would be considered severely underweight.  

Pitbull Lab Mix: Everything You Wanted To Know | Innovet Pet

The Pitbull’s Optimal Body Shape

Pit Bulls on average require more calories per pound of body weight due to their athletic build. They have extremely muscular builds, sloped stomachs, and low body fat. This helps keep them in tip-top shape and eat more without risking obesity — another reason for their healthy and long lives.

The Labrador’s Optimal Body Shape

While strong and athletic, the Labrador does not show the muscular detail of the Pit and definitely carries more fat giving them a thick and stocky appearance. Where you can see every individual ribs in a pittie, you may only see the outline of the ribcage with a labby. Labs are also much more prone to obesity, and it’s harder for owners to catch until they start seeing the health impacts of obesity. A pittie that’s overeating is obvious because they lose the classic muscular look and tucked stomach. You can often count every rib by looking at them, but the same can’t at all be said for the lab.   


The Pit Lab Mix’s Optimal Body Shape

Many pit lab mixes have a body appearance more similar to the pit side. This means a deep chest, a tucked stomach, visible rib cage, muscular definition, and tight skin.

But because they are mixed with a lab, it’s often not apparent, and it’s harder to know what their optimal body size should be. This is where the problems start because they are more prone as the lab is to gaining weight.

You may think that a body type that’s in between the stocky lab and lean pit is the optimal weight. While, many times the pit lab mix isn’t as muscular as a purebred, they are just as lean. If you allow them to dawn a more traditional lab appearance e.g., the inability to see every rib, flat stomach aligned with the chest, you may have one tubby pit mix on your hands.  

Your best bet is to talk to your vet about their weight and what you should look for. Pull up pictures of pit bulls, labs and their mixes and ask them what your pup should look like.

Pitbull Lab Mix: Everything You Wanted To Know | Innovet Pet


The three most common health problems we see in these otherwise extremely healthy dogs are Anxiety, Obesity, and Hip & Joint Issues. That why we recommend CBD oil for the lab pit mix as it can help with the issues above in extraordinary ways.

CBD turns on the protection side of the Endocannabinoids System (ECS), a system that aids in regulating cellular activity essential to us, our cats, and our dogs’ health. When CBD does it, it let’s the ECS focus on regulating and correcting the inner happenings of the body when it’s under stressed.

When the body, or more so the cells, are stressed they perform poorly, and depending on the source of stress we can see rampant and uncontrolled inflammation, increase hunger hormones, and hypersensitivity to anxiety.


1. CBD for Anxiety Relief

Both the Labrador and Pitbull are prone to anxiety, in particular, separation anxiety. They are intelligent, sensitive, and extremely dependent and this all comes together as a trifecta for anxiety.

Separation anxiety is the hardest form of anxiety to break since it involves you leaving the house barring you from directly helping your dog in the moment. But with CBD, treating separation anxiety just got a whole lot easier. CBD will help clear away the storm that unleashes in their mind when you leave. This lets them get a handle on their anxiety, and instead of a downpour they only experience a mild drizzling.

With that in place, you can start behavioral training alongside CBD for a faster and more effective treatment that can save your house from destruction.


2. CBD for Obesity

Above, we talked about how the Labrador’s stocky build and the Pit’s muscular detail make it tricky to tell if one’s lab/pit mix is overweight or underweight. In most cases, they are overweight due to the Labrador’s insatiable hunger. Sometimes you’ll hear about taking CBD to promote appetite, but that’s only when something like nausea is spoiling it. Instead, CBD will regulate and promote a healthy appetite.

3. CBD for Hip & Joint Health

Hip & Joint and other mobility issues plagues bigger and older dogs and this includes both Labs and Pit Bulls. CBD targets several locations in the body, but no more than the immune system where it reigns in inflammation. This makes CBD beneficial to use for mobility issues on its own, but now you can find CBD together with other all-natural mobility supporting ingredients to help with hip & joint function, pain, and mobility.


Finding CBD

Above is just a few reasons more and more pet owners are giving their pets CBD. At Innovet Pet, we offer CBD in products and formula designed to help your pet with their specific needs. We have treats for picking eaters, topicals for deep tissue repair, and more. .

Pitbull Lab Mix: Everything You Wanted To Know | Innovet Pet


Taking Care of a Labrabull: Maintenance


“Umm, what grooming? If you don’t have time for grooming, this is your dog. They have a fine short coat that only moderately sheds and doesn’t trap in dirt.”


Overall maintenance is pretty low for the Pitbull Lab mix. They have some exercise preferences you’ll want to check out. As with any dog, training is advised, and for this mix there are two good reasons to do so.



    First, they are fantastic dogs to train; they learn quick and love learning — it really helps keep their brain stimulated.

    Second, these dogs can get strong depending on how much of the pit side they take from — this includes their bite strength. When raised in a loving household, it’s possible you’ll never see them get mad. Yes, they really are that friendly. The issue is when you mix their strength and goofy clumsy nature together, and accidents can happen.

    Just teach them to mind their strength, and there is only one thing you need to do. Say “ow” or “ouch” in a high-pitch voice whenever they get rougher than you would like. This is how puppies learn how hard they can play with each other. This sound stops them dead in their tracks when they are adults.


      With medium and larger breeds exercise because more important because just moving around the house isn’t burning enough calories or supporting their bigger muscles. Both the Pitbull and Labrador Retriever are energetic dogs that like playing and exercising. If you’re getting one, you should be prepared to drive them to the point they are “breaking a sweat".

      These guys are big-time cuddlers though and many times prefer it over exercising. So if you’re looking for a bigger dog, but getting in a lot of play time is hard, then this may be your dog.

      These dogs prefer infrequent high-intensity playtime over frequent moderate play. I.E. they like a 5-minute run, way more than a 20-minute walk. Their energy level is incredible, and low activity exercises aren’t going to faze them. So by the same token, if you prefer walking and don’t like roughhousing or running, you may want to check out another breed.


        Umm, what grooming? If you don’t have time for lots of grooming, here is your dog. They have a fine short coat that only moderately sheds. As well, thanks to the Pit Bull’s ears which are shorter and rarely sit completely flat against the face, the mix doesn’t see ear issues anywhere as often as Labs do.


        For many owners, there is nothing they want more than to help the Pit Bull shelter crisis, but they might live in an area where Pits are shunned or banned. This writer is one who understands this all too well. Fortunately, there are tons of pitbull lab mixes in shelters that need help and don’t look enough like a pit to warrant issues.

        Final Words And Is A Lab Pit Mix Right For You


        “All-and-all, the Pitbull Labrador Mix is a classic dog in all sense of the phrase. When you want a dog that acts like a dog this is your dog. A well-rounded jack-of-all-trades dog that dawns the characteristics most people think of when they think of a dog.”


        This is often the hardest section to write because it’s where we lay out the reasons a certain dog breed might not be best for you. But this time it’s different. Is a Pit Lab mix right for you? Probably!

        These dogs are suited for pretty much all environments and they don’t have a lot of disqualifiers or demands that make them inappropriate.

        They are great family dogs, can live on a farm or in a city apartment, are easy to train, and are low maintenance —  especially when it comes to grooming.

        There are still some things you’ll want to watch out for. First, they are strong dogs and can lack awareness of it — this means some training is required. They also need exercising —  preferably of the high-intensity variety.

        All-and-all, the Pitbull Labrador Mix is a classic dog in all sense of the phrase. When you want a dog that acts like a dog this is your dog. A well-rounded jack-of-all-trades dog that dawns the characteristics most people think of when they think of a dog.

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